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Why all the negative ????

I agree that it’s unfortunate that Chevron is in this downturn. I also agree that senior leaders have made large mistakes (I.e. project overruns, bad portfolio purchases, etc). But I’m pleased to see urgent action being taken right now. Yes it’s... —  read more 

Lump Sum Optimization

Everyone at work talks about the lump sum timing with regard to interest rates, timing, etc. What are your suggestions?

Company Wide EOI. Predictions.

The headcount reductions are going to be large with this news. In 2014 we had 60k employees. We had 45k at the end of 2018. Those numbers are from the annual reports. We shrunk 25 percent without company wide EOIs. What are the headcount reductions... —  read more 

port arthur plant

padc sweatshop.messed up my spine and knees,now after retiring 30 years,60 hour weeks .im confined to a walker,,,chevron should treat there former employyes better,and not throw them out to thr garbage,,,

Reserves Replacement Down The Tube

Analysts presentation revealed a 44% Reserves Replacement Ratio for 2019. That’s a pretty alarming downturn from the +100% rates we’ve been enjoying over the last few years. The GM of Global Reserves liked to chest thump on the good news, will he... —  read more 

Town Hall Sham

Did M.W.’s handlers completely ignore the top rated poll questions during the February 12th evening session like they did on the February 13th morning session? All that talk about trust, transparency, feedback, and leadership..... SAME CHEVRON...

The Elephant in the room

What irritated me about the town hall was Mike Worth talking about supervisors ignoring what is happening and hiding in their office to avoid discussing it. This guy is the CEO, set an example. While they did mention "headcount" changes, I... —  read more 

Affects of Upcoming Staff Reduction on Pensions

Does anyone have any thoughts or insight to offer on the effects of the upcoming layoffs on the pension fund, the availability of the various options, and if would be a good idea to cash out. The price of oil seems to be on the rocks again and like... —  read more 

Ethical question

I eat most days with a group of buddies and we eat most of the time at the 1400 or 1500 cafeterias. One guy likes to make us all laugh by occasionally getting a slice of pizza or soda without paying for it. He is a lower PSG than the rest of us and... —  read more 

Keep it simple!

I've been a Chevron employee 40 years. Started with Gulf Oil so I have been through mergers , re-orgs and all the down turns in the Industry. I would think that Chevron management would be capable of handling this critical time without the help of... —  read more 

Taking a VSP or EOI

If I am offered either VSP or EOI, as a person ready to retire, what are the drawbacks Of taking advantage of VSP or EOI, if there are any?

CIP got you down? Please don't despair

It impacts our CEO just as equally. He may only earn his minimum $28 million dollars this year if he doesn't receive any performance bonus. Winning in any environment.

A lot of shade thrown at UC here...

I'm one of the id–ts from the center that the BUs hate. We actually aren't that dumb. We know that the BUs don't care about what we do. I know that we exist because it's (a little) important to have some governance and standards in how we do... —  read more 

TP&S "Functional Transformation"

Anyone got updates on the TP&S "Functional Transformation" supported by Boston Consulting Group? Earlier posts last year had mentioned that various groups under TP&S (PRC,ETC,ITC, CTV, CBRES etc) were going to reorg.


Does anybody know when the next round of redundancies are for the ABU?

Chevron Europe hiring?

Saw this advertisement online and wanted to know more. Chevron values integrity, trust, diversity and ingenuity as a company and in our employees. In the United Kingdom, Chevron hires full-time employees with education and experience in one or... —  read more 


Any rumours on the CIP factor this year?

Chevron pension -It’s better to take the annuity?

The decision of taking the annuity or lump sum is a personal one and based on each individual’s needs. For the average person’s mortality statistic, both are equivalent in value. The Chevron pension is given as a single-life annuity. To take your... —  read more 

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Oil stocks in death knell

Cramer ... says [oil stocks] are the new t-b-cco. Younger people are avoiding funds with oil. Ok, but they still seem to be buying huge SUVs. Cause and effect seem to not circle to the same point.

The time has come

Time for Wirthless to takes his extraordinary unreasonable compensation package, excessive write downs and bearish talk on future oil prices and go.

Oil Prices

OIl prices dropped to $53. we can expect more layoffs shortly

Coming back from retirement?

Has anybody tried to come back into Chevron after a few years of retirement, especially after volunteering to retire during the layoffs of 2015-2017? What are the challenges of adapting to working life, working with former coworkers and new younger... —  read more 

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