Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.


I don’t work here. I do watch this page sometimes as Chesapeake is a major part of OKC and I have friends who have worked there. Plus I check on a few other companies on the layoff as I own their stock. Does your company seriously not tell you... —  read more 

No $

Well boys and comp improvement for anyone going fwd on EOY 1 on 1. Sorry kids, Daddy L's comp package has to be paid by someone.

Chairman of the Board

Yesterday’s testimony was surreal, especially the afternoon session—Bradley Martin, the Chairman of the Board—the Frank Sinatra of Chesapeake. According to Brad’s testimony, in May while the Board was scheming to punt on voiding 3.8 billion in... —  read more 

Who to Bring Back

If management could bring back a few of the people they kicked to the curb - people who were “top shelf” at their job, knew how to get the most out of themselves and their people, straight arrows who put the company ahead of their own selfish... —  read more 

Don’t think it’s over

A current employee told KOCO 5 that it's "like a bloodbath inside" and employees didn't have any warning of the layoffs. "The company itself has had some difficulties because of their extremely large debt,” said Dewey Bartlett Jr., chairman of the... —  read more 

The future??

Read an article-expect out of bankruptcy in 2021 and company to “ to operate in a reasonably conservative approach for the foreseeable future.” Is this possible?!? No layoffs soon???

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my chk family. Today should be a stress free day full of thanks. I’ll be forever grateful for what CHK has given to me all these years. I will forever love my work family & wish nothing but the best for all of you. —  read more 

CEO want ad

Curious what the CEO’s want as criteria and requirements were prior to his arrival? Must wear dress shirts from gap kids Must pretend to be a tough guy in town halls Ideal candidate will believe that simply stating analysts don’t understand him... —  read more 

What Happens to the Campus?

I’ve seen nothing about the fate of the Campus? It’s built for 5,000 - 6,000 employees. CHK or whatever it will be called in a few months will only need one-fourth of that space, at best. Can CHK be forced to sell and give the proceeds to creditors?... —  read more 

Tapstone Energy

Tapstone Energy is sure active in snapping up distressed assets?! After its attempt in Templar Energy, Tapstone is named as the stalking horse bidder for Chesapeake Energy's Mid-Con assets with a USD 85m bid, per notice filed today.


So, I now have a bunch of these sad junk CHKAQ stocks, since I have never sold any of my LTI CHK stocks, waiting for Santa Claus to manifest himself ..... Do you think that the Ch.11 proceedings will sweep then down to zero? Or you think there is... —  read more 

The reason CHK went down

Remember those days of fashion police? Where exposing tattoo, or wearing dress outside HR with certain pattern was not accepted, of course the ladies in HR would dress as if they are in a disco and ... Oh well when the focus of an energy company... —  read more 


Check out some of the latest dockets. People owed by CHK requesting permission to pursue the debt, regardless of bankruptcy proceedings. You know what that foreshadows? A high likelihood of liquidation. Companies owed massive amounts of money will be... —  read more 

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