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What does CHK ACTUALLY Need?

Open message to all employees - what do you think CHK actually need to drive differential performance? In my department, things are decent. Not perfect, but certainly don't see to suffer from some of the problems that everybody complains about on... read more

CHK employees and the culture is toxic

This whole company needs to be SOLD. CHK employees and the culture is TOXIC. It was toxic 4 years ago and it hasn't changed. Most of the employees here are the SAME toxic people that now only work harder to focus on running down anyone new to chk in... read more

CHK downgraded to Sell with $2 price target

Chesapeake Energy (CHK -6.68%) is downgraded to Sell from Hold with a $2 price target at Jefferies, which says it is wary of CHK's valuation and leverage, among other factors. While CHK has made great strides to simplify its corporate structure and... read more
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Culture survey

The next survey I'm going to put everything is perfect. That way more bull$hit won't get pushed down on us. We don't have issues communication or work with out peers. We have an issue with chesapeake when vp's and manager go downtown to a fancy hotel... read more

Oil industry is dying

Chesapeake will not recover, and neither will the oil industry. After 3 years of low oil prices, you still don't see the writing on the wall? $50 oil is no more sustainable than $40 oil is, no matter what the lying media and corporate talking heads... read more

Chesapeake can recover

The market has been expecting SOME news.. the silence from the exec's over the past few months has been deafening. Employees are getting worried. We all assume that some assets will be sold, but nothing significant has been announced. Luckily, demand... read more

Less TIL Bell, Please!

We were forced to create and participate in a bell ringing video, I was so embarrassed. Stop the insanity, this is getting ridiculous.


I wish they would lay off those more til bell videos - am I right!? But seriously, layoffs in November. Mostly in land and we all know why. EC is already having secret meetings about it. You know, cause that's what our core values are all about. Take... read more

Working at Chesapeake?

What Do you think? Are you guys recovering or in death spiral mode? It looks like the last few years have been rough but the market seems to be coming around. For whatever Chesapeake is lagging their peers in recovery. Is it getting better on the... read more

Accountability ladder? LOL

If we spent as much time as a business focused on our core business rather than UW ducks and bbq OR this culture crap and the other flavor of the month distractions ....we might have a slim chance of business success. ( If I hear another totally fake... read more

We can expect more layoffs

Of course they have plans to layoff or move people. Over the last year or so there are probably 500 fewer people working in the field offices, at least 5000 fewer wells, and a couple thousand miles of gathering lines and transmission lines no longer... read more

United way

Who is enjoying this year's UW shakedown? If our leaders focused on the stock price as much as buying ducks we might be in better shape.

Wanted:A Job with a real E&P company

Enough with WIGs, be here now, hold hands, culture change, crap! Get back to the basics, lease, drill, complete, produce, repeat. You will continue to lose good talent; but wait until oil recovers, you will lose more & more employees to competitors... read more

Townhall time?

It's about time for another doug townhall, or as I call it the circle jerk. Doug will jerk on jason, frank, etc. Tell it to us straight, we're in a horrible finantial position fully at the whim of commodity prices.
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The new CHK look!

Is it true that the new land VP is telling people to cut their hair, shave and he wants his employees to look a certain way? Isn't that a major HR violation?

Fighting against short sellers

I put in a sale order at $30. This will put a hold on the shares so they can't be used by shorts. If everyone does it the stock will go up!

Dropping Like Flies, What I hear!

I think all theCULTure change is working. I understand an alarming number of employees have been resigning in the last few weeks, any truth to this? Also hear that HR is freaking out & trying to keep this quiet, or are they? Maybe this was all part... read more


With $10B in debt and cash burn of over $700M this year it is clear more asset sales and "cost reductions" are required to keep CHK afloat. Employees where do you think these cost reductions will come from?

Do the job you where hired to do.

I have stock in this company and it troubles me to read mean spirited comments by some employees, especially made during business hours. Your job is to increase revenue and value for the stockholders. Not to play and surf on your computers and cell... read more

Ring my Bell!

Posts regarding how Ridiculous the bell ringing videos are were deleted. Sorry truth hurts they are ridiculous & a complete waste of time.
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Doug's meeting with VPs

Heard Dougie Houser gave all his homeboys a lip lashing for not hitting on deliverables. Wonder how that went? Do we think anyone asked Doug about his failing to deliver the last 4 years (1 IN 5)(CHK FIRST)(Competitive Pay). 0-3 right off the bat... read more

Not using resources we have

You do know that electric companies use natural gas powered engines/turbines to generate electricity, right? And gas lift is far superior and more economical than pumping units in the long run. Chesapeake OWNS a boatload of compression, but yet... read more
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A national search??

And that is the best you came up with. Did they speak with the employees that already report up through him? Wow. I am really scared for you guys now.

Chesapeake will never be what it once was

Yes, anyone can write anything; however, if you really work at CHK you know that what is being said is true. You can't make this crap up. We want to sell the Utica but nobody wants, we have packages for Haynesville that includes stuff we just bought... read more

Abandon Ship!

Employees are not being layed off they are voluntarily jumping ship. Four in our BU in the last two days, more to come . The mood elevator is in the basement!

Thanks Frank, you inspired me

Oh Frank, thank you for the townhall where we were told each one of us is the problem for our low stock price. You instilled so much more motivation in me, likely more than my worthless stock options. Good thing I got culture training, to bad by in... read more

No Sales and Stock Tanking

With no big divestitures announced and all the other money problems CHK is having, it looks like the companies bidding on assets have waited CHK out to buy a fire sale prices. Stock price under $4 and falling it appears CHK is back in the bankruptcy... read more

Landmen and engineers are leaving in droves

Look at STX, promised more manpower to help with the oil volume push. We're over halfway through the year with nothing to show for it on that front. Landmen and engineers leaving for other companies. if Chk pays like other companies, but... read more

Midcon being crushed by CHK

With all the Midcon executives leaving or being pushed out it's just a matter of time before CHK bleeds what is left of Midcon out. As a none publicly traded company Midcon doesn't have to answer to share holders. Midcon's days are numbered. All to... read more

Chesapeake Energy's management problem

Management needs to get a grip before the entire house crumbles. Maybe learning what Leadership is all about would help. Putting the right individuals in positions to lead based on abilities has gone by the wayside. Instead, it seems to be based on... read more


What's Chesapeake going to do with it's Permian acreage?

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