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Pre-pack BK almost finalised

Going concern warning - check Reverse split to allow institutions to sell positions - check Incentive (bonus) guidelines in place for bankrupting company - check Gag order for all employees - check Lawyers in place to protect CEO and BOD -... —  read more 

Citadel nonsense

They were brought in because big sellers were trying to get out of their positions and there was not enough liquidity. Now they are going to sell this week at a profit. Employees with 401k accounts with company stock should cash out before it goes to... —  read more 

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BK coming

Check it out for yourselves top institutional investors sold all their shares before they're worthless.

Huge selloff next week

CHK secured PIP financing and will announce it next week. Sorry longs, but good for employees I guess.

$$$ well spent agaiin someone please by the man a new suit and tie he is not Michael Kors

We are CHK!

someone please buy our cash poor ceo a new suit and tie. he's been wearing the same one for ten years now

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Spoke to IR

Brad tried hard not to but he said jun 15 debt will default. call him if you don't believe

Blast From The Past

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CHK in the news Lawler is really the #1 reason

Death of CHK Actually the #1 reason is because DL and friends are all crooks.

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Chesapeake Net Worth

Chesapeake net worth is now $125 million, down from $10.1 billion in 2015. Debt is $9.5 billion as of March 31 of this year. Strong possibility of bankruptcy filing this year.

It's starting...

Chesapeake Energy Corp. CHK, -12.24% warned Monday that it may not be able to stay in business as weak oil and natural gas prices imperil a yearslong effort to pay down hefty... —  read more 

Sinking ship

Pre-pay the executives to keep them motivated?? More like, "Hurry! Steal as much cash as we can before the ship sinks!" This all from the guys that sunk the ship.

Chapter 11

The end of the pain is nigh. If you are an investor in the common, get out now. If you are an employee, relax because the company will have a clean balance sheet to start over and they will need employees to work and maintain the assets. What they do... —  read more 

Execs not properly "motivated and incentivized”

If that’s not disgusting enough, Chesapeake $CHK filed a classic Friday after market close 8-K that disclosed its executives will be getting $25 million upfront because they are not properly “motivated and incentivized” with the current compensation... —  read more 


Stock will be halted, BK announcement, stock price is zero

Where can I get a job

that requires me to do nothing and say nothing but pays alot. Oh yeah, any management job at this company

Blatant selfishness

I can’t believe the blatant selfishness of these executives: in broad daylight they line their own pockets at every opportunity! This shows that this should not be a company to invest in.

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