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When will the investors say enough is enough?

Can someone explain to me how MH has been CEO for so long? The numbers have gotten worse every quarter for, what, 5 consecutive years? MindTap flopped, and the company was caught sleeping on rentals and now OER. He has a new excuse on every investor... read more

Q3 Earnings

Q3 earnings slides are out, and it’s another disaster. 13% revenue decline with every sector of the business down over prior year. But of course Cengage Unlimited is an unmitigated success! MH is a joke and needs to be run out of the company... read more

Layoffs already started!

SF office is being closed taking 200+ jobs with it. Smaller layoffs have started in Mason and Boston. Chicago is rumored to be next for a closure and field sales is rumored to be the next division with major layoffs. The saddest part of the whole... read more

Layoffs coming?

I left the company 3 years ago when the cult mentality started taking hold, and it sounds like it’s gotten out of control. With revenue nosediving over the past few years - and Cengage Unlimited’s inability to slow the bleeding - doesn’t the company... read more

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