Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Lack of chatter?

The lack of messages on this site has got me curious? Have employees been ordered to keep there mouths shut about something going on behind the scenes? Will old shareholders ever get what’s coming to them? I guess only time will tell.

Bye Bye BV boys

Well, what comes around goes around, the untouchables got touched and torched. When you think your the best and nothing can stop you now. Look what happens. CHK can't even help yall. Now what do you think your golden egg boys.

Fire sale

fire sale /ˈfī(ə)r ˌsāl/ Learn to pronounce noun a sale of goods remaining after the destruction of commercial premises by fire. a sale of goods or assets at a very low price, typically when the seller is facing bankruptcy.

There are other jobs

A bird sitting in a tree is not afraid of the branch breaking from under it because it’s trust is not in the branch but it’s own wings. Believe in yourself fellow peekers and use it for what it is, just a resting spot.

BV going back!

Be interesting to watch local management suck up to new company after all the bad mouthing they did when bought WildHorse. Wondering if the Cajun that made CHK great and his posse will be asked about the ones that didn’t make it home!

Which number is larger?

Chesapeake's operated rig count at peak, or the sum of rigs operated today by EOG, COP, DVN, OXY, PXD, and Mewbourne combined? It's the former. Just shy of 150 in late 2008. That was twice as active as the next largest driller.

Marcellus HSE

Good job on cracking down on the so called safety “HSER” at corporate, please dig into the losers in the field… Smoke and mirrors, our best asset, HSER, has no presence in the field, no reps at our safety meetings, no one actually policing the... —  read more 

Mass Exodus

Large number of engineers leaving CHK this month and the incompetent management staff are caught with their pants down. Attrition for talented employees has been poor for a while now. Finally people are realizing the grass is lush and greener with... —  read more 


Is it just me or are the people getting promoted the most unprofessional and bad at their jobs. This place has turned into a full fledged joke and it begins with the “talent”

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