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Offshore answering!

I called customer service & a woman in another county answered. I couldn’t understand her & it took over 60 minutes to be transferred to an American! Maybe they shouldn’t be laying off Americans.

Coronavirus is a golden opportunity

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Stock price

Back down to $50/share (or $5.00 prior to the reverse stock split. I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer to get back to pre financial crisis levels of $500/$50. Thanks for your leadership “‘Mikey”. #newceonow

Secret Lay-off Program starting with “M”???

Heard that there is a program underway for major layoffs in January. Something that starts with a “M”? Anyone know anything about that that can be shared here? I’m fine taking a package, just give me a little bit of notice; we’re all adults.

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2020 going forward

Well here we are. Citi announced stellar earnings, more than ever since 2006. Most if not all bonus’s were diminished if existent at all. The upper echelon got their well deserved rewards while the lower cogs in the machine got nil. Staffing has... —  read more 

Layoffs Nov 2019

I was told my last day will be 11/22/19. 18 years with the company. I’m over 40 with a family of 5 and was the sole provider. I live in St Louis area and work at the Progress Point site.

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VOE Results

So VOE results have come and guess what.......EVERYONE HATES CITI! Upper management is still in denial. The O’Fallon AML dept is the worst. Keep up the great work guys! Maybe next year we can light up all the charts with new low numbers and all red... —  read more 

Citi Layoffs 2020

What are your thoughts about potential Citi Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

More layoffs to come

More to come, so far is 2019, Citi laid off 950 people in January and then again in August. More layoffs expected 4th quarter. No one is safe, but they are targeting folks that have been with them for 15 or more years, ages 50+ up. Job discrimination... —  read more 

Why even bother with layoffs

If attrition continues as it has for the past several months, there'll be absolutely no need for layoffs. People are burned out and are leaving in droves. Of course, they are taking the knowledge and expertise with them, but it's not as if our... —  read more 


Whats going on with the Layoffs? Its been quiet. Whats brewing?

Citibank SoFla, which do you fear more?

Hurricane Dorian, most destructive hurricane to strike south Florida since Andrew Hurricane Ed (Patterson), most destructive manager to strike the Bay Area since the financial crisis.

To make it clear how severance works...

To make it clear how severance works... to make it clear how severance works... Citi's policy is 2 weeks severance for every year of service. You get your severance less withholding (taxes) after the 60 day notice. 60 day notice is required by... —  read more 

So close to retirement

I received my package for 11 years of service, 22 weeks of pay... I was just 25 days from 12 years of service so that was a little painful, you would think being that close and loyal to Citi that they would have rounded up! No way and another... —  read more 

Apple Card

GS is coming after cards and unsecured term loans. GS is a legitimate bank. Anyone other than me worried about this?

Massive Citi Trader Layoffs

Citi's revenue from equity trading tumbled 17% to $1.6 billion for H1 2019, a 5% drop in total trading. This is the lowest equity total among major U.S... —  read more 

News on more layoffs?

Has there been any news on the next major round at Citi? I'm specifically asking about bigger rounds, not the smaller ones we are seeing nearly every day.


Does anyone know if you can volunteer for a severance package? I want out. I can’t stand my boss and most of my co-workers. They are all afraid to lose their jobs and have become the most miserable people I have ever met. NY employee here.

Hagerstown potential to lay off acquisitions?

New rumor circulating is that Costco is NOT going to allow work-from-home reps to handle their calls. Since SD and KY already handle their acquisitions calls, this could mean that Hagerstown acquisitions could be laid off. Has anyone heard anything... —  read more 

AML/KYC dept being targeted for efficiencies.

Poor overall performance of these teams, cost, and the testing new systems to automate these processes. Just if dept of many, but this is a high priority. Anyone in those depts have additional info on this? Hearing layoffs will begin in earnest in... —  read more 

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