Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

New leadership will change nothing

Some people are actually excited about this. It is ridiculous to think that any executive is going to work to fix the situation for the employees. All every single one of them knows to do is make money for themselves and their overinflated bonuses... —  read more 

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Now that executive comp and LTI are mostly equity, CHK has way more incentive to LIE about reserves. A big markup soon will be the tell of the same ole CHK. Eyes on you marcellus

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Everyone is wondering if the continued trend of VPs having anyone who challenges them fired while they continue being romanced by suppliers and vendors. The protected ones continue to defy rules and policies but remain untouched even if people... —  read more 

It makes sense to me.

Making Dominic CEO of CHK seems to have upset a lot of folks. I understand he doesn't know anything about drilling or completing a well and couldn't even manage the drilling of a shallow water well. I understand he was the mastermind of the Ponzi... —  read more 

Domenic D

He is the Creator and current mastermind of CHK Ponzi Scheme. He should be in prison for ripping off all the CHK share holders and contractors. Notice he is still there playing his financial games???? Promoting the stock just like before. Why isn't... —  read more 

I am ready!

To grab some popcorn and watch CHK try to control itself when it sees those high nat gas prices this winter! Cue the excess spending and huge paychecks for everyone, then the inevitable crash and layoffs. Hey CHK, ever heard of a rainy day fund? Ever... —  read more 


Blogs are arguing that Elizabeth Holmes is in court due to sexism. At first, I dismissed the idea. Persuasively, people are arguing that Aubrey, Tom, the rest of the gang and their progeny, beginning at CHK, told a heck of a lot more lies than... —  read more 

Discount clothing

I dropped off a box of CHK FR clothing yesterday at Goodwill. If you are interested in some discounted FR clothing, you can find them in Edmond. Some of them unused with the tags still on them. If your lucky enough you can get the whole set because I... —  read more 

unpaid overtime

Every day, for the last two months in particular, I work significant overtime. It's not paid but taken for granted. Needless to say, work/ life balance has become non-existent. I agree to it because I wouldn’t want to lose my job until I find a new... —  read more 

Q: Drastic career change

I have the opportunity to get out of here, the offer is pretty good, but I hesitate because that would mean making a big change in my career and leaving this industry. Some will say that this industry is declining anyways but still, I have been here... —  read more 

Lack of leadership

I’m surprised that there’s not any leaders left at CHK. I’m not talking about titles, plenty of those, I’m talking about employees with a backbone. So you watch talented employees get let go, while we kept kept people with six months experience. Now... —  read more 

STX deal?

Hearing the deal with Mesquite fell thru and unable to make Chalk numbers work even with creative finance. Looking like a really bad spot for those left working this asset but sure our great leaders will continue pushing us to be “team players” until... —  read more 


The Vine deal proves CHK is still following Aubrey’s playbook in lock step. The first 4 rules CHK always has and always will follow: (i) never follow the rules; (ii) never pay in cash; (iii) always demand payment in cash; and (iv) never tell the... —  read more 

$452 million hedge loss

Bloomberg has an article about the financial loss from the hedges. CHK looks like it did great, expected hedge loss of $452 Million. At least we don’t produce as much as other, they’re going to lose more. However, it’s a little depressing when we... —  read more 

COVID cases rising

So quit complaining about people quitting. Soon there won't be an oil and gas industry to speak of so the fewer people saturating the company with overhead the better.

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