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CNOOC Layoffs 2018

Can someone share ANY info you may have, any bit of info, please, especially about layoffs in Hong Kong.
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CNOOC Layoffs 2017

Whenever things are not the best, we react with layoffs, let's see if this affects Hong Kong.
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Weekly layoffs the new normal at CNOOC (Nexen)

Weekly layoffs have become the norm at CNOOC's Calgary, Alberta office. Rumour is that these will occur well in to December. A&D departments from various E&P's in Calgary have confirmed that a data room containing what is clearly Nexen's Canadian... read more

More layoffs coming at Nexen

Ron Bailey was laid off from CNOOC Nexen this week. Big changes are on the way, including the sale of Long Lake. Nexen's plans for LNG have also failed to materialize meanings the billions spent in the Horn River, Liard and Cordova basins have... read more

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