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Have there been layoffs in the Massachusetts office?
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Citrix has new approach to keep layoffs quiet

The evil overlords (Elliott Group) decided that the two prior layoffs had too much of a negative impact in the eyes of our customers and partners which in turn affected the bottom line (which is ALL they care about). So, moving forward, they are... read more

So now what?

Now that the big date everybody has been expecting to bring layoffs has come and gone, now what? Do we actually believe Citrix when they say there will be no layoffs or do we see this as just a short reprieve that came about because the news got out... read more

Small but frequent layoffs

They are doing the layoffs differently this time around. You’ll see 2-3 ppl. let go, here and there. They’ve smarten up and realize a mass layoff of 800-1000 ppl. has really impacted the company’s image with partners and customers. Not to mention... read more

Rumor of Layoffs March 13'th

There has been deep discussions at the ELT level of a global company wide layoff planned for March 13'th 2018. All of the internal reorganizations that are occurring currently will be completed by end of January. This will allow the ELT several weeks... read more

Any more about the February 2018 layoff

Looks like the ELT learned from previous layoffs of news leaking out too early. Now all layoff discussions are done in a strictly secure environment to prevent information from getting out. So anyone heard anything about the February 2018 layoff... read more

March 13 layoffs

The other thread where March 13 layoffs are supposed to be discussed has been completely derailed and I can't sift through over 240 replies for some actual info. Any chance we can get people to post concrete info in this thread? How many, what... read more

Citrix denies next week's layoffs

So, it looks like the whole March 13 thing is a rumor gone wild. Citrix higher-ups deny there'll be any layoffs, and that Citrix is actually in the process of hiring. Also, we seem to be famous... read more

Should I take Job offer at Citrix

I got a job offer for req R10450 in Raleigh and based on all the posts here am wondering if I should take the job . I’m very disturbed to hear these things and wonder if Citrix is the most stable company in the area or should I just keep looking... read more

Citrix ELT Feedback – Skills Training

Thread about employee Skills Training. Since the Citrix ELT monitors these anonymous threads lets give them direct feedback on the topics that matter to employees. Topic: Citrix ELT has invested little in ongoing employee skills and job growth... read more

Citrix ELT Feedback – Health plan

Thread about the Citrix Health plan. Since the Citrix ELT monitors these anonymous threads lets give them direct feedback on the topics that matter to employees. Topic: If you have ever used the Citrix health plan you know the co-pays are a huge... read more

Citrix ELT Feedback – Tax plan bonus

Thread about special employee bonus due to the newly enacted Tax plan. Since the Citrix ELT monitors these anonymous threads lets give them direct feedback on the topics that matter to employees. Topic: Citrix ELT feels any special bonus is a... read more

Open house

If lay offs are planned for 3/13, why the open house? Who in their right mind would come to open house after lay offs?

Citrix is now firing for no reason

At least not one that I can see. In the last ten days two exemplary employees were shown the door. For the life of me I can't figure out why. Is this their new system? Firing people who have been with the company longer to avoid all the costs... read more

Layoffs criteria?

How does Citrix leadership decide on who is going to be laid off? Is it based on work performance? Age? Pay? My father has been really worried these past few weeks, and I can't understand why since his performance at the company has always been... read more

Layoffs are ongoing and real

From the CEO on the earnings "We did go through a fair bit of restructuring over the second half of last year. We're doing that... read more

Will Citrix give $1000 bonus

The list of companies giving employees $1,000 bonuses is growing every day. Even the cheapos at Disney are giving out bonuses to employees. Is Citrix going to give any such bonus or should the serfs just be contented with their masters giving them a... read more

Citrix getting packaged for sale to SAP

They tried to package and sell the company to Microsoft by bringing in KT and his gang. Microsoft decided to go a different direction and KT could not convince them to buy Citrix, so they fired him and paid out his $32 million in severance. Turns out... read more

Citrix Santa Clara Buildings sold

The Citrix Santa Clara site has been sold. See here Good luck to everyone affected by the transfer of all the jobs to Nanjing and Bangalore.

Citrix outsourcing IT

I keep hearing rumors from individuals of different levels that they may be planning to outsource most of IT in the near future. Wonder how long before the Contact Us page on the corporate web site has a Bangalore address/phone? Anybody else hear... read more

December 2017 Layoffs

I might as well start a thread on this right now. It seems fiarily certain that we'll have another round of layoffs in December, wanted to see what you guys think. I really do not know if I can handle all of this any more - please chime in with any... read more

The emperor has no clothes

Well I was hoping the Summit would inspire me and reinforce the narrative of Citrix being a great place to work. After the laugh we all got at the DH keynote that “Citrix is the 19’th happiest place to work” and then a random wiki record for the... read more

5 people in my team quit this week!

5 people in my team put in 2 week notice this week. Funny thing is nobody is surprised. This is the team that had 2 resignation in 2.5-3 years and grew in size in 2016. If we weren't having baby in a couple of months, I'd be out too.

Should I accept a job at Citrix

I was offered a job at Citrix Santa Clara and at several other companies in the Bay Area. My question is if I should take the citrix offer or the Apple or Facebook offer. They seem the same but the Citrix one is lower pay and fewer shares than the... read more

Citrix people are in denial

Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it, too many citrix people are denying the truth that is right in front of them. wake up from the sleepwalking and please realize what is going on in the company

Watch out Santa Clara!

From what I'm hearing the whole campus is up for sub lease, so if someone comes along, Santa Clara will be soon toast! Good luck guys!

so tired of this

anybody else really tired of constantly having to worry about having a job the next day? when exactly did we reach this point? i caught myself reconsidering going to see wife's family for the holidays because if i get laid off the cost of plain... read more

Is Citrix going to give $1,000 to employees

All the other major companies have already announced they will be giving employees $1,000 due the the new tax bill. Will Citrix do the same (although they could afford giving $10,000 to each employee) or will EM and ELT just increase their coffers... read more


It’s easy to recognize posts from HR or other deflectors on this site. People trying to shut down the “rumors” or deflect what’s coming. Like most of you, I too have heard of Q1 layoff - from some pretty reliable sources. Yes folks, there are more... read more

Citrix is a great place to work

and soon DK is going be get Citrix certified as being a great place to work by hiring lots of people who match the diversity requirements of the organizations that certify places as being great places to work. It's all about the numbers and the... read more

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