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Will layoffs continue?

Centene laid off 80 people last week in the Florida offices. Managers, supervisors and regular staff, some with over a decade of tenure. No reason given besides economic impact of covid. Does anybody know if there are plans for more layoffs in... —  read more 

Info on layoffs

Trillium offices in Eugene,Oregon are laying staff off on February 14, company leadership said there would be a reduction of 60 to 70 here, going from 445 to 380 positions. I know more layoffs are coming. Posted on top from @1osnw+125rc6hR for... —  read more 

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Question for those laid off last week: what kind of severance were you offered? Have there been any changes compared to previous rounds/years? I'd really appreciate an answer.

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Envolve going down hill

All the Managers and Directors at Envolve Pharmacy - Centene who care about their employees and their customers have already left on their own, so probably no layoffs for the rest of us who are stuck here under these unscrupulous leaders until we can... —  read more 


A girl who works in my office said she was hired and laid of within 2 months. Actually told to leave and didn’t even get to clean her desk out.

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Centene Layoffs 2018

I know that people are concerned - don’t be - but I heard from someone pretty high up in our corporate office that they planned layoffs but that plan was abandoned, so we are safe here in St. Louis.

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Fear and stress rule here

I left Centene a few month ago after two years there, and I am only regretting not leaving sooner. The work environment is the absolute worst of all the places I have worked at. Managers are treating people like trash, yelling at them, publicly... —  read more 

EDI Technician

Centene cut me for a mistake I made that I fixed within a couple hours. (Was EDI Technician) You're treated as disposable as possible. Wouldn't recommend Centene - some people love it there, some don't - it's hard to say - but they do have layoffs... —  read more 

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Inovation equals layoffs

Centene has been doing its best for years to get rid of as many employees as possible to increase profit, and it's usually the hard workers who get fired, while those who have connections and lousy work ethic stay. Nepotism runs rampant here. Their... —  read more 


Maybe Centene should think about how many peoples lives will be completely crushed by this heartless restructuring. So many of those employees have given blood sweat and tears for many decades and you just cut them off like they do not even matter. I... —  read more 

Job Cuts Coming in 2017

There is a ton of rumors, and that may be pretty bad as many folks are saying there will be a big hit in 2017. Not sure if this is right and how many layoffs will take place but you have to wander in what direction is Centene going - look at the... —  read more 

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