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This is a complete joke. Does anyone really believe that these are not scripted and the individuals are not given the questions before hand so they can build their responses? How about you really ask the questions that people won’t during the... read more
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Is this Saudi Aramco Sempra Energy deal

A good one for CHK. Twenty year deal to buy LNG from Sempra Energy and large equity investment in terminal
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Not looking good right now. I look at my Merrill account with disgust.

Get ready for layoffs

When the company doesn't meet expectations, guess who pays the price? It's certainly not those on top who make all the big decision that make us fall behind - no, they'll still get their fat pay and bonuses. Us, though? We are the best cost cutting... read more

Adios JP!

Well was this voluntary? Need room for another Anadarko boy? Some folks will now be exposed. Dust off your resume or make retirement plans because if there an objective replacement some of the worst may finally be gone. One can hope.

CHK down 4.9%

CHK down 4.9% while market is up. Goldman sees "less favorable competitive positioning on supply cost [and] corporate returns vs. peers and believe balance sheet improvement is still warranted" following the WildHorse acquisition. Aka less people you... read more
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For Comparison

Doug Lawler, Chesapeake: $22,700,000 David Hager, Devon: $13,448,976 Harold Hamm, Continental: $12,269,399 Michael Wirth, Chevron: $19,000,000 R.A. Walker, Anadarko: $14,346,437 Ryan Lance, ConocoPhillips: $18,270,277 Patrick Pouyanne', Total E&P:... read more

This is what employers want

Read this and thought it fit Chesapeake to a tee. Of course, I'm sure it fits majority of companies these days, but it's still a funny read. Employers are ideally looking for an employee with the wisdom of a 50 year old, the experience of a 40 year... read more

Talent Walking

Now that the bonuses have been paid any remaining talent is walking. I know of 8 that resigned this week, Submitting my resignation Tuesday, I know of several others submitting next week. Adios!

Let’s talk about Chk and discrimination

Former employee here. Found out two of my male coworkers made over $15-20k more a year than myself and my two female colleagues. Younger, less experienced, less educated. Chk loves to treat the little ladies like eye candy in interior offices, while... read more

How’s CHK

It’s been several months since the sale of the Utica and those guys are lucky to of been bought out and get of the CHK sinking ship. Anyone else glad they left,, whoa slow down- plenty of room for all the happy people to comment.


They are serious about shareholder value. Cutting overhead significantly, selling non-strategic assets, buying stock and increasing dividends. They are flattening their organization and getting rid of functions that do not directly contribute to the... read more

"Merit Increases"

3% so-called merit (CoL) increase? That will free up plenty more spaces in the parking garage.


Are they paying a bonus this year? And when? Don’t we usually know what the bonus pool is by now?

Layoff Lottery!

Show Me The Money! Can you say Layoffs? I hope I win the layoff lottery. It is the dumbest thing I have ever seen though. I have watched over the past few years, we will lay someone off, pay them a 6 months severance, and then rehire someone 3 months... read more

More people need to leave on their own

I hope so many people leave that they either have to go back and rehire positions that the company has just released, or they choose not too and force the already overburdened employees out the door. At a certain point, you can only eliminate so many... read more

Is this deal good


Prop Bets Anyone?

Our team has a pool on the number of employees who will leave our great CHK between March & June (after bonuses are paid). My money is on 48 individuals at the corporate level & 24 individuals at the field level who will depart by the end of June on... read more

Welcome to HSE venting

What did you expect? You are creating this environment where people are willing to admit their wrong doing, and then get rewarded with a public f---ging. The f---ging that occurred today could be compared to Queen Cersei being walked through the... read more

Happy Layoff Anniversary!

So glad I have a better job now and no longer have to feel embarrassed to tell people where I work. I can finally make long-term financial decisions because I’m not worried about playing someone’s sick game every two years.

The Shoeshiner’s Dialogue

Sit down children and let me tell you a story about the shoeshiner. So just a few months ago the shoeshiner in Bld 15 was entrusted with three delicate souls to lead, mentor, and provide professional guidance. Although everyone else knew what the... read more

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