Topics regarding layoffs at CNOOC Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at CNOOC Ltd.

WTI Below $50/LNG Going Down

Oil price is in steady decline and may get to mid $40's. Natural gas has been in the dumps for a while. Does Chevron actually make a profit from Gorgon and Wheatstone? Looks like layoff numbers are more likely to increase than stay to whatever the... —  read more 

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Back to the Gulf

Given that Chevron has yet to make any money playing shale, why does management think the same behavior will give different results in future?

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More layoffs coming at Nexen

Ron Bailey was laid off from CNOOC Nexen this week. Big changes are on the way, including the sale of Long Lake. Nexen's plans for LNG have also failed to materialize meanings the billions spent in the Horn River, Liard and Cordova basins have... —  read more 

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