Topics regarding layoffs at Chubb

Topics regarding layoffs at Chubb

Chubb continues to outsource

Had a department meeting today and we were told they are outsourcing our jobs in claim ops starting in September. Kind of crazy. Can anybody share more info on this? Did they tell you what kind of severance you'll be receiving? Is it limited to claim... —  read more 

Chubb Layoffs 2017

You can never tell if layoffs are masterminded and completely planned, but if HR has too many meetings with closed doors you got to be freaked out. I am in Warren.

Welcome to the world of ACE!

The company had perhaps the worst reputation among large carriers and culture towards its employees of any including AIG. For those at Chubb that still believe that they will be left alone to operate as a separate enclave within the ACE organization... —  read more 

Chubb Salem Shutdown

Chubb Limited to close Salem, VA site as of 6/30. As of that date, most of remaining IT employees who had not received prior termination dates, will be laid off. Only approximately 9 IT employees remaining to work remotely or move to NJ. From... —  read more 


Any word on the Salem office? Ace bought Firemans fund, but it feels like the other way around. Salem office works hard and cheap, but the writing seems to be on the wall. No more Sr. Leadership - positions aren't being filled at that office - rumors... —  read more 

In the dumper

Chubb was a great company to work for until the merger took place back in January. There are many departments that are now run by legacy ACE folks and have absolutely no work ... People just sitting around doing nothing. Another issue is that... —  read more 

Greenberg and Chubb's board

Chubb was very loyal and decent to its employees. I know I worked there for over 30 years. That all ended when Dean O'Hare left. He was the last vestige of integrity the company had. When Finnigan took over the strategy was set with Chubb's board... —  read more 

Chubb's Warren HQ is closing.

Probably common knowledge, but for those not "in the know," Chubb's Warren HQ will be closing within 90 days. Employees will be moved to other offices, especially Whitehouse Station, where Evan Greenbergs new office is being constructed...

Keep up the good work

This is a stable company and financially conservative company. It is a definitely a good place to be with the current economy. Lots of smart people, they valued characters. i would say it is a good job security in tough times.

Be strong.

This is the company that I retired from last May. Man I am so glad I did. The comments you're reading and the lost your seeing are from people that I've worked with for 15 years. Be strong.

"Ace in Chubb clothing"

See the linked interview where Greenberg basically says that the new company will be Ace with the Chubb brand & book. If you thought the Chubb culture might survive, you were wrong. —  read more 

Napoleon syndrome

This is corporate greed at its best. 1) little Evan has to prove to his father he's a BIG man 2) Finnegan never invest a dime in Chubb. They should never of kept the Chubb name. It's being misrepresented. Shame

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