Topics regarding layoffs at Cerner Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cerner Corp.

Did anybody expect this?

Was there any indication layoffs would be happening today? I feel completely blindsided and I'm trying to figure out if it's my own damn fault for missing the obvious or if they really just decided to spring this on us the way they did, with no... —  read more 

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End of year layoffs?

The rumors are that to improve year end financials (as pledged), Cerner is once again planning layoffs in November/December. Has anyone else heard this? Working here is becoming emotionally exhausting and demoralizing.

KC Layoffs 255

Media Coverage Cerner will let go of 255 employees in effort to cut costs under new operating model Cerner officials said... —  read more 

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We are done, right?

Just checking to make sure, the 255 laid-off people were it? We don't have to worry about more layoffs? I'd like to be able to relax over the weekend, but I'm still a little worried if there is more to come - despite every news outlet only mentioning... —  read more 

Some info about layoffs

Here’s what to know about the layoffs coming for Cerner (NASDAQ:CERN) employees. The company is laying off a total of 255 employees in the U.S. This has the company alerting employees about the layoffs today. Employees affected by the... —  read more 

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I'm a long time Siemens/Cerner associate and yes, something has been in the works for Building #3 for a long time. Unlike the "great Kansas City expansion", there has been much open space here in Malvern for years... nothing new there.

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I was informed by my manager

that our senior leader ship was affected and The severance package was 60 days pay +2 weeks for every year of service. Supposedly if you are in Kansas City, the campuses have heightened security and a lot of activity with people who were... —  read more 

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Why even consider layoffs?

We are in desperate need of more people, not fewer. Cerner has been overworking us for years now. It feels like those on top are completely disconnected from how the projects are actually done and what resources are needed to complete them. If we... —  read more 

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Voluntary layoffs at Cerner

I'm new at Cerner, came after the 2016 round of voluntary layoffs so I'm not sure how this works. I know a bunch of people were offered voluntary layoffs recently, so my main worry is what happens if not enough people accept it? Does that mean we'll... —  read more 

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