Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Wow, poorest experience

My last working day is approaching, following RIF of my entire department. HRBP said our health insurance coverage continues for 3 mos, but documents today said it ends in about 3.5 wks. If they treat their employees this way, I can't imagine the... — read more 


Anyone get a cost of living adjustment in addition to their annual review percent increase? Some on my team did while others did not. How is the decision made on who gets a cost of living increase if inflation impacts everyone?

New rules

Maybe our team had more lenient supervisors in the past or the one we have now is so stuck up in her a$$. Forcing us to use PTO for something we can make up the same day or same week is wild to me? Also said leader wants everyone to start and... — read more 

Survey Results

It’s disheartening by the recent survey scores. I can't speak for every leader but it’s unfair for those leaders who inherited a new team right before the survey is rolled out and blamed for the low ratings. We’re slapped with, do better and find... — read more 

BONUS criteria

Does anyone know why some are getting bonuses and some are not? I have colleagues that are not corporate who are getting the bonus and I’m with corporate and not receiving. Why some and not all?

Lower bonuses

Anyone notice that bonus amounts (if you get them) were lower this year? I’ve heard from a few colleagues that bonuses were lower despite the percentage increase.

Legos and tacos

If the talking points from today's Town Hall are any indicator of what Centene Executive Leadership talks about in their own private meetings then it's no surprise why this company is taking a nosedive.

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Do you guys think, that perhaps one of the/or possibly, the main reason why the company is becoming more toxic and hostile to work for is because they want us to quit rapidly rather than let us go since layoffs and firings cost more? The only reason... — read more 

No regrets

If you're on the fence about walking away, let me tell you that I don't know a single person who quit and regretted it. I know because I've been considering leaving and I've been asking around. People who left my team in the last year are all... — read more 

Meets Vs. Exceeds

Did anyone get an "Exceeds Expectations" on their review. It seems that everyone no matter how often you exceed expectations still gets a meets. Is it even possible to get an exceeds at Centene?

12 Employees just laid off

Tammy Schmaeng, SVP of Payment Integrity, just informed us in a zoom call that 12 employees under her are being laid off. She said it was just Payment Integrity and not a company wide round of layoffs. If you were one of the 12 my heart goes out to... — read more 

Bonus payout

As a corporate employee with a “meets expectations” rating, what are the chances we get our full bonus payout? I just hit the year mark about a month ago so I’m not sure how it works… but my offer letter has a bonus percentage that I’d love a check... — read more 

Centene/LinkedIn/Claims Analyst

Is it no surprise that they layoff thousands of people and start blowing up with adverts that they are hiring. I highlighted this role because this has been my position for the last several years. They are soliciting for this role on LinkedIn for CA... — read more 

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