Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Natomas location up date

Don’t be shocked if cuts are coming - Less than five years after health insurer Centene Corp. made a splash by confirming plans to bring thousands of new employees to a campus in Sacramento's Natomas area, the company now appears ready to let someone... —  read more 

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Coming cuts?

There’s a lot of pencil sharpening happening recently. Work is being shifted. Giant lists of efforts being prioritized so most can be placed on hold (under the exercise that we are doing too much work already). It may be true that we’re doing... —  read more 

Layoffs Now

Does anyone know if we should expect layoffs with the QualChoice functional migration, New Jersey and North Carolina platform consolidations being put on hold?

What if.

What if... Stock options are now required as a condition of employment for all Centene employees? "Fair is fair." You think we forgot about your suprise post-contract mandates?

I've grown to hate Centene

It’s terrible. The management will set expectations and never deliver so the employees will get discouraged and resentful. Overall, management behavior is bizarre. They constantly gaslight and withhold information from employees and their reward... —  read more 

Pay Cuts

It looks like everyone who has Medical and Dental insurance is getting a pay cut as it came out today that our health insurance costs are going up next year. One would think they they would have at least increased the amount they cover on our health... —  read more 

Workplace Bullying Culture

Since this was the most common reason for turnover. The most mentioned job review. Here is an article: EXAMPLES OF REPEATED BEHAVIORS THAT COULD CONSTITUTE BULLYING Workplace bullying includes negative acts directed toward employees. Examples could... —  read more 

Employee Surveys

People quit poor leadership not the job. We complete countless surveys without any changes in leadership. There should be required management training for unconscious bias and emotional intelligence. They’ve figured out to retaliate due to... —  read more 

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