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Confucius says

A bad manager can take a good staff and destroy them. Making the best flee and the remainder to lose all motivation.

Performance Reviews

Why change to a 1-5 scale if you aren’t going to give anyone a 4 or 5? Is it just so no one gets their bonus? The remaining employees are doing the job of many with no reward. Ppl that go above and beyond get a 3 along with the person that just does... —  read more 

All is quiet

What a strange Monday. Campus is becoming more and more quiet. It’s almost eerie at this point. So many faces gone and so much confusion by those that are still here. It’s all been talked about so much that no one talks at all now. Some areas are... —  read more 

Worse than I thought...

Whose little feelings got hurt by this post and got it removed? There were no names (other than jelly man), no profanity no other reason to delete. If you don’t like what people have to say about your inability to run a department then fix it. Humble... —  read more 

Chk is a dead man drilling!

Interesting article. Oil price is downward, my bet is that CHK will file for bankruptcy by YE.

How does it feel

to work for a company that ignores its employees, shareholders, lease holders, and trades for less than a dollar...? ...... LOCK HIM UP

Not sure what's happen

Big board meeting today. People from J.P Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Carlyle Group, Blackrock and people from CNOOC or China. I think it has something to deal with the new trade agreement. Apparently China needs to buy tons of Oil and Natural Gas... —  read more 

2020 Mood

Soooooo, how is the mood around campus this week? Let me tell you. I spent some time walking around campus yesterday as the weather was decent and no one cares what I do anyway, why not... I walked through Bldg 5 and what once was a very happy group... —  read more 

Fire the CEO and entire BOD

What have they done for we employees, shareholders, ... ? Nothing they are working for the banks and always have been. Time to give DL, ND, etc the Boeing treatment.No news this week or next or even until earnings. Everything just hype.Time to file a... —  read more 

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CHK employees are next

New Year’s predictions

1 - DL gets unwarranted raise 2 - R/S 3 - major layoffs 4 - oil and ng up, chk down 5 - major recession 6 - BK

Haynesville / Comstock

Since Jerry Jones made the negotiations public on November13, not much has been discussed. Can anyone in the office expand on what is going on? Morale seems to be positive since the new term loan deal.

That’s all folks!

Stop wasting time waiting for the stock to move up. Layoffs will be announced soon.

Sell now!

You got a nice little bump from the news today. But it been right at 30 days under a dollar, letter of delisting is in the works. CHK will not be delisted but will have to submit an official plan to raise the price above $1. That news will not be... —  read more 

Chesapeake Secures Additional $1.5 Billion

Okay now, Chesapeake cannot manage its current $10 billion in debt, so a group of lenders provide an additional $1.5 billion in loans to help with the various current debt issues. So now the company has $11.5 billion to repay. Great.

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News will be released regarding sale of Haynesville for over $3B in stock/cash transaction involving Comstock and Cheniere and one other company (small). Some layoffs will also be announced mostly middle management and DP. Revolver will be paid off... —  read more 

South Texas

Let’s keep it clean. Double D sure needs to change something before the mass exodus happens. Seems like since he started pushing for this overtime cut he also force fed a “mandatory” lunch break in there. I can’t seem to find anything about it in... —  read more 

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