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January 2018 Carrier layoffs

Carrier is starting the new year with more layoffs - I'm absolutely shocked. Who'd have expected something like this? Except for maybe everybody? Another 215 people are losing their jobs at the Indianapolis plant. So much for preserving jobs in... —  read more 

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More Carrier layoffs announced

Seems that 2017 is the year of layoffs at Carrier. More have been announced, this time for DeWitt. Still no news on how many people will be laid of, or, as they like to put it, restructured out. Hopefully, this year will not continue to be this bad... —  read more 

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~300 Layoffs at Carrier (July 2017)

July 20 will be the final day for about 300 workers with 136 positions being voluntary separations and 164 being regular layoffs. ---

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Furlough till when ?

3 weeks furlough for everyone. Is there salary cut as well ? Plan closure in Tennessee.

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UTC technologies India 300 layoff

UTC india will layoff 300 employees fro India ....Carrier, IBIS, Bss , Totaline...etc divisions before Mar18 ....Gurgaon India Factory to shutdown mfg in India. They are winding.

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UTC technologies India 300 layoff

UTC india will layoff 300 employees fro India ....Carrier, IBIS, Bss , Totaling....etc divisions before Mar18 ....Gurgaon Factory to shutdown mfg.

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United Technologies confirmed Friday that the first wave of about 50 layoffs happened last week at its electronics plant that had about 700 workers in Huntington. The plant in the northeastern Indiana city is slated for closure. Steps are also being... —  read more 

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Many units exposed, layoffs to continue

Carrier made significant cuts in the days leading up to the last downturn and was lauded for it, so it wouldn't surprise to see this done based on the threat of another slow down in the next 2 qtrs. Also, lots of eggs in the China basket, and with... —  read more 

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