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Cerner cuts / Georgia

Cerner will eliminate 129 jobs as part of its contract with Augusta University Health in Georgia ends, effective March 31 2019

What is the offer?

Those who got the offer, mind sharing with us what it looks like? Is it worth it?
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A lower headcount but the expectations stay the same

Just wondering how do they plan to achieve the goals with a lowered headcount after the voluntary layoffs have been done. The expectations were close to impossible as it is, and with a workforce that’s reduced, achieving everything could only be... read more
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The leaders make us pay for their mistakes

I’m not surprised at all that the leadership thinks they can solve every problem of the company by trying to reduce the headcount, given that that’s just the continuation of their behavior to blame the workers for their lack of leadership and their... read more
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Why even consider layoffs?

We are in desperate need of more people, not fewer. Cerner has been overworking us for years now. It feels like those on top are completely disconnected from how the projects are actually done and what resources are needed to complete them. If we... read more
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Voluntary layoffs at Cerner

I'm new at Cerner, came after the 2016 round of voluntary layoffs so I'm not sure how this works. I know a bunch of people were offered voluntary layoffs recently, so my main worry is what happens if not enough people accept it? Does that mean we'll... read more
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Malvern, PA Updatres

Please let us know if you hear about layoffs @ Malvern, PA
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Cerner is fine

Don’t listen to any haters here - be open minded. Check out Glassdoor and other forums. They are more positive

Cerner Layoffs 2018

RIFs might happen like right now - as early as next month here in North City.
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Layoffs to follow in California
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Cerner Layoffs 2017

Let's see what the rest of this year brings - or maybe next year - RIFs maybe? Here in North City.

Cerner Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Cerner layoffs in Kansas City in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

Cerner laid off a bunch of people last week

Cerner laid off a bunch of people last week. Since I’m a typical 401K investor (not in Cerner stock) but also a wage slave, I can’t decide whether I’m a bourgeois capitalist pig or an oppressed member of the unpropertied proletariat. So, I’m waffling... read more
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