Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Just milking the company

You guys are missing the problem, we dont want to work hard, just kiss up and play the game, get pay and benefits, understand that our leadership is doing the same and has no clue how to run the business. If anyone is to blame its the software... —  read more 

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Some people are delusional

I was told by a coworker to, and I quote, “have faith in our leadership” and stop worrying so much about layoffs. His ignorance and overall idiocy made my head hurt. Have faith in our leadership??? Has he looked at any of their recent decisions? Who... —  read more 

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Cisco Software Subscriptions

I’ve had customers who have not renewed their subscriptions. I thinks this is big big problem for the next couple of years. compulsory “attach” of a license when selling a box (which then included in the Cisco “software” and “renewable” number... —  read more 

I have one name for you

Esther Crawford. Muskaholic, fangirl, dedicating her life to any folly her supreme leader would scheme. Well, she got laid off. Let this be a lesson in cynicism. The corporate world doesn't care about individuals, it's here to generate more wealth... —  read more 

End of DNAC

Anyone see the roadmap for Meraki with Catalyst? Pretty soon we will have full visibility of most wireless & switching SKUs, firmware management, CLI terminal, assurance capabilities and more. This is basically the only reason why my customers buy... —  read more 

Cisco Layoff 2022- 2023

Cisco TOP Indian management have decide to move Software Engineering Jobs from USA to India. If your Director OR Sr.Director are in India and leading team in USA. Your jobs are in huge risk. They slowly going to move US jobs outside of USA. India... —  read more 

Prepare yourself

The outside job market is very competitive right now and full of laid off tech workers but if you stay focus and prepare yourself, you will come out ahead. Here are some tips: Use the Randstad resume service to update your resume. Put your... —  read more 

It's pretty much over

Sorry for the WTO folks. It's over. I heard that most open positions are on hold long enough for y'all to be gone. What a horrible thing for leadership to do. They kept out that bait so that you would train your replacement. Shameful. These... —  read more 

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