Topics regarding layoffs at Citigroup Inc. / Citibank / Citi

Topics regarding layoffs at Citigroup Inc. / Citibank / Citi

Digital PM Offer

Citi folk - I just knocked out my 3rd round for a Digital Product Manager role at Citi. So far it's been very unorganized due to the 3rd party recruiting company being absolute garbage. I just happened to find out the other day this is a hiring event... —  read more 

Dead bank walking

How can Citi strive to be the leader in wealth management when we keep making mistakes on the scale of billions. The Revlon debacle and now the Europe flash crash. Naturally this will be followed up with some new initiative on risk controls by... —  read more 

Empty promises

I've had enough. At the previous company, management also gave empty promises to employees, but here it is on a whole other level. How many times have you heard an empty promise from your manager? I gave myself a deadline to leave this misery in no... —  read more 

Ugly truth

Citi usually manages their BAU people out of fear and are quick to tell you that the pittance you are given for a raise or bonus is doing you a favor. If your role is BAU then you WILL NOT be given a raise to match the rise of inflation. It just... —  read more 

Penalty for loyalty.

According to CNBC those that leave their current jobs for another get at least a 7% increase in pay as a minimum vs. those that stay. Given this, it may be time to leave. Citi should give their people a retention raise. Why continue to punish your... —  read more 

Shorter deadlines

Employees here are used to working under stress. Ever since I’ve been working here this has been a stressful environment, but I’ve accepted that as the nature of my job. Have you noticed that deadlines are getting shorter and shorter though?... —  read more 

Plan for growth

I would even consider staying here if I noticed that Citi has some concrete and realistic plan for growth. However, I do not see that leadership has any well-thought-out plan. Please correct me if I am wrong. It used to be a lot different, but... —  read more 

Unsure about quitting

As I ponder whether a significant recession will occur, I am somewhat reluctant to quit my job here. In the meantime, I see that some are more than ever looking for work elsewhere. How is the upcoming recession affecting your decision about... —  read more 

The tables have turned

Citi manages out of fear. They are so quick to say “if you don’t like it, find a job somewhere else”. Now the tables are turned. Management has no idea how to stop the loss of tenured talented staff. If they think that free pizza Thursday will save... —  read more 

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