Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Medical Accommodation

This may be a waste of time but what is the likelihood of getting approved to wfh due to medical condition. From everything what I've read on here and research it seems like CNC is dead set against wfh. Part of me hopes I get laid off because iam... —  read more 

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The best advice I can give you

You agreed to less than market value pay to be used and abused by a company that doesn’t care in any way, shape or form about you. Once you realize and accept this there are only two options: grin and bear it while feeling undervalued and... —  read more 

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Who will be the target?

There is no doubt that the cuts will happen, unfortunately. People are increasingly talking about big layoffs as early as next month or in September. I try not to be anxious and focus on looking for a new option, but I’m still a little worried. I... —  read more 

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$535M loss in Q2--what's next? Centene Corporation posted a $535 million loss in the second quarter of 2021, down from its $1.2 billion haul in the prior-year quarter. Despite the loss, the... —  read more 

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Lies lies.lies

Managers and in meetings every day all day. Yet no updates changes in policy or help for the loyal. Pay the ones that stay something for all the added bs!!!!!!!!

Silent Period for RFA

So when states are doing a contract for RFA bid, how long is the silent period to see if the contracts are awarded? Do they wait for the second quarter stockholders review? Are they waiting until closer to open enrollment for their members? Just... —  read more 

Survey taken seriously?

Two thirds of the team left some very critical criticism about management and lo the senior manager has found a new job. I don't know for sure that it's related to the survey, but I believe that it must be. Maybe it is way too soon to be... —  read more 

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Update regarding contract OH

So anyone have any idea of ODM decided to move a plan around on the list and add Buckeye back on? Or we still in the waiting game until October? Wondering what the future holds and how long the silence will continue.

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Anxious due to age

I’ve been working on my exit plan for well over 9 months. My biggest fear so far is not being able to find a job replacement because of my age. There are a few people I know who are still unemployed and looking, while the younger ones have landed... —  read more 

Don't let them fire you!

And don’t let them fire you. Demand a lay off if they want to get rid of you so badly. Their strategy is to make you so miserable you’ll either dig your own grave, or quit. I waited too long to be able to negotiate leaving on my terms, and eventually... —  read more 

Maybe I’m just paranoid

Is it just me, or does the system outages make anyone else paranoid? My supervisor recently started doing Time studies on my team and I. My time studies have never been great due to VPN issues and being kicked off several times a day. Now Care... —  read more 

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Blessed to be moving on

I made the decision to leave a month ago and I’m happy to say I just landed a new job. It pays quite a bit more than what I’m making (not surprising), benefits are better, tuition reimbursement etc. There are opportunities out there if you make the... —  read more 

Trying to keep the job

is it in vain? There are a lot of those who want layoff and a package, but unfortunately I have to try to keep the job here because my life situation is complicated. I’m trying to get an offer somewhere else, but to no avail, so all I have left is to... —  read more 

Suddenly useless

How is it that all these years I’ve been able to do a bunch of work, everything they’ve demanded of me and even more than that, and then all of a sudden, they start treating me like I’m useless? Can they be more unprofessional than they are? I... —  read more 

Survey is out

O lawd,the survey is out, management should be reaching out to their teams within the next couple of weeks to develop action plans..get ready for the dramatics following firings,and layoffs


Our supervisors down here (south) are awful. They refuse to listen to us and are very rude. We try to talk to them in Huddle and they talk over us and just outright rude at times. They also dont know anything about our department, talk down to us... —  read more 

La. contract

Has anyone heard anything about the RFP in La? Previous management would always keep us up to date. Now, we dont hear anything anymore and things are really bad right now. A lot of people have left and/or applying elsewhere, the workload is... —  read more 

Mixed feelings?

I’m a little anxious because I have a feeling the layoffs are around the corner, and I’m not exactly the best prepared. On the other hand, I think a layoff would be the best thing that could happen to me to finally get some relief, because I’ve... —  read more 

Michigan aka Meridian

What's going on in Michigan other than shady business? keep piling on the work and have incompetent managers "the leadership team" the only thing they are leading is to a sinking ship.. I would not be surprised if they pull the plug and move... —  read more 

Wake up OH Pay Attention

Employees in Ohio working for Buckeye health plan need to wake up and see what is in front of them. Management will not give us the full accurate details regarding ODM contract and companies awarded. The six are chosen and if they kick one off they... —  read more 


Anyone know what Centene. Ohio is doing and when the first rounds of LO will start? No contract starting 2021 due to ATTORNEY GENERAL suing Centene. Please if anyone knows anything, let the cat out of the bag . Management knows something but to... —  read more 

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