Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

BV going back!

Be interesting to watch local management suck up to new company after all the bad mouthing they did when bought WildHorse. Wondering if the Cajun that made CHK great and his posse will be asked about the ones that didn’t make it home!

How about some good news here

Like the company decided to pay back the millions owed to shareholders that were totally ripped off when the company filed bankruptcy. Or, Tim B is finally fired for continuing to be the sorriest MF in the oil and gas industry. We need some good news... —  read more 

Which number is larger?

Chesapeake's operated rig count at peak, or the sum of rigs operated today by EOG, COP, DVN, OXY, PXD, and Mewbourne combined? It's the former. Just shy of 150 in late 2008. That was twice as active as the next largest driller.

Marcellus HSE

Good job on cracking down on the so called safety “HSER” at corporate, please dig into the losers in the field… Smoke and mirrors, our best asset, HSER, has no presence in the field, no reps at our safety meetings, no one actually policing the... —  read more 

Mass Exodus

Large number of engineers leaving CHK this month and the incompetent management staff are caught with their pants down. Attrition for talented employees has been poor for a while now. Finally people are realizing the grass is lush and greener with... —  read more 


Is it just me or are the people getting promoted the most unprofessional and bad at their jobs. This place has turned into a full fledged joke and it begins with the “talent”

Eagle Ford Gone

Here we go, let the games begin.... Hope you kissed A-- enough to survive this round of massive layoffs.... How many more buildings will be consolidated.... May the odds ever be in your favor.....

Cry babies

This page is a joke. If y’all hate your job so much go find another one. Does everyone really think getting on here and crying will do anything? It’s just a job and there are a lot of jobs at other companies right now. The grass may seem greener on... —  read more 

Field Engagement

Hey office dwellers, keep your Friday non work ethic away from field operations, do you not understand that ya’ll are impeding production? What a joke, looked like ya’ll drove yourselves…

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