Topics regarding layoffs at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Topics regarding layoffs at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

$30 Gift Card

Keep the $30 gift card and give me my annual bonus instead. What the heck can you do with $30 given inflation and the cost of living. Do the math. Assume 260 working days in 2022. That's a whopping $0.12 bonus for each day you worked. What a... —  read more 

Please make it end

They think we’re stupid and naïve to see through the BS of what they’re trying to do. All of the verbal warning threats and write up threats need to end. If you are going to lay us off just do it. I’m sure you’re trying to fire many of us so that we... —  read more 

CEO meetings

Can we please stop with the fluffy ‘CEO’ meetings? I don’t need to listen to associate wellness. Please…BP…get on the call and tell me how the company is doing and what we can do to right the ship. Tired of the nonsense taking up my valuable time. —  read more 

Downward spiral

I don't think I exaggerate much if I say that this company is in a downward spiral and that there is almost no hope that things will improve here. Do you remember what CF used to be like? I enjoyed working here. Now I'm ashamed to say that I still... —  read more 

Update your resumes!!

BDP and SC is looking to cut positions across all areas to save money. Managers and Supervisors are being asked to rate all of their staff on their production and attitudes. They have created a fast track to fire people in six weeks or less. If... —  read more 

Workload unmanageable

Anyone else feel like there has been a sharp decline in the last 3-6 months? Must be the staffing shortages compounding. I can’t get an email back from most areas of the company without 2-3 reminders or a call. Many things are just completely... —  read more 

Time to Unionize?

At what point do we stop letting executive ‘leadership’ push us around? They have taken away benefits that effect tenured employees, first the PTO cap and now the pension freeze. They have favored young employees with new and expanded benefit... —  read more 

Wake up Board of Directors

Does this narcissistic sociopath of a CEO own you too? If you want to know what our members think about CareFirst, take a gander at the company FB page. Just complaint after complaint after complaint. It's downright embarrassing. You are failing... —  read more 

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Leadership Shake Up PMO

It was a leadership shake up that consisted of a demotion (per say) and a promotion. JA has been demoted to tool jockey. He lost all of the PM’s. This couldn’t happen to a better person for he truly was a sorry Director @ best. GOOD LUCK JA. Turn... —  read more 

Question of trust

The success of any company is primarily based on trust. It is very difficult to work where there is no more trust. In our company, the employees don't trust the leadership and the leadership doesn't trust us. Something must be done about it.

AIP Payout

Don't expect to get anywhere near your normal AIP. Executives keep dancing around it but the company did not make its goals. Don't be surprised if it is little to none (20-30% of what you normally make have received in the past). Trust me, Execs... —  read more 

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