Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

What a joke

The Chesapeake name has been a joke for sooo long. Continuous layoffs, encouraging their own employees to purchase their stock knowing they were going to file bankruptcy, unethical practices of putting people in roles simply because of their gender... — read more 

Any interest in unionizing?

With use merging together, what are the thoughts about petitioning for a union vote? There are many that have never worked for a union and have only heard what they want you to hear. You believe HR is only there to protect the company? Unionize! You... — read more 

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Continuing to shrink

The recent layoffs should be an indication that we are not about to acquire anything. There were several let go last week along with a few more this week. This place has completely lost its luster and is just a place to draw a check at this point. — read more 

401K Match / Profit Sharing

Anyone notice how leadership has driven right by this. So they acknowledged that they took it too far going from a 15 to 6 percent 401K match and developed the profit sharing program which has paid out nothing in the past two quarters, what a joke... — read more 

What is your culture like

Hi all. I am an employee of a company likely to be bought by you. I read through some posts on this board and seems like a bunch of disgruntled employees or jokesters. When we are bought should I go to your company? I would do so only if there is a... — read more 

Scent of a Woman

According to today's Wall Street Journal, Federal Judge Jones, who oversaw the CHK Chapter 11 proceedings, has resigned! Seems his paramour was counsel for CHK and the relationship was not disclosed. The Questions Abound!!

Hear me out.

Instead of continuing to donate to United Way who has has a CEO who makes 1.5M and pays their 270+ employees a total compensation of $34M per year, how about we make our own employees whole after you lied to us about our stocks and the state of our... — read more 

Let’s get this over with

When are we going to be able to offload these last two assets? I know the severances are going to be a years salary and I am wanting to double dip. I keep passing up these other opportunities and I am getting concerned that these other opportunities... — read more 

Bunch of Haters

Seriously. Why is everyone hating on this company. This place is a gold mine. Sure we have no idea if we will have a job in 6 months but the company has historically handed out some fat dough for severance packages. We get half day Fridays and... — read more 

Never forget

Don’t forget that CHK donated $50k to try to stop the medical herb from passing. This was before they went bankrupt. That shows you where their priorities were. Not towards the stakeholders or the employees, but rather towards their own biased... — read more 

Lack of chatter?

The lack of messages on this site has got me curious? Have employees been ordered to keep there mouths shut about something going on behind the scenes? Will old shareholders ever get what’s coming to them? I guess only time will tell.

Bye Bye BV boys

Well, what comes around goes around, the untouchables got touched and torched. When you think your the best and nothing can stop you now. Look what happens. CHK can't even help yall. Now what do you think your golden egg boys.

Fire sale

fire sale /ˈfī(ə)r ˌsāl/ Learn to pronounce noun a sale of goods remaining after the destruction of commercial premises by fire. a sale of goods or assets at a very low price, typically when the seller is facing bankruptcy.

There are other jobs

A bird sitting in a tree is not afraid of the branch breaking from under it because it’s trust is not in the branch but it’s own wings. Believe in yourself fellow peekers and use it for what it is, just a resting spot.

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