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Let’s talk about Chk and discrimination

Former employee here. Found out two of my male coworkers made over $15-20k more a year than myself and my two female colleagues. Younger, less experienced, less educated. Chk loves to treat the little ladies like eye candy in interior offices, while... read more

How’s CHK

It’s been several months since the sale of the Utica and those guys are lucky to of been bought out and get of the CHK sinking ship. Anyone else glad they left,, whoa slow down- plenty of room for all the happy people to comment.


They are serious about shareholder value. Cutting overhead significantly, selling non-strategic assets, buying stock and increasing dividends. They are flattening their organization and getting rid of functions that do not directly contribute to the... read more

"Merit Increases"

3% so-called merit (CoL) increase? That will free up plenty more spaces in the parking garage.


Are they paying a bonus this year? And when? Don’t we usually know what the bonus pool is by now?

Layoff Lottery!

Show Me The Money! Can you say Layoffs? I hope I win the layoff lottery. It is the dumbest thing I have ever seen though. I have watched over the past few years, we will lay someone off, pay them a 6 months severance, and then rehire someone 3 months... read more

More people need to leave on their own

I hope so many people leave that they either have to go back and rehire positions that the company has just released, or they choose not too and force the already overburdened employees out the door. At a certain point, you can only eliminate so many... read more

Is this deal good


Prop Bets Anyone?

Our team has a pool on the number of employees who will leave our great CHK between March & June (after bonuses are paid). My money is on 48 individuals at the corporate level & 24 individuals at the field level who will depart by the end of June on... read more

Welcome to HSE venting

What did you expect? You are creating this environment where people are willing to admit their wrong doing, and then get rewarded with a public f---ging. The f---ging that occurred today could be compared to Queen Cersei being walked through the... read more

Happy Layoff Anniversary!

So glad I have a better job now and no longer have to feel embarrassed to tell people where I work. I can finally make long-term financial decisions because I’m not worried about playing someone’s sick game every two years.

The Shoeshiner’s Dialogue

Sit down children and let me tell you a story about the shoeshiner. So just a few months ago the shoeshiner in Bld 15 was entrusted with three delicate souls to lead, mentor, and provide professional guidance. Although everyone else knew what the... read more


Rumors are flying around that Wildhorse Resources is interested in merging with Chesapeake.

Intelligent Ops

This group is in total chaos. Every manager hates the leader. No direction, no patience, not involved in any capacity.

Company executives are buying company stock

For me, this is a good sign. The fact is that the more they buy the more their personal interest are aligned with the company’s interest. The other thing is that these people mostly care about their personal profit and wealth and wouldn't be buying... read more


We know what was behind the $1.59 anomaly on 2-19-2016 (false rumors), but with < $5 share prices for the last 18 months, culminating in an inexorable decline to $1.90 today, what gives??

OSC Has Become "Oh, Messy!"

Ah, but the KH/KD saga continues...even as stock price is $1.98 as of Dec 20, 9:48 AM EST Say what you will about Aubrey, but he NEVER would have allowed such incompetence and cronyism to persist for so long. Fortunately, moved all my CHK 401k into... read more

New RTC CHK Culture

This is so great now, i love the new culture. Happy employees means more than actual work. Don't have to work hard any more. Get to sit around for most of the day and act like your working and being happy. Just need to make the ones that do work do... read more

Chesapeake signs a long-term supply agreement

The company announced that it has negotiated a supply agreement with the company Hi-Crush partners regarding the supply of frac sand. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but it is known that Hi- crush will supply frac sand for Chesapeake's... read more

Must be nice

It must be nice to be a well paid contractor and sit in your office all day working and planning your next big stock deal on E-Trade.

RTC is such a let down now.

If you don't like your position, the Job that you are doing is too hard or you have to really work for a pay check. All you have to do is CRY to your supervisor or manager and they will move you to a new easier position. That way you can work a lot... read more


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Chk is the stock to own!

Remember when we all we told about the grandma on the plane and that Chesapeake was the stock to own? Well since chk stock is down ~50%. Hopefully that grandma didn't buy any shares, shame on you DL

CEO’s view on the WildHorse purchase

Doug Lawler gave an interesting view on the purchase of WildHorse and announced some better times for the company. This time I have to say that I agree with him. We have been through a lot and for the first time in a while, it feels like the company... read more

We are expanding

I don’t know why everyone is so upset. We just added several hundred thousand acres of wild horses to our circus. We are now officially the Barnum and Bailey of OKC.

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