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Million dollar question...

Anybody think there will be more voluntary layoff offers or layoffs with severance? Do you think they will happen before, or after, bankruptcy is final? Enquiring minds wanna know

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What Happens to the Campus?

I’ve seen nothing about the fate of the Campus? It’s built for 5,000 - 6,000 employees. CHK or whatever it will be called in a few months will only need one-fourth of that space, at best. Can CHK be forced to sell and give the proceeds to creditors?... —  read more 

Tapstone Energy

Tapstone Energy is sure active in snapping up distressed assets?! After its attempt in Templar Energy, Tapstone is named as the stalking horse bidder for Chesapeake Energy's Mid-Con assets with a USD 85m bid, per notice filed today.


So, I now have a bunch of these sad junk CHKAQ stocks, since I have never sold any of my LTI CHK stocks, waiting for Santa Claus to manifest himself ..... Do you think that the Ch.11 proceedings will sweep then down to zero? Or you think there is... —  read more 

The reason CHK went down

Remember those days of fashion police? Where exposing tattoo, or wearing dress outside HR with certain pattern was not accepted, of course the ladies in HR would dress as if they are in a disco and ... Oh well when the focus of an energy company... —  read more 


Check out some of the latest dockets. People owed by CHK requesting permission to pursue the debt, regardless of bankruptcy proceedings. You know what that foreshadows? A high likelihood of liquidation. Companies owed massive amounts of money will be... —  read more 

More Firings Next Friday

My source says thousands and thousands will be laid off. They’re going to lay off everyone next Friday, then they are going to call everyone who has worked for Chesapeake in the past 10 years and lay them off from their current jobs, too. And... —  read more 


No matter what position you are in, PXD has provided you and/or your family more pay than other peers. If you disagree, than you're stupid for even staying this long. And if your that stupid, don't even reply and I hope you're on the list. ... —  read more 


Curious why “local” management would cut two very experienced and trustworthy const foremen just to put someone with no knowledge of the job in their place. That seems to be poor management at its best or DD taking care of his friends. Oh, excuse me... —  read more 

What's the target number?

I've heard layoffs will continue for the next month or two and they are looking to get rid of a significantly larger amount of people than originally planned, is this true? I've heard people even mention 1000 folks will be cut which I think has to be... —  read more 


Just read the revised leadership structure. Still looks mighty white. For the record, Donald Torres is not Hispanic. This may not look obvious to most but look at south Texas leadership vs management. Not too many Hispanic names.

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Pull off the band-aid already

Let’s be real, laying off 15% of the current staff is still not enough especially with impending asset sales. Productivity levels are going to continue to stay low as rumors of layoffs hang around. If executives really wanted to set the company up... —  read more 

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No, layoffs have not started

Yes, there'll be layoffs soon, probably before the end of the month but it has not started today. If it was really a layoffs day, we would have heard by now - whoever's been here for the past few rounds knows this. If anybody has some real layoffs... —  read more 


Did they offer VSP to everyone in marketing? Also is it the same as the severance package? Also is it about to be bloody Tuesday again?


Willing to bet AKM is still alive and well, waiting for the right moment to take back CHK! He can easily do it through his sons. If the McClendons were to come back, everything would be put back in place! Including the beautiful Christmas lights.

Why care

Doug has always said the employees are the most valuable resource. Then he sends out that video saying the majority of us are lazy and incompetent. Sounds like we aren’t that great of a resource. So why care anymore. They don’t care about us.

Massive CHK Layoff

we should be reading about it any day now in the Oklahoman. Bankruptcy will be good. Lean this bloated pig out to a skeleton crew and sell most of the assets. That has needed to happen for years. Work on growth again from a new start, once... —  read more 

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