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$22 Oil

I wonder how they are going to lay us off now that we are all in small cubicles. I bet there is a committee on that right now. Logical nightmare .. can’t close your office door and wait for the tap on the door.. Wait a min.. even more... —  read more 

Corona Virus! Who’s in charge right now!?

Has our captain abandoned ship?!? Why are we being told to stay in the office ?? I don’t feel Safe anymore Anyone know what’s going on in the C-SUITE right now? Are they even in the building?

Just some communication!!!

Our company is so bad at communicating. Why isn’t there some form of communication coming out? It’s like an abyss. I get things are changing daily but it’s like our leaders from Mgr and up have just disappeared. You don’t have to have all the answers... —  read more 

So.. what’s the plan boys?!?

Most critical time for company and nothing on INC. this is not a good sign of things to come. Takes time to figure out who stays and who goes I guess. Good luck everyone.

CVE's future was obvious

I was working for CVE several years ago. I took one look at the leadership team, took another look at the market trend and took a package. The truth is O&G is Canada is on the decline. I know you want to blame the liberals, and I know sometimes they... —  read more 


48% drop. How do you stay in business??

20 for 20

Does this mean $20 oil in 2020? Now that we committed to dividends increases and we paid down our favourable debt to get to try to get to the magical $5B, where the hell is the cash going to come from ???

Things are shrinking...

Link below... As of Oct. 9 2019, there have been 3,666 wells abandoned this year, according to the Alberta Energy Regulator. Meanwhile, the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) projects about 2,425 wells to be drilled in the province... —  read more 

Canada is done

You might as well roll up the sidewalk take your toys and go home.

Global Oil Demand to peak in 3 years

Global oil demand will peak in three years, plateau until around 2030 and then decline sharply. Experts believe electric vehicles to reach 50% of global new car sales in 2032; by the middle of the century 73% of the global passenger car fleet will... —  read more 

Mass exodus

Have you noticed all the job postings. Could it be that people are leaving. Such a sad state of affairs. Congratulations to the folks that have left and are leaving. Good luck to the new hires. Stay for a max of two years and then get out.

More people leaving

I’ve heard about numerous people walking out the door recently to other companies. Pretty soon it might just be easier to call Suncor Cenovus 2.0, most of our employees are ending up over there. Maybe they know how to treat employees a bit better or... —  read more 


I was applying in hope to go work for Repsol here in Calgary. Long story short, they got with a 30% cut today... Well, that is it for now...

Cubicle Refusal Manifesto

I absolutely refuse to work in a cubicle!!!!!!!!! Management can take my office ... but they can never take my Freedom!!! Freedom!!! (In Scottish accent) (First interview if tomorrow across the street .. I’m all fired up now!..) —  read more 

Board of Directors?

Cenovus Executives get a bad rap on this site, but what about the people who are meant to be providing oversight? The Board approved the COP acquisition. The Board approved our disastrous hedging strategy, and the tall new buildings we get to shuffle... —  read more 

$10 here we come ha

So much for the $20 here we come crowd. Quite silent now aren’t they? I still haven’t seen our VP on our floor in his cubicle since we moved in, not sure where he goes all day. I mean I expect never to see our EVP on our floor, he’s never been around... —  read more 

New Hires in the midst of Layoffs

Once again as some people have been shown the door 'new employees' are arriving. How do you get approval to hire while letting go?? New guy hired in community relations. Is that really the priority?

Pretty quiet here these days

Must mean everyone is happy and motivated! We knew the new leadership and new building would make everyone happy!

Open office proven to be less collaborative

Now that open offices are the norm, their limitations have become clear. Research indicates that removing partitions is actually much worse for collaborative work and productivity than closed offices ever were. But something as expensive and... —  read more 

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Money saving initiative - rotating power

As a way to save money we will be rotating power throughout the building. Power will be on each floor for two hours at a time. So you either have to get your work done during that time or follow the power as it moves. Thank you for your attention and... —  read more 

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Christina lake union drive

Christina Lake operations and maintenance. The time has come for us to step up as one and have a real say in our working conditions. Let’s open the dialogue and start having important conversations with each other about which direction our careers... —  read more 

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Party time!!!

Just got my invite to BigZs please don’t unionize on me party. Let’s have a beer and forget about us marginalizing you all these years

Is it just me or?

Is their people strategy so filled with 1984 Orwellian double speak that it leaves you wanting to gag? Here’s an idea. People are leaving as they are being told for last 6 years no raises and other companies are now comparable for salary. That and no... —  read more 

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