Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Centene Corp.

Big company wide layoffs

The atmosphere is terrible. Do you too think that big company wide cuts are around the corner, as is rumored? If you have any details, please share. How big could the cuts be? I can hardly devote myself to doing the work because I am worried... —  read more 

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I am a Centene worker who got canned today following a stellar performance review, and given 3 wks notice with a last day of March 4. Does anyone know why the WARN Act ( a federal requirement) was not in play with this massive layoff? The WARN Act... —  read more 

What’s Sad?

It’s sad that we worry every day about losing our jobs, the mental health of so many people at Centene due to the lack of transparency is troubling. The saying “ tomorrow is never promised “ should be Centenes moto. In order for them to really be... —  read more 

Care management dept

Has anyone had their turn around time drastically changed from 7 days to 3 days? We were told this was a dept change for care managers and coordinators. Our team is freaking out because we are already overwhelmed and now our cases will be out of... —  read more 

Let’s get engaged!

Are you having more career discussions lately? Hearing more praise than usual? Hearing more about flexibility? Receiving gifts in the mail? HR is conducting engagement surveys soon, so if your senior leadership team is suddenly more open to your... —  read more 

Indifferent to layoffs

Of course, I feel sorry for the people who were affected and who really care about their jobs here. I get sick to my stomach when I remember how much I used to fear that I would end up on the layoff list. It turns out that all those who were laid... —  read more 

Who hurt you Sarah?

Anyone know what the heck is going on in the heads of the people who run corp. quality? Positions held with no explanation, people leaving in droves, every single thing epic failing and this new head of the department is just smiling through town... —  read more 

Current Salary

Forget that “Who hurt Sarah” post that’s getting so much attention!! We need to be focused on the real problem and concern that over half of the employees are raising which is salary! Many of us are barely making it off of the crumbs we are being... —  read more 


Centene literally flips us the bird every chance they get. Legacy Meridian didn’t receive bonuses last year due to the acquisition. The bonus this year was dismally low compared to previous years. I looked at the job listings and new reps are... —  read more 

Waiting for severance

How smart is it to wait for severance? I know a few people who're determined to leave but instead of looking for a new job they're waiting to be laid off so they can get severance. First, I think that's d-mb in general since you can never know if... —  read more 

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