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Any November announcement will be trivial

The succession plan is comparable to when one company takes over another and asset strips it. In CGG's case the plan started before the oil downturn. Crawley management were quietly closing satellite offices removing the companies capabilities to... read more

sinking boat

People are exchanging information of interview and openings in other companies. More and more colleagues are leaving in the following quarter.

Well done CGG

Boats laid up without work, thousands lost there jobs, not made any profit in years, skilled good ambitious people left leaving behind an immature low skilled work force, managers and HR who protected their jobs and poorly treated redundant employees... read more

Things can only get better

New leader,CFO and rising oil prices the only way is up Should have faith in Senior Management and HR they got us through difficult times strong leadership and compassion for staff Perhaps this website can be closed down and a new one as a fan club... read more

Great Dividend

Dividend over 11%. Wow! You can't beat that with a stick. Time to load up.

CGG Vision Helicopter Crash

Slightly off topic but can anyone tell me what the outcome of the investigation was for that helicopter crash on the Vision back in 2013?

Desparation - flogging the vessel assets

Geowave Voyager Built about 9 years ago at 120million not including acquisition kit costs Sold for 17 million including kit A quite frankly stunning loss that cheaply allows a competitor a stronger market foothold undermining CGGs future... read more

Interview or just make HR looks busy

Hi CGGer , I went to onsite interview last week, no response yet. Is that a real one or just makes hr looks busy but not hire anyone? How long does the result usually come? Many thanks

Chinese acquisition

Hearing more and more chatter about this. Possibly explains the observations in the prior post (lots of connection points between industry and government in Beijing). Premise is the Chinese are assembling one-stop shops for oil & gas exploration and... read more

When are we looking at more layoffs?

Lately we've seen a few people here and there laid off by CGG, but I was wondering when are we looking at another bigger round of layoffs? There has been very little chatter lately, so if anybody has any info on what's coming down the line, please... read more

Huge turnover

If you want to truly realize how bad situation is at CGG Veritas, just look at our turnover. We are literally losing people on weekly bases these days, and most of them are our best workers. Frankly, CGG doesn't need layoffs, they just need to stop... read more

What next

What are you hanging on for? Turnaround in fortunes for CGG Redundancy settlement Right opportunity elsewhere A white knight to come to the rescue Cannot get a job elsewhere

Oil prices & CGG...?

Anyone have any thoughts on the current reassurance of oil prices and CGG???? For a long time I didn't thing CGG was going to survive the prolonged downturn. Will the pickup in oil price mean we can survive?

CGG are vulnerable to take over

CGG are vulnerable to take over. Schlumberger want out of seismic - No Shearwater and are too small and have many ex CGG employees - No PGS are struggling and are the last large player - possible tie up to create one mega player and control the... read more


I have been hearing rumours of a merger with one of the other remaining players. Anyone heard anything similar?

HR in other centres

Why is The HR department in CGG so bad? I have heard that HR in Calgary is one of the worst, apparently she is never in the office and when she is, she is bad at her job. You never hear of bad HR departments in other centres like Perth or in Asia... read more

Career after CGG (share your story)

I thought it would be interesting for those ex-CGG guys here to share how things have gone career-wise since they left. Given the industry situation, most of us had to look outside O&G to opportunities. Also a significant number of us do quite unique... read more

More layoffs

Calgary let 7 go today. 2 processors, 4 in office operations, 1 in IT Calgary was hit yesterday, which means that we can definitely expect more layoffs next week. As somebody put it in that other thread, CGG does this in stages. Not sure which... read more

We should sue these guys

I heared we wasted $5 million on this in legal, banker and accountancy fees.

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