Topics regarding layoffs at Caterpillar Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar feedback request

Looking for some feedback on caterpillar from a manufacturing engineering standpoint (specifically in TX). How is the work-life balance? What are the expectations outside of the core working hours? Are promotions difficult to come by? Is... —  read more 

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Due diligence

Hello all, I’m on here doing some due diligence for myself as well as some of my team members. We currently work for a certain oil company who’s in the process of a very massive but silent downsizing, and their headcount reduction tactic is basically... —  read more 

Caterpillar Succession Plan

Age discrimination starts at age 30. It's called a succession plan. If you're not on it at age 30, you will be let go by age 50. Cat is not a life long employer. Hiring literature espouses long term employment. There is no such thing as an old boy... —  read more 

Slime ball incorporated

CATERPILLAR demands that agencies and contractors cut the pay of employees, ok I guess I can understand that, then 2 weeks after that is done goes ahead and gives the ok for raises for CAT employees, unbelievable


Unbelievable to see there is no communication at all about the risks, possible infected people among all the employees or even death and about the number of layoffs. I can’t believe this virus contaminated every human being but Caterpillar employees... —  read more 


Why are Caterpillar plants in Peoria Illinois continuing to put hundreds of people as well as there families at risk. Its irresponsible, unnecessary and plain out selfish. I get that they need to produce products to continue the flow of income. But... —  read more 

Hypocrisy at its highest

Hypocrisy of Caterpillar higher-ups never stops to amaze me. They continuously promote safety, but that doesn't translate into practice. When accidents happen, and they happen a lot, they always blame the workers instead of the lack of training or... —  read more 

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Stick with one strategy!

Any chance we can decide on a strategy at Caterpillar and then stick to it for more then a year? Seriously, it's not that hard. Just pick one and stick to it. The way we do things now we can't get anything done properly. I'm getting whiplash from all... —  read more 

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