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Are we pretending to be FaceBook

How does this work? You (sort of) graduate college in 2014 at some no name University and by 2018 you are hired as the Vice President of Information Technology at Chesapeake? This place is straight out of Dilbert. #itisn’tfunnywhenit’sreal.

$9.400 billion debt

“As of March 31, 2018, Chesapeake's principal debt balance was approximately $9.400 billion, compared to $9.981 billion as of December 31, 2017.”

DL credits improved cost structure for great results

“The strength of our operations and improved cost structure, coupled with higher realized prices, resulted in our best quarterly financial performance in over three years," said Chief Executive DL. The stock has tanked 24.8% year to date.

Moral s---s

Executives do realize moral s---s right? Let's see all that stock I got when DL became ceo got slashed in value, the stock options I got are worth zero, and the bonus was the lowest yet after an acomplished year. Other companies are growing and chk... read more

Layoffs at Devon

From what I am hearing, Devon is having significant layoffs today and tomorrow. More people in the industry left without a job means bigger competition for the few jobs that do show up occasionally. Instead of taking advantage of growing oil prices... read more

Wake up people its over.

I'm just wondering how can wells make money when they will be shutting them in on the weekend does this not piss off any investors that the Woodward office will be shutting there wells on Friday and not turn them back on till Monday how is this... read more

Dear DDD

What are your plans for creating some shareholder value this year?

Adios Amigos!

People continue leaving since bonuses were paid, look for key contributors in the STX group (field & OKC) to leave in the next few weeks. Chesapeake hands not Anadarko hands. These peeps are not happy

The Chesapeake Debt and Leadership Crisis

The financial leverage would be ok if there was enough cash flow to service the debt. But cash flow has been very insufficient to service the debt let alone fund the capital budget properly. The result has been that the last few property sales have... read more


Don’t think the pepes that run the CHK Fitness Center got the memo about Diversity and Inclusion at CHK. Zero people of color selected as their Super Star of the month in the last year. One would deduce only white people are allowed in there.

What goes around comes around....

Myself and another employee was fired in 2007 out of the Lindsay field office for “stealing”. I was employed there for only 2 weeks. Turns out the “head roustabout” wanted his buddies on board, so, that was our fate with this company. As far as I’m... read more

I just made a boat load of money.....

By leaving Chesapeake and getting a job with a real company that’s focused and driven by oil & gas exploration & production as opposed to cultural training and 4DX! PS I’m now making five times as much with less micromanaging and cultural BS. PSS The... read more

Chesapeckers We Have A Problem......

53 was the number for March. This is the most people that have voluntarily left in a 30 day period in company history. Do you think we may have some issues? People are not happy, we better do some additional culture training.

New Job Postings

Always makes you feel warm and fuzzy when they start advertising jobs that they laid people off from.


It’s pretty sad that the chosen supervisors have to ask thier subordinates on how to run

The truth hurts

Chesapeakes problem isn’t the staff in the field, it’s the engineers in Oklahoma City and the morons who design the pads. Wanna know why CHK is 10 billion in debt? Because there are $2,500 valves laying in the dirt in the Eagleford. Motor valves and... read more

Is firing the new layoff?

Is firing the new layoff? Three people have been shown the door at my location in the past two weeks. Really can't figure out why. Is this the new way of getting rid of people without having to pay them severance? This is exactly what I needed - in... read more

Breaking News: Employees Laying Off CHK

You heard that right, since bonuses were paid out last week 16 employees have turned in their resignations separating themselves from this cluster F of a company. This is only the first wave, 2nd wave will come after LTi bonus pays out this week... read more

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