Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

What happened to Centene?

I worked at "legacy Centene" and was lucky enough to have gotten away before I was affected by this later round of layoffs. And it's so sad to learn what has befallen my former colleagues. It's such a sad state of affairs. Layoffs are a part of... —  read more 

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Centene: M.W.A.

Centene management, before you call a meeting to discuss how unprofessional these posts are...DON'T. You don't get to tell us how to feel. You don't get to tell us how how to react. You forfeit that when you treat us like garbage! So I'm going to... —  read more 

Centene is a virus!

Thank you Michael Neidorff. Thank you for your commitment to your Centene family. And by family I mean your shareholders. Not the hard working people who sustain your company. The long hours. The long days. The long weeks. The long weekends. Thank... —  read more 

Will layoffs continue?

Centene laid off 80 people last week in the Florida offices. Managers, supervisors and regular staff, some with over a decade of tenure. No reason given besides economic impact of covid. Does anybody know if there are plans for more layoffs in... —  read more 


Question for those laid off last week: what kind of severance were you offered? Have there been any changes compared to previous rounds/years? I'd really appreciate an answer.

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Envolve going down hill

All the Managers and Directors at Envolve Pharmacy - Centene who care about their employees and their customers have already left on their own, so probably no layoffs for the rest of us who are stuck here under these unscrupulous leaders until we can... —  read more 


A girl who works in my office said she was hired and laid of within 2 months. Actually told to leave and didn’t even get to clean her desk out.

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