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Breaking News: Employees Laying Off CHK

You heard that right, since bonuses were paid out last week 16 employees have turned in their resignations separating themselves from this cluster F of a company. This is only the first wave, 2nd wave will come after LTi bonus pays out this week... read more

We are Watching You

Dont forget WE have you whiners under surveillance. Security cameras and listening devices monitor your conversations, website visits and how much work you actually get done. Get busy or get laid off.

Town Hall

enjoyed yesterdays town hall. excited about the future. but did anyone else thinkit was concurning that the evp in charge of supply chain admitted he just took a supply chain class to know what to do.

CHK at Job Fair

So has anyone else seen that CHK is posting more jobs and that they will be in attendance at the SPE hiring conference is March? That’s some F’d up stuff.

So Excited!!!

With the earnings beat and the huge jump in our stock price, I am so excited that next week my options vesting will be worth... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That 20% bump on earnings has been given back and we are back in the death spiral. Can’t break $3 and... read more

How to

How to further your career at Chesapeake: instead of working hard in the field and making sure you put Chesapeake's best interest first concentrate on s---ing up to your foreman and superintendents so you look good on paper. You'll get an amazing... read more


What the heck happened down in S TX?

There once was a man from . . .

There once was a man from Topeka, A good job in oil he did seek-a, With his bonus in hand, He queued up the band, And said f--- this, peace out Chesapeake-a

Pending buyout/merger

March 6-14 date still moving. Acquiring company will cut chk headcount. Those leaving get severance those kept get bonus. That why small bonus payout four us all.

Very happy I got laid off

This is RH as most of you know I was laid off recently . I was recently was made aware of an post on here by another Chk employee slamming me for writeing a post which I totally had NO hand in . I also think its childish to post stuff here when i can... read more

Keeping hearing March 6th

Keeping hearing March 6th floating around as another RIF day. It wouldn’t fit the standard layoff criteria on non-pay week, but where there is smoke... Bonuses will still be paid for those and packages could be similar but not identical to the 1/30... read more

Go team Lawler

Let's bring back the bench-marking tracker. You know, the table that objectively showed the performance of CHK against the other O&G companies. I don't think that tracker even lasted a year before Lawler took it off because his CHK was the... read more


With this earnings report and positive guidance known by the Board and management, WHY are there no insider buys??? The answer is significant pending asset sale

Good News!

I can’t wait to see the earnings report tomorrow. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised and we will finally get some good news.

Chk needs to be more green

Chk needs to be a leader in carbon capture.

As a shareholder,and supervisor....

I’m watching this board very closely. Don’t think we don’t know who is involved in this board. My commitment is to the Company and not to any of you snot-nosed overpaid monkeys. All we need to do is place an intern in your position and we simply cut... read more

Doug’s report card

In the first “town hall” meeting Doug had with his direct reports and their direct reports he put a graph of the stock price up on the screen and said this was the report card for everyone in the room. He went on to say how everyone made way to much... read more

Mr. Veuve

Who remembers that one time we bought a map collection from a “collector” at far more than what he purchased them for? What was that collectors name again? Why do we have so many trees around the campus? Be real beneficial if we knew someone who... read more

“How does $25 feel?”

Remember when Doug exclaimed “How does $25 feel?” with excitement at one of his first townhalls? Better question will be “how does $2 feel Doug?” Wonder if there will be a townhall lol

Cut him

Is Nicky D still on his chk paid ski trip? Heard the snow in the Rockies s---s this year.
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Its Pruning Time

Spring is pruning time. What better time to cut out the dead and dying wood. We can afford to say good bye to at least 500 dead logs without severance. You are taking up too much space for the important people.

Sick of you talking trash against Doug

Do you really know Doug? Why do you trash this man? He is doing his best to turn around this company. Its true he is no Aubrey, but there will only be one Aubrey. He was amazing. We need to build up Doug, not tear him down. What proof do you have... read more

Quite as Hell

First, y’all have slowed down posting some good rants. Second, where have Big D and his minions been? You would have thought by now there would have been a town hall or something, you know to talk about the layoff, the tanking stock, potential buyout... read more

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