Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Don't burn your bridges

I see a lot of people who are getting new jobs ready to walk away without notice or even worse, by telling off their managers. I implore you, don't do this. You never know what's going to happen in the future and if you'll find yourself in a... —  read more 

Citrix has drained my energy

Literally! After giving notice I realized that this is the company that exhausted me the most, and I stayed here the shortest of all my previous jobs! Citrix generally no longer has any creative or innovative energy. This company will just continue... —  read more 

“Everything is OK”

The message from the top is, “No big deal — we made a few minor mistakes, mostly to the Street, and with some small adjustments we’ll be fine.” This is actually the load of garbage they’re handing out to the rank and file. Soon they’ll be handing out... —  read more 

Is Citrix preparing??

I don't like layoffs rumors, as all it does it make people afraid of losing their jobs and causes productivity to go down.. In my 10+ years at Citrix, I have heard many rumors, have seen shady deals, and also seen the way layoffs start in... —  read more 

Look who was right

For those that came to this forum to say stop with the rumors looks like you were the ones wrong. DH out proves Citrix is collapsing. Layoffs are for sure next! No one should stay at Citrix.

A Citrix story

Citrix is in a ho-e it may not get out of. It has a set of products that didn’t keep pace and continue to lose relevance. The pace of industry change over the last ~5 yrs. caught leadership off-guard, coupled with a very different Microsoft no longer... —  read more 

Citrix is sinking

I envy those who are able to leave. I'm stuck here for personal reasons and watching this place sink further and further every day has not been a good experience. But it is what it is. It helps to know I'm not in this alone and others are also... —  read more 

You are not trapped here

I see so many posts from unhappy people who seem miserable working here, but for some reason, they make a choice to stay day in, day out. Why? Nobody is forcing you to stay here. Do yourself a favor and walk away. The job market has never been... —  read more 

Elliot is back?

Hearing that Elliot is back and demanding increasing valuation and stakeholders returns, again. Is it true or rather a gimmick to improve the stock price that has taken a beating over the last few quarters? If Elliot news is true, it brings back... —  read more 

Complete burnout

I have been here for several years, I have worked in other companies as well. I'm used to working under pressure and I've never had a problem working hard. It was only here that I recently experienced a total burnout. I'm sure I will overcome that... —  read more 

Forecasting Issue?

On this morning's call, David mentioned a couple of time about a forecasting issue. He didn't say that it was directly related to this but he seemed to indicate that he was displeased about how the forecast was missed. When was the last time Finance... —  read more 

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