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Currently Curious ( <-culture)

I asked my supervisor this morning if they have heard on our stance for the new medical patient cards. He told me that the last he had heard we aren’t changing our stance and if anyone got the card, they would be fired. SMH. I kid you not, he then... read more

One of the lucky ones

I received my email confirmation this morning that I was one of the lucky ones chosen to get my legal medical can--bis license approved yesterday. That was quick. I should have it in my hand by next week. How many others submitted their application... read more

I feel bad for EHS

I had to go back and watch the recent town hall and our CEO eluded that we don’t hire enough female VPs and guess what happened next. Yep. We all got the email that their new VP was a female. They have to feel absolutely betrayed right now to know... read more

Remove Luke from Board of Directors

On the Board of Directors is a man who literally ran Kerr-McGee into the ground. Why is this genius Luke on the Board of Directors? I guess it's great if he is helping Chesapeake ride off into the sunset, too.

Devon Falling Fast

We now have plenty of competition from all the people leaving Devon. Could it actually be worse than CHK? Nahh...Nothing could be as bad as having Douggie.

Will There Ever Be Christmas Lights Again?

With all the drama in Chesapecker land, it sure would brighten our spirits if our wonderful leader would light it up a Christmas. It might send a message we are still part of Oklahoma City.

$30 stock price

I keep hearing rumors that management’s goal is a $30 stock price. Is that a possibility or are they just dreaming?


The bros running accounting keep taking care of their gang. How someone is demoted five months ago becomes a sr. Manager is just beyond me. I guess it pays off to be a culture champion.

A Nice Surprise

I left voluntarily a few months ago after less than a year. I knew I was not vested in the 401K but to my surprise Fidelity mailed me that CHK had violated some IRS rule and low and behold I was entitled to their contributions as well. If you left or... read more

I see more layoff post here

Like it’s a surprise or something?!?! Let’s clear the air here. If you’re a CHK employee you are at risk of being laid off all the time. 365 days a year. It’s a choice you choose to live with by being a CHK employee. So just s--- it up or go to work... read more

Layoff is Looming

Does the relaxed dress code and Roth IRA supposed to keep people from leaving? Especially knowing there will be another RIF on campus after the Utica completely closes.
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More layoffs?

I'm hearing another round of layoffs mostly at HQ will be announced by end of month. The number floating around is 20%. Hope they lay off middle management.


Do we ever get a break from Wall Street? Every earnings report we get taken to the woodshed. Every time. When was the last time we had positive news?
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Maybe the crooked management here in Louisville will get axed with the acquisition. Too much vendors with benefits floating around here. Needs to start at the top.

Asset Sale?

CEO keeps talking about a major asset sale. Anyone know more details? Is this maybe why the Haynesville people are leaving?

Don’t get discriminated against

Ok Chesapeakers. With SQ 788 passing. Don’t become a victim. If you follow the law and your doctor writes a recommendation for you to use medical m-r-j-a-a to treat your ailment, and you get terminated. Then contact an attorney for wrongful... read more

Hemorrhaging employees

It’s official....the number of employees that resigned from Chesapeake since the January RIF is more than were layed off in the RIF. Management needs to step up and make an effort or there won’t be any worker bees remaining.

RTC up for sale?

Just heard that they tried to sell the lab last year to Premier (despite assurances that selling the lab was out of the question) for $65 million. Anyone have some thoughts on that?

Let's think logically...

Look at where the rigs are. The rigs produce future income. This is public information available in 2018 guidance. Seems like EF & Rockies are more than likely very safe. Utica, Haynesville, and Marcellus don't have many rigs. If an ENTIRE asset is... read more

Short Stay

I put up with the BS for only a short while. Enough was enough. Nothing wrong with the Unfreezing Culture, it is just that there are too many snow men!

I.T. Promotions

So, everyone in I.T. gets promoted? Seems like they're a bit worried about the mass bail out...

Layoffs don't raise stock price

The stock price pop has nothing to do with the fact we laid off people. At all. Day traders are piling into undervalued energy names due to the mainstream financial press finally realizing that we're heading into a global oil supply shortage in the... read more

Are we pretending to be FaceBook

How does this work? You (sort of) graduate college in 2014 at some no name University and by 2018 you are hired as the Vice President of Information Technology at Chesapeake? This place is straight out of Dilbert. #itisn’tfunnywhenit’sreal.

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