Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chesapeake Energy Corp.

I’m not gunna lie…

Best perk at CHK. WFH. Some days, actually most days… I wake up and I leave my mouse moving and I do nothing all day. I used to work hard but I realized that not only was there no reward but actually observed and experienced first hand that it almost... —  read more 

Field Engagement

Hey office dwellers, keep your Friday non work ethic away from field operations, do you not understand that ya’ll are impeding production? What a joke, looked like ya’ll drove yourselves…

No trust in leadership

I am pretty sure that very few here really believe in our leadership. This is a big issue that negatively impacts work performance. What is unusual is that the leadership here does not see this as a problem that needs to be fixed, it's simply not... —  read more 


So what trigger did you develop from working here. I will go first. I went from people pleasing to rapidly telling them to go fu-k themselves!

Cry babies

This page is a joke. If y’all hate your job so much go find another one. Does everyone really think getting on here and crying will do anything? It’s just a job and there are a lot of jobs at other companies right now. The grass may seem greener on... —  read more 

Words of Wisdom

I adapted to what CHK wanted me to be only to find out that I lost myself. Here’s my advice. Never and I mean never apologize for the way you talk, look, or just being yourself. CHK is as toxic as they come. If someone doesn’t like who you are. Fu-k... —  read more 

Corrupt leadership

I am really struggling how we had leadership that encouraged us to buy their stocks by telling us how we are doing great and it was just the analyst not understanding. Month after month they told us this knowing they were going to file bankruptcy... —  read more 

Financial Planning

Got something in the mail that Chesapeake is offering financial planning services for a fee of course for retirement and even showed my 401k balance. Is this a fu----g joke?? They took $2MM of my money when they filed bankruptcy and then laid me off... —  read more 

Chesapeake is 100% Liable

All oil wells are under tremendous pressure. When you drill into them or expose them to the earths surface they would erupt the oil on the ground. You stop this with mud and lots of it. The mud type and amount is determined by CHK engineers. They... —  read more 

Doug is back

Continental Resources Inc on Tuesday named Doug Lawler, the former top boss of Chesapeake Energy Corp, as its chief operating officer and executive vice president from next month.

Why bother?

I always wonder about those who know what kind of company this is, where competencies and effort are not valued at all, but they still give 150% of themselves. Why all this effort if it won't be noticed and adequately rewarded? People burn... —  read more 

Drilling VP goner!

It’s. About. Time! This dude has been a cancer for a long time. Now if they continue on down the drilling chain and cut loose all the guys that he’s protected for years and years. If I were the STX OG Click, I would blow the dust off that ole resume... —  read more 


What a joke that is.. let's people carry over there PTO now. Stay home check an email or 2 and call it 9 hours work. They should make people show the daily work you did from home to add up to 9 hours of work. But they only allow certain people to... —  read more 

Boondoggle afoot

If you want to see idiocy writ large, look at the document dump CHK did this morning on the SEC’s web page: | Company Search Page Josh Viets is our new COO. Another nobody from that intellectual powerhouse, the Colorado School of Mines... —  read more 

Is this déjà vu?

Word on the street is CHK is going to pay 2.4 billion for Chief Oil & Gas. CHK just exited bankruptcy, blaming high debt for their inability to avoid cheating their shareholders whose shares were cancelled. In less than a year, CHK has incurred a... —  read more 

Running the HSE department

Please don’t tell me that the biggest joke of the them all Tim G is the head of safety. S—t good luck with that, he don’t know his a— from a ho-e in the ground. PS could have ran that department better then anyone out there. Let go Tim

Houston bound

Heard with new work structure and continued reduced staff they are looking at moving to Houston in 2nd qtr. will allow our management to find someone to buy campus and get rid of most of old staff baggage

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