Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Mouse wiggler

Everyone is talking about the mouse wrigglers that make you look busy when you are not at your desk. Has anyone tried one with our system? Does it work well? Anyone detected by boss at all? Any tips to offer??

Hey NBL alum!

It’s been awhile now - how do we feel about the acquisition? My thoughts: shocked at the amount of wasted time on inward looking initiatives that are low value to actual work the promotion/PDC structure seems built to advance a chosen class, and... —  read more 

API nonsense

Why do we continue to support the American Petroleum Institute? They espouse such id--tic nonsense that makes the whole industry look stupid. Lately they have been railing against electric vehicles. Such fools. How much do we pay them every year?

GM and VP Pay

What kind of pay would one receive at the GM / VP level? Are we talking $1mm for a GM? $2mm for VP? Most of these people seem to be living like b-ms if you ask me…

An observation from REG

REG here but have upstream background at small independent. Am absolutely shocked by all the nonsense corporate and center initiatives I see taking away from focus on core business. Perhaps good intent but wow inefficiencies are insane because there... —  read more 

Bare Minimum Monday

Bare Minimum Monday’ is the latest workplace trend hitting productivity The newest trend joining the likes of quiet quitting and resenteeism involves putting in just the bear minimum of effort on Mondays.

Do you resent Chevron?

Employee resentment, also known as employee resentment syndrome, is a negative emotional state experienced by employees when they feel frustrated, undervalued, or unsupported by their employer. This can result in reduced job satisfaction, decreased... —  read more 

Peak Oil?

Folks have been predicting peak oil since the 1960s, but new technology has always pushed the date back: secondary recovery, deepwater drilling technology, fracking, etc. In the last decade, however, conventional reserve replacement across the... —  read more 

Drop in value of lump

How much has your lump sum fallen with the rise in interest rates (as a percentage of your total). I retired a bit over a year ago, without a package, which probably was not the ideal timing financially but I was ready to leave. Now that there is... —  read more 

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