Topics regarding layoffs at CGG Veritas

Topics regarding layoffs at CGG Veritas

CGG pay cuts

The CGG poverty wages continue with real terms pay cuts for most and the usual lack of transparency and consistency across the board. Unless you’re winding down for retirement or waiting for a fat redundancy that will never come what’s the point of... —  read more 

No room for talents

It's sad how few talented and capable employees remain at CGG. The best are long gone. No one wants to work in this kind of atmosphere that fosters unhealthy competition among employees. It's crazy how little management cares about retaining... —  read more 

I work as much as I am paid

Considering the amount of work I do, I am far from a fairly compensated employee. And then the manager comes in with his unrealistic expectations, trying to add even more to my plate. Does anyone take their expectations seriously anymore? I don't... —  read more 


CGG sales off Smart Data Solutions to Access USA and Oasis UK as of January 4th. SDS was the smallest piece of the CGG pie but the one that remained profitable year-to-year. The pearls in the crown are thrown to the pigs and the diamonds turn out to... —  read more 

how much time does CGG have?

CGG is still making quarterly losses, the debt pile is enormous and the credit line is being further reduced by each loss. With the majors culling oil and gas spend and no sign of a major pickup, is it over for CGG?

Nothing much left

So, GeoSoftware is now sold. That leaves about 3,000 out of what was recently a company of 12,000 - and that still includes Sercel! It's a bit like the knight in Monty Python that thinks he can keep fighting when all his limbs have been chopped off!... —  read more 

How the he-l???

We are not making any money despite the data processing being done. We have a massive amount of debt which is not going down. We continue to spend money we do not have. HOW ARE WE STILL IN BUSINESS?

Green careers?

Has anyone tried transitioning their career to renewables? I’m thinking about making a career change and I wonder how sensible that move would be. I still do not have a good insight into the opportunities and job offers in this sector. I am... —  read more 

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Reasons you are still at CGG?

CGG is my former workplace, I left recently before they could fire or lay me off. I couldn’t take it anymore because suddenly there was no reason for me to stay. The stock price speaks volumes about the state of the company. I just wonder, why do... —  read more 

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