Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

The "Chesapeake Family"

Repeatedly on this site, employees, even former employees having been terminated, refer to their “Chesapeake Family.” Of course, there ain’t no Chesapeake Family and there never has been. The moment you become inconvenient, CHK drops you like a hot... —  read more 


Does anyone find it annoying the lack of communication around here? I feel like I’m walking on eggshells. No communication whatsoever post Bankruptcy which is kind of mind blowing to me..

Is this deja vu?

Doug and his regime of losers are planning idiocy anew. Bloomberg says CHK is in the market for the garbage Alta Resources ginned up in Appalachia. Alta is backed by Blackstone and the deal would give Blackstone a huge profit. I wish the clowns... —  read more 


Anybody hear anything about compensation updates? Would be nice to know who our “peers” are these days and if we should all just try to find jobs at Paycom and Amazon now.

CEO and the Lost Ogle

The Lost Ogle has a great new article on this failure of a ceo's current home value. He screws up everything he touches. He overpaid for everything, including his own home. He can't manage anything correctly. No wonder he destroyed this company. He... —  read more 

Career transition assistance

I left the company not so long ago and managed to find a new job in this sector, although it was not easy. I was very lucky. How much harder it has become to find a job in the meantime, I don’t know, but I’m afraid the situation is far from great. Is... —  read more 

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Leave while you can

Looking for a new job while you still have one is so much easier than having to look when already jobless. The writing is on the wall. There is no future here for anybody but the select few. Get out now with your head held high instead of waiting for... —  read more 

The beginning

This plan has been an absolute. I'm sorry Doug isn't letting you in on it but its for the best being in a management position isn't easy. This 200+ is just the next but we strong will survive the week. CHK will retain under 275 employees after... —  read more 

It will be okay

Hey all! I was let go back in September and being laid off from CHK was a burden that I didn't know I had until it was taken from me. I loved CHK and would have never left myself but once my career there had ended, years of stress and uncertainty... —  read more 

Florence Italy!

years ago when several hundred Chesapeake employees were scheduled to receive their walking papers DL thought it would be a good idea to attend a conference in Florence Italy with his wife. The same day good loyal employees are having a terrible day... —  read more 

Why lay off?

Money’d up (credit), contracts renegotiated and far less debt, commodity market looking good and why lay off? Have to drill some more (way more than now) and everything that follows. Now is not the time to lay off, it’s time to make hole, get some... —  read more 


Do we have any chance to have our 401k restored? That was my main motivation to stick with this company, but now I M starting to feel hopeless


I don’t work here. I do watch this page sometimes as Chesapeake is a major part of OKC and I have friends who have worked there. Plus I check on a few other companies on the layoff as I own their stock. Does your company seriously not tell you... —  read more 

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