Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Chevron Corp.

Chevron Layoff Math

On average, US payroll employees cost CVX about $350,000 per year. So, every 3,000 or so layoffs saves $1 billion per year. That is a magic number in the company and for MW. Every initiative has to meet a billion dollar goal. Our entire global... —  read more 

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Career advancement

Having a good manager is a pure luck. That's why I think that many other things depend on luck as well, for example career advancement. Some work very hard and never manage to advance in their careers, while others climb the corporate ladder very... —  read more 

PSCM pay grades

Are crazy high. My theory is that this function is always close to top management sand have the opportunity to show cost savings. I personally know 12 PSG 26’s below the age of 45 in PSCM.

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Fellow Chevroids! For those struggling to hold their nose at the stench of mediocrity, preference for TLAs, fakeness and buzzwords, rather than measurable results - is there a decent likelihood of EoI occurring again soon? The last of the folks... —  read more 

Dress Code

I have noticed staff dresssing quite a bit better now that we are in the office less. I assume they are hoping to look more professional and get noticed for it? Leaders espexiallly.

Let It Rot

Since bosses found a way to equate workers doing their jobs within the description with quitting altogether, let’s call their bluff and dial down our efforts even further. Let it rot: *To actively embrace a deteriorating situation, allowing it to... —  read more 

Retirement Restoration Plan

When I look at my 401k in my online Fidelity profile, I see another entry for "Chevron Retirement Restoration Account" with a nice chunk of change. What is this? How did I get it? Can I manage how the money is invested? How is it taxed?

Backfilling positions

A colleague left his job a long time ago and still hasn't been replaced. It's a bit strange that it takes so long for Chevron to fill that position again. I don't know if the problem is in (in)efficient recruiting strategies or maybe it's something... —  read more 

Layoffs in November

I've heard a rumor that there might be some layoffs in November. I personally think that's a bunch of bullcr-p but it doesn't hurt to check. Has anybody here heard anything similar or is this just another case of people who don't have enough on their... —  read more 

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