Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

Exit interview

I'm planning to leave in the next month or two and I'm hoping there's an exit interview because if there is, I plan to be completely honest about why I'm leaving. I especially plan to be open about my manager and his bullying management techniques... —  read more 

Things are going well

People should take the opportunity while things are going well to relax and recharge their batteries. This is CDK, it's only a matter of time before something will go wrong again and layoffs will become a regular occurrence. But until then, relax and... —  read more 

Sale to Brookfield Sales to private companies never benefit the employee. Kiss those bonuses goodbye.

Needs to go

P&O boss admits that no-notice redundancies break the law, no matter how much they pay you. The government are calling for the head of P&O to go for doing this, Tom K, are you listening. This is what you did to us! I'd never come back, but you need... —  read more 

Disability leave

I’ve broken my leg but everything I’m going through is somehow less stressful than what I’m most afraid of which is being fired when I come back from disability leave. I wouldn't be the first such case. There seems to be less of those who kept the... —  read more 

A New Round?

Rumours starting again that jobs are due to be cut. Customers spending all day struggling to get answers and all of the experience within the company sacked. Biggest sh-t show of a company I’ve ever known.

How is Rajiv still the CTO??

Seriously... I’ve never worked with such a petty, unquestionably unqualified executive.. I’m sure there’s many other issues, but he can’t be helping the situation given his toxic, political gamesmanship... all that seems to be left in engineering are... —  read more 

keep it up!

Everything is under control except: business, customers, strategic plan, organization chart, and the mood of the few remaining employees .... keep it up!

Worn Down

I feel so worn down by Keyloop that I’m struggling to find the energy to even apply elsewhere. Have been trying to stick it out to do my best for the team that’s still here and the poor customers but it worries me that if more people keep leaving... —  read more 

Hired just to be fired

I'm seeing more and more new employees who are around for less then a year before being laid off. I'm not sure what's the point of bringing people on just to get rid of them within a year, but I do feel bad for them. For many that is the first... —  read more 

Very fast fall

Maybe they couldn’t completely stop the decline, but couldn’t the leadership do anything to mitigate the decline of this company? It's awful what's going on. I hope to be able to get a new job as soon as possible, because it's become unbearable to... —  read more 


There were another 6-8 people laid off from the UK Bristol office at the end of August. There are people voluntarily leaving each week, last one out please turn the lights off.

I admit my mistake!

Unlike those at the top who don’t admit their mistakes, it all became easier for me when I admitted to myself that I was wrong when I came to the CDK. It was only then that I started looking for a new job. I think for most people this company was a... —  read more 

Title changes at CDK

So, the company just had title changes ("realignment") across the board. Many folks seem to have been hard hit, by unfairly given lower titles, irrespective of their previous positions, experience, contribution, skills etc. The company is going to... —  read more 

This made me think

How bad is a company that you work for when there is so very little transparency the only avenue you can find information concerning layoffs is on websites such as these? It’s pretty bad in my opinion. Sometimes I feel as if we are purposely kept in... —  read more 


How disappointing is the severance package? Have there been any changes to the severance plan in the meantime? I doubt this joke from the company is generous when it comes to severance pay. I would love to leave before they give me layoff, I'm... —  read more 

Details please

I heard there were layoffs recently but no details were given after that. People seem to be keeping quiet. Not sure if it was just rumors but if true can anyone provide information on how many were impacted, how the layoffs were handled, was there... —  read more 

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