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Relocation crock.

I’ll have to admit, I’m a little disgusted with their relocation policy. If you were relocated to Midland with Chevron and they leave you standing you are required to relocate back on your own dime if you worked there over 2 years. I don’t know... —  read more 


We’re an agile company that’s spent millions on a digital transformation, but we can’t deploy a simple job posting tool to handle our own layoffs. So, all of us will be browsing a 10,000 row Sharepoint list tomorrow morning to find our jobs. If that... —  read more 

Unemployed eligibility

So, if I get left standing when would I be eligible for Unemployment? Would it be October 30? Or December 14? Or would we not be eligible because of severance? This would be my first Rodeo so I am not sure how it works.

Aftermath of selections guilt

For those who make it, is there any guilt seeing your friends left standing or let go? Some are very good, I know this is a survival matter, but how do you deal with it that some really good people did not make it?

Talent profile template?

Noble here - just got an email stating we won’t be interviewing, but will be able to fill out a “talent profile template”...any one willing to share insights into this process? Seems like theatre.

Left standing

I was left standing in R3 in HR and it is a blessing for my health and sanity. Here are my thoughts on the people that remained and got placed. Most of them have threatened to leave Chevron at more than one point in their careers. Our VP of HR has... —  read more 

Really WEN????

Email from WEN today with resources for those participating in R4. Picture of African-American woman with boxing gloves with the title “Are you ready for round 4?” Uhhhh. There is no way I am the only one offended by this. No matter what color I am.


Its going to be an interesting next 6 weeks. Now that Chevron has slashed contractors rates by 20%, they are now targeting the employees. I heard that all operations is being outsourced to a preferred vendor..but whats that mean for current... —  read more 


This comment on another stream is getting much attention internally. Leaders do read this page and try to glean sentiment from our workforce. This must be HR. My business partner mentioned that one of the many problems with HR is that none of the... —  read more 

Starting to feel real

Okay, I’ll be in round 4. They are going to posting jobs soon.. we were encouraged to apply for our own job, but in looking at the new org chart I discovered my current position will be eliminated. GULP! So I can apply to 4 others. ... —  read more 


Who has time to keep posting on workplace? Some people on there seem to have no clue of reality in the business units- too many posts are so happy and optimistic.

Grade level 27

Interesting how much effort the company is putting in to ensuring that they don't have to deal with an age discrimination lawsuit. One North American VP, with no upstream experience, has continuously dissed experience, upstream executives and ... —  read more 

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