Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Stop the bleeding

People are dropping like flies. Work is piling up as a result of it. We are all being asked to do more, more, more… when is this going to stop? Everywhere I look people are leaving. What is leadership’s plan to stop the attrition? This is a serious... —  read more 

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We need more people

I think it's safe to say at this point that the only area that currently isn’t understaffed is management. Actually, I think that's where the real fat is. We could get rid of a third or even half of them and hire people who do the actual work. It... —  read more 

Flexible work solutions

Just curious. For those of you that came in after September 2021, were you giving remote work option right off? Or did they tell give you stipulations? I’m trying to understand how people coming in after me are able to work remote. I have been here... —  read more 

Layoffs & bonus

Why does everyone predict layoffs? Financials look good, what am I missing? Are we getting a bonus this year? I haven’t seen anything confirming this. If so, is it 100% funded?

Layoff before bonus

Just checking if the information is correct that the person will still get the bonus, even if he got laid off a little before he was supposed to get the bonus? It would be really horrible to get laid off a few days before the bonus and therefore... —  read more 

Still fighting

I was laid off from Centene in February this year. I didn’t accept the severance offered because like so many others, I felt my layoff was wrongful and I was offered the same thing as someone who had only worked 3 years to my 5. Shortly after the ... —  read more 

Don't work here

Do not work at centene. Most everyone has been laid off in So Cal. If you value your mental health, dont go. I just retired after 10 yrs here. I have never seen such mo--ns in management, and I am a professional. Run, fast. I am very happy... —  read more 

Is it worth staying here?

That is, I am undecided whether it is worth going to a company where the atmosphere is certainly better (I know because a few friends work there), but neither is the pay significantly higher nor are the benefits significantly better? I believe that... —  read more 

Cannot afford to quit

Most of all I would love to just come and give a notice, although I don’t have any offer yet. I'm not the only one, I know. Honestly, I would love to get some rest for a month or two before I start working for another company. I'm too tired. As... —  read more 

Who decided?

If you know your workplace flexibility status by now, who decided? My team is still waiting to receive a clear cut answer. My supervisor states it’s not her decision and she’s still waiting. However, every announcement that comes to my email, ... —  read more 

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