Topics regarding layoffs at Lumen Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Lumen Technologies

How long can this go on?

How long can Lumen continue to lose market share and revenue before it's forced to declare bankruptcy? I don't have any idea myself but I'm guessing by this time next year Lumen will be in receivership with a Bankruptcy Court.

Lumen's Bed of Roses

Lots of great uplifting posts on here since the earnings call. It looks like our great contributors from InsideLumen are posting in here vs there. Thank you for bringing the positivity & trying to quell all the negativity here. We shall overcome

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Who will end up with QF?

CFO said Lumen/Quantum Fiber will participate when the time is right for consolidation. In other words, we're selling it.

Here's a good read

Lumen Technologies: Don't Look Back Nov. 03, 2023 1:53 PM ETLumen Technologies, Inc. (LUMN) Stone Fox Capital Investing Group Leader Summary • Lumen Technologies is facing constant restructuring and slashing of financial targets, leading to a... —  read more 


The last 3 days have been utterly absurd. The most unprofessional rif email ever, the earnings call, loss of 40% stock price. Things are coming apart at the seams and the leadership team does nothing but toss around buzzwords and put on an... —  read more 

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