Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Money at any cost

Employees, vendors, brokers, members and providers have been affected by the lack of professionalism, communications, training and faulty IT systems, the merge resulted to be a huge disaster for everybody because lack of execution by management, and... —  read more 

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How safe is severance?

If I start a new job soon after being laid off is there any way for Centene to find out? And if the company finds out is there any way it can ask for a portion (or a whole) of my severance back? I have a nice employment opportunity I just don't know... —  read more 

Michigan layoffs?

Anyone know or hear anything about any more Michigan layoffs. Specifically for Meridian/ WellCare legacy employees. They just let 3000 go in March and we are being thrown around, doing more work with no pay increase, all getting burnt out. I have a... —  read more 

No communication

Have most depts had less communication from management since Feb lay off notices? All of our team mtgs and 1:1s are rescheduled frequently and some even canceled. There has been no chance to communicate.

2 more waves to come

Well due to Ohio filing lawsuit against Centene. BUCKEYE and involve, looks like we will have more layoffs. Mississippi has an investigation open as well. Not looking good for Centene at all for 2021, looks like the company will not have as much... —  read more 

I'm ready to move on

I'm not resentful towards the company, I've spent many happy years here. Still, there have been so many changes for the worse lately that I realize if I don't want to become unhappy with my life due to work, I need to make a change. I wish all of you... —  read more 

Layoffs at CVS

Since WellCare is going through a Merger soon to be Envolve, are many layoffs coming soon for employees who work for CVS and support WellCare? From reading It seems that no one is safe and this is a very uncertain time. If we are like go or laid off... —  read more 

ARPA email

Has anyone received the email from Ceneten Benefits about ARPA? I first received a letter from CYC with high Cobra rates I waved it (TOO expensive) now I get this email that we are being covered at 100%. So what’s next? I waved it prior too this new... —  read more 

Personal Items

Those that were laid off during the last round, have you received your personal items that were left in or on your desk? There is no way I was informed of being laid off back in February provided address and still have not received my personal items... —  read more 

Why is Centene hiring???

So close to major layoffs, why are hiring people? Just go look at the usual suspects: Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, and similar sites. There are hundreds of openings, most of which have been posted after the layoffs. Why? I thought we needed to reduce... —  read more 

Judged in interviews

Hey guys, just curious. Do you ever feel judged in your interviews when you state you were part of a layoff? Before, I interviewed and had no problem getting the job. Now it feels as if they look at me as if I did something wrong. I don’t even get so... —  read more 


This company is so degrading and poor. Being laid off is bad enough but to make me jumps through hoops is kicking me while I'm down. Really Centene?


I received a letter showing cobra will be almost $1,000 a month for me. Has annoying received their letter from cobra? Is it expensive also? Just curious and are you guys keeping it? How do they expect us to pay that much if we are laid off?

Who are they laying off?

I applied and accepted a Centene case management job last week. They have several positions posted and are adding more on a regular basis. Are they laying off the nurses or are they laying off other staff members? Now I'm not sure I should've... —  read more 

Long mental recuperation

After the layoffI thought I would finally get some relief from this company, especially since I also found a new job very quickly. However, no. What actually happens when you let this company squeeze you out completely before they give you layoff?... —  read more 

Insulting company

Today our heartless director had a town hall taking about how great everything is and how secure everyone's job is and can't wait to see everyone's faces in September with the people that she gave notices too that take affect in May present on the... —  read more 

Centene Raises & Bonuses

Centene will be distributing bonuses on the check of 3/26/21 and raises will reflect on the 4/2/21 check ,My question is how can a company scream to be losing money 12 million and cut 3000 jobs and freeze 1500 posted position and not freeze raises... —  read more 

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