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Charlotte Russe Going Out of Business

I thin that we may be going out of business, period! I am in So. Cal and I can tell you that we see less and less people in the store. I think that there might be something going on, not sure and there are no layoffs but I see less sales and that may... read more

New CMO, why so mean?

What's with the new head of marketing? Does she get paid more to be a total bitch?
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Here we go. Layoff are coming. New "census" out and manager layoffs real soon. Get ready it has begun

Another one bites the dust

Another leader gone! Kudos to all those finally leaving the sinking ship....
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Why so mean?

Why is leadership so mean at the SF HQ? And they just hire people that push the mean bar that much further....
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More leaving....

How many more key people will quit before anyone does anything about the leadership? Why do we have a CEO if they aren't going to address the shitty culture? This place has become a sesspool of back stabbing, and bitchiness.


Hey you take a vacation after working 13-15 hour days for literally MONTHS then you come back and say you are out. Really rough shit. Really brutal and you can't even breathe. That's how they do it. They are ruthless, no conscience whatsoever. Then... read more

Bad vibes

Bad morale, negative vibes, toxic, mean people in SF!!! Cliques like high school, mean people, and they are supposedly knowledgeable about fashion?! The new look book is garbage. The merchants. Omg.

Crash and burn

When you have shortsighted management and bad HR this is what happens . Business strategy Carie has no idea how to come up with anything . Everyone is exhausted. Layoffs coming but I feel bad for the stores closing only because sales are horrible... read more

Worst HQ experience

Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for a retail HQ job. It's a nasty environment at CR in SF. All the good management we're let go or quit. The remaining losers couldn't turn this business around if their life depended on it.

Wet Seal Layoffs Today

Check this photo out: -- I worked at a corporate HQ for a retail company and we would also close stores with zero notice to employees after the store closed for the day because if we gave notice, there was concern the... read more


Lots of peeps leaving HQ....#finally had enough

Mean Girls

Working at CR's SF HQ is like being in the movie Mean Girls and you're not a plastic. With so many other retailers in the Bay Area, looks elsewhere for better benefits and leadership

is charlotte russe a night club or a retail store?

why do the executives allow dms to project such a crazy party drunk image of charlotte russe? my friend worked there and couldnt take all the drinking and immature antics she had to leave. sad because she was great. no professionalism just older... read more

In order to change things we need to change the management

Very unprofessional staff,management, customer service, poor work ethics, I'm so shocked that a place like this that lacks in so many things can be running an what is more surprising to me that none of the sales associates have said anything. I... read more
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Let's start this par-tay!

I've enjoyed reading posts here on this forum and believe that this is a great outlet for both current and past employees. We have an opportunity for this not only to be a safe and anonymous place to share rumors, concerns, and complaints. But, also... read more

Re:Closed Stores

Anonymous4538, you recently posted requesting information if Charlotte Russe had recently closed any of it's stores. You mentioned that you were doing some research. Can I ask what the motive for your research is or the purpose for this inquiry is? I... read more
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W-2 information

Your W-2 was sent to the address you had on file, this goes for both current and former employees receiving 2013 W-2. Should you still not have received yours, it was incorrect, or you need another issued you will need to contact the Charlotte Russe... read more


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how old do you have to be to work at charlotte russe

please let me know, i need a job, but i am 17, i am not sure if that's too young for charlotte russe. i really like your products and i think i am a quick learner, but again, i am not sure if my age is appropriate. i'd like to work on weekends only.

Still employed!

Yes! Jenny is still around! So don't start talking crap! She's a great lady. Get over it already and move on
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I hear rumors again

It looks like we'll be seeing some departures soon
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