Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at CDK Global Inc.

$1000 to stay...

Customer Care is offering cash bonuses if you stay through the end of the year. Things must be bad internally. They might be hoping people won't see the problem with this. Aug/Sept etc rolls around and suddenly people in Customer Care are getting... —  read more 

More layoffs

This week 7 close colleagues of mine were laid off, all of them are engineers. I can only imagine how many were affected company wide. I used to think this was a great company to work for, but it's evolved into a toxic mess. Some other colleagues... —  read more 

Age of laid-off employees

I’ve noticed a pattern in the last few layoffs: the age always skews higher by a significant margin. How come nobody is doing anything about this? Age discrimination is illegal and it shouldn’t be hard to prove. Is nobody interested in pursuing this... —  read more 


Announcement came out this morning - CDK is outsourcing jobs to Genpact. Not clear who or what products yet. Who has gotten a Genpact offer? Are the offers fair?

Look for a new job NOW!

Leave this company and don’t sale your self short. BM would love to mill you dry and lie to your face! Your more than just cattle. I have accepted a new offer and will not be back to this place. I won’t even the gracing them with a notice. I’m... —  read more 

Lay-Offs are back on

A lot of people were once again laid off yesterday, we were told to keep our mouths shut till end of day today ( Thursday ) as that's when this round would end. We were asked to stay till March 31st to transition our projects to team India and were... —  read more 

BM is a thief and a liar

How anyone can hire someone with no regard for the wellbeing of his employees or his American workers is beyond me. CDK wasn't perfect but at least it had some sort of moral character before this man came back to ruin it once more. He is stuffing his... —  read more 

Not sure

Some T1 getting email saying you are not affected but others getting email saying you are being affected. Not sure what group will fare better.

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