Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Schwab Over-advertising

As someone who was let go last October, it is pretty disappointing to see the huge increase in Schwab advertising across all types of programming (news, sports, including most recently the NBA playoffs). You would think they would measure this a bit... — read more 

Corp Culture

Corp Culture - My two cents on the topic, a lot of places are just full of people who always agree with everything. If you try to be different or disagree, they pretty much try to push you out. Schwab does have some cool leaders, but they’re too... — read more 

Through Client's Eyes

Why isn't this the top criteria for leaders at Schwab?. So many of them don't give a sh*t about clients unless it's their team that gets the credit. If clients only knew, they would move their money somewhere else

Who was cut?

Somewhere near the beginning of March some layoffs happened under the radar. Some of you have mentioned this. Can anyone confidently tell me how many and in what areas?

No tax refund

Anyone else who came from the TD side not get a refund this year? I’ve had one pretty much every year (I fine a pretty simple return) but this year since moving to Schwab I had to pay. Does Schwab traditionally not hold enough?

Notice vs Quit

Anyone know if the company will fire you if you put in your notice. I’ve heard that happen to people I’ve talked to. Don’t know if it would be in their best interest at this point to pay the unemployment.

To RTO or Not

Anybody get any emails or talking to yet about RTO? I have made it 3 months and haven’t done a full Mon, Wed, Thurs yet due to vacation, sick, holidays, weather, etc.

Character as----------n

Feels that way to my paranoid self. Can't get a callback or interview in 5 months despite literally being the golden goose for so many years. Hurting me is one thing, but my family is innocent. I'm sure this is just me overreacting to a stale market... — read more 


Does anyone else feel misled about the Employee Advisory Council and its purpose? Rick keeps repeating they want to give context for decisions made by the EC... our initial impression was that EAC would have some sort of input on decisions. Also... — read more 

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RTO for Off shore/ contractors

Manager just made the announcement yesterday that all off shore and contractors are going to be in office 5 days a week with no exceptions. Anyone else heard this news as well? This could be a sign that full time RTO is around the corner.

Friendly advice

There have been a number of posts here about layoff struggles and hundreds of applications. As someone who has been through layoffs and on both sides, please step back. Everyone laid off has had pay until this month. Every single one. Two months... — read more 

Help me understand please

Can anyone help me understand in layman's terms how we're evaluating the "poor performance" of the company or the need for more layoffs? I believe we're doing poorly, but I don't understand why and the EC seems more apt to protect themselves/avoid... — read more 

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