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Worst case scenario

I learned long ago in my old Pete Rose class that worst-case scenarios almost never happen. The horror story running through a lot of peoples heads is just not going to happen. The future does not look rosey but it won't be that bad. If somehow you... —  read more 

Future unknown

My group was sent home and told to prepare for the possibility of not having a job to come back to or even one at all in a few weeks. Good luck everyone and stay healthy.

Work From Home

What’s everyone going to do now? Nowhere to go and no work that needs done. How do we prepare for bankruptcy from home?


CHK taps restructuring advisers!!

CHK cares

While other operators have gone to essential employees only in their corporate offices I am still sitting here on my laptop and cell phone getting unnecessarily exposed or potentially exposing others for no reason. Someone in EHS needs to step up... —  read more 

It’s time

Why continue to prolong this? You got your bonuses (unjustified as they were) and you have d–g this out for years. Why not sell so those that have the potential to fix your mistakes have a chance? The offers are there but in your stubborn pride you... —  read more 

Why so many lies on here?

Are people just drama queens? Bored with work and they want shake up and drama so bad that they start false rumors just for reactions? It seems like some of CHK’s own employees wanna watch it burn. Is that so?

Stock Reverse Split Smells Like Rotten Fish

So everyone’s shares will be divided by up to 200, everyone except the authorized unissued and unreserved shares that will be divided by up to 66. So I am not a math expert but my 10 year old daughter recognizes this is not fair to the shareholders... —  read more 

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It is time

Well bonuses have been paid, people are leaving, and it should be time for the next round of who gets cut. Let the blood bath begin! I’m so sad that this will effect productivity.

CHK to leave NYSE

All employees told by management today that CHK will no longer be listed on NYSE as of this evening. Beginning of the end. In retrospect, last week’s bonuses were a class thing to do on this sinking, on fire, corona virus filled cruise ship... —  read more 

CEO makes over 5% of market cap, annually

lol he is the smartest and highest paid ceo ever and you are all the biggest s—ers ever and the market cap will get slashed even more after Q1 earnings and a reverse split !

Stock at 23 Cents

Will it break below 20 cents before the reverse split? Does it really make any difference?

LTI ....

Leadership says that they base it on how easy it is to replace you.... if it's easy you get zero.....

Culture what a joke

Culture!!! They can take their culture and shove it! Nothing makes people want to work harder than threats.... from the foreman to CEO this company has no f’n clue how to get employees to give there best... it’s like a communist country... they... —  read more 

Beyond recovery

What else is there to say? To those that have been laid off or quit before the rest of us, congrats on getting off the Titanic first.

Low risk of Bankruptcy!

Chesapeake in not going bankrupt anytime soon. The company owes about $9billion dollars and the banks value it at about $7billion. Chesapeake will pay about $700million in interest each year and hopefully $300million in principle. That is a... —  read more 

What a Farce!

DL, the EC, and the BOD should all be required to personally, jointly and severally, purchase every share of stock still owned by every employee who was there when they took over at the price the stock had at that time. For seven years we’ve had to... —  read more 

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