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Change Healthcare - a (not so funny) joke.

Pathetic place to work. Morale is around... well, there isn't any really so we'll just skip that one. All the talented people have been let go by corporate leeches at the top of the company's food chain, leaving it with an army of co-op employees... —  read more 

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IPA not a tasty brew

Independent process automation (IPA) initiatives gearing up with goal of significant “headcount reduction and right sized alignment.” If the IPA team comes to your area, be prepared for fewer team members though some folks will be told new jobs will... —  read more 


Any news a change Healthcare and more layoffs?

Just watched the town hall

As I watched the town hall I gibbled they continue to call out someones name as if this person is a savior to the organization lets get this this clear the are so incompetent that they call out his name because they have no idea which was is up. out... —  read more 

More layoffs

Coming from SLT level- another 1,000 set to be laid off company wide

Change Healthcare never became a new company

In hindsight it’s actually really sad. The “new company” that was formed just provided CHC a rebranding opportunity and ultimate just got rid of everything that was legacy McKesson and Change. These guys are a joke... if I’m a current CHC employee, I... —  read more 

New payroll "mistake"

I just received a letter from CHC claiming that I underpaid on my 2018 benefits and if I don't fork over $156.04 immediately I will owe $168.81 in 2019. Jokes on CHC inasmuch as I HAVEN'T WORKED THERE SINCE MAY 2018. People Connection (ha!) said... —  read more 

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Major Lay Off happened today at Richmond BC office

Not sure where this company is going but looks like everything is going into the ground. They let go 60 people today including one Director as far as I know. Very sad. I think when Manilla is ready to take over some of the operations of Richmond... —  read more 

More layoffs

More people getting laid off and company keeping it hush hush

Mind blown

No idea what to think , seriously mind blown. Head over Charleston office walks out for reasons unknown and their spot filled within days with the head of the Florence office . So was this planned ? Is this a sign Florence is about to be axed? We’ve... —  read more 


90 layoffs today in my office and 4 other offices have also had layoffs today

Next few years will be bumpy

Public company. Will face significant pressure to deliver shareholder value. Work with private equity firms, $5.8B in debt... you're going to see much more cutting and organizational changes. Shouldn't be a surprise when things just drop, especially... —  read more 

Two more rounds of layoffs coming

And we have no idea when. Which means that we now have to sit and wait and stress over it for who know how long. Honestly, I'd much rather know if I'm on the list today. Letting us know layoffs are coming and not giving us any details is just plain... —  read more 

Advice from a RIF'd Employee

I was a legacy McKesson employee who's tenure was around 25 years when I was informed that my position was eliminated last year. I thought I share some information / thoughts in hopes that it at least may help someone. Note that I am basing... —  read more 

I think the RIFs are going on throughout May

I think the RIFs are going on throughout May. My boss told me he was being pushed for a full 30% reduction in his labor costs for FY20. Then he scheduled an early Friday meeting with me for thirty minutes, which is when I expect to be laid off. I... —  read more 

4/2 - New round of layoffs at Change

Under the guise of “resource adjustments” New round of layoffs today in sales, client services, and process excellence (PEX) teams. This resulted in the elimination of some positions. Just another bogus lay-off help improve the look of the... —  read more 

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Be prepared- management is asking to identify all employees who have the potential to be outsourced (onshore and offshore). If you’re in more of an administrative role, I’d start looking right now.


An IPO of $100million for a company that was said to be valued at multiple billions, doesn’t seem too sure about itself. Testing the waters are we? Change’s LinkedIn and website are surprisingly quiet about the news. From an article: “CHNG appears to... —  read more 

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New “ground breaking” announcement

Change Healthcare made a major announcement yesterday. All Americans (ahem, patients) are now able to access interoperability services (aka their data) FOR FREE. You know - because they weren’t able to do that before. I don’t know about everyone... —  read more 

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change Healthcare policies on short term disability

I took a stress leave from work one month ago and have done nothing but fight to get my short-term pay. Is anybody else running into this situation? I would love to talk with you about it. One month still no pay.

Just another layoff

In May my dept had a layoff of 5 people then yesterday I was blind sighted and two of us let go saying our numbers were down and we needed to cut cost so explain to me why the dept , or what’s left of it (8 ppl)needs a supervisor AND an offsite... —  read more 

The strike

“There is only one kind of men who have never been on strike in human history. Every other kind and class have stopped, when they so wished, and have presented demands to the world, claiming to be indispensable—-except the men who have carried the... —  read more 

The Dam is Breaking on Chatter

In the past week it seems there has a been a torrent of people willing to speak their mi ds on Chatter, and no longer anonymously. Multiple people are have voiced their dissatisfaction with the executive leadership. Folks are also especially p-ss-d... —  read more 

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