Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Interviews? Offers?

For those impacted by the latest layoffs, how has the job market been treating you? Are you getting interviews? Offers? Heard from several that it’s a rough market out there.

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We must pull together and show solidarity or TK and his management incompetents will put us over the table and hump us chumps. Unionize unionize unionize !!!

why? why? why?

Citrix sh!tcanned me over 2 years ago, and I still come to this page every day. Why? I think I'm over it and I've moved on. Is it just a habit at this point? Am i still looking for answers? Is it symbolic of a larger problem in my life? Do I... —  read more 


In TK all hands he said in March CSGs will be giving out RSU. Will all employees get to participate? I also heard retention bonuses will be paid in March.

66 affected in Dublin

All of Frontline apart from 4 people affected. All TAM's apart from 1 affected. CSM's, CritSit's, Management affected. None of the Escalation Engineers were affected. Is this the same in other locations?

Former & Loving IT!

I was at Citrix/CSG for 23 years. I left in May, told to come back from remote or else. I was so very lucky, at the last minute, I found another job. It paid $20K less but I was so happy to be out of that stress hole. I quit that job 3 months after... —  read more 


So TK is bullish on the future, it seems. From his LinkedIn post: Now heading into 2024, my vision for Cloud Software Group could not be clearer. We want to build a $20+ billion diversified software company that develops, sells, and supports... —  read more 


What's up with this mention of transfer to outsource positions? Has anyone been offered this option? How real this is? In case anyone wonders what I'm talking about, here is the quote from TK's post on LinkedIn: "However, for many of those... —  read more 

Enjoying work again

After years of unnecessarily overworking myself, I've limited my weeks to 40 hours, I stopped stressing if things were not done in time, and I stopped caring if I made my boss look bad. Being in his good graces never gave me anything so I simply... —  read more 

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