Topics regarding layoffs at Citigroup Inc. / Citibank / Citi

Topics regarding layoffs at Citigroup Inc. / Citibank / Citi

salary transparency

can we create a log of salary here? curious what others make. We can go somewhat light on details for anonymity. but perhaps YOE, Grade Level, Salary, Bonus?

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Rewards survey.

Role: Keep the lights on role. I do not generate $ but am considered a cost to the company.. Ranked a 2: Rewards: 1K bonus, 3% raise. Pretty much the same for the past 3 years.

WFH Jane pulls the plug

Interesting approach Pull under performers back to the office. Are they using ms teams and how often you move your mouse for productivity?


No matter what sector or company you are employed in, you should always work under the belief that you’ll be laid off eventually, its just a matter of time. This is motivational fuel to: Save more money. Update your skills and\or resume. Pay off... —  read more 


So I know four people who have worked remotely. Two before COVID (which was commonly acceptable with your managers approval). Three of the four filed a HR request to continue working remotely. The first over 6 weeks ago. So far HR has not replied... —  read more 

Q1 2023 layoffs coming.

We’ve all seen it before. They’ll shift some people around here and there. Some will be placed into positions where they don’t need to be in and some will be placed in the right spots. Some will be shuffled in order to protect them from leaving. ... —  read more 

Your time will come.

Post after post of frustration, anxiety and angst. The key points resonate with the same themes. ) Yes, Citi will assuredly layoff under the guise of streamlining, consolidation, etc…phrase it however you want, you are still placing people into... —  read more 

CEO metrics

A CEO’s core metrics are: ) take care of their people ) raise the company stock price So the “take care of their people” part is not happening due to the layoff galore with even more layoffs to follow in Q1 of 2023. “Raise the company stock... —  read more 

Remote work mismatch: There are many people re-skilling themselves to align with business’s that allow more work from home. I doubt Citi will throttle back on the having you come back... —  read more 

Q1 cuts

You can expect Q1 cuts under the guise of productivity and performance. Streamlining the business and consolidating roles and so forth.

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