Chesapeake Energy Corp. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Financial situation

Not only would management not give guidance for 2Q, but they stated they would not be reporting the results, either. What are they trying to hide? Certainly the results could not have been worse than 1Q. I'll tell you why: they're hiding money, or at... —  read more 

Docket 294 Every shareholder should write a similar letter and sent for consideration.

Typical Franklin Templeton employee Her management is worse only she got caught. The same management that CHK management does business with.

Firings likely to come

this week or next. Companies in bankruptcy always reduce workforce and don’t hand out severance packages, especially when they’re breaking contracts with other companies anyway. Save your money. If you must, get a second mortgage while you’re... —  read more 

Looking for job?

Looking elsewhere ... That's really humorous - in the current oil business climate, there is no "elsewhere" to look. Oil companies are shrinking, laying off staff, and there is a huge mob of recently unemployed oil business types chasing after any... —  read more 

Chapter 11 Joke

Is this the right thing to do? It's the only thing to do. The only reason it wasn't sooner is that they were waiting on the executive bonus to be paid. That just occurred, so now that they have a fat cushion, go ahead and file. Have you also noticed... —  read more 

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