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Bad Management and fear of Pink Slip

Being an ex employee, I was sad while leaving, but now feel fine after reading all this. Fairly speaking, I was always worried about getting a pink slip any time. There are serious management issues and HR is a real sh--. Policies are good for books... read more

Colgate Palmolive VERP News

Current rumor has VERP being offered to lower level people next, followed by more straight up layoffs. I know there are a lot of lower level folks salivating for a package, those that are left will break from the stress or find other employment out... read more

Personal Care will fall next

Everyone knows something is coming. It's a matter of when and how. VP's have already made their decision. Honestly, it was done 6 months ago. Some people are already looking for jobs in the event it happens 4Q2017. Personal Care will fall next. With... read more
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VERP - offered? Take it...

4Q2017 is going around a lot lately about layoffs . With only three categories left :Oral,Personal and Toothbrush, sales are not doing well in any of the categories. Once the VERP is done with the upper levels, it makes sense to go after the lower... read more

After September 30th

What happens after September 30th. Do we wait with anticipation of another reorganization that may imply layoffs to get rid of pepole. I can't see it based on succession planning. By the way...why are some groups quite about colleagues taking the... read more

Some of the managers need to go

I would love to see a few people take the package. Some of these managers are insecure and jerks. Be's true. They have held people back from advancing due to personal issues and or because they speak up for themselves. If we are to... read more


This package is a private matter and should not be taken lightly. However not too many people are talking it. Any thoughts or what's the next phase is.

Colgate needs to move with the times

Colgate is a good company with good family values. I came here recently from another big consumer company. The management is no different than in any other company. Like everywhere, there are good and bad examples. The problem of Colgate is that it... read more


Diversity is an issue everywhere. However I wish more job opportunities could be given to a more diverse pool of people. It appears more jobs are being given to individuals who are in the LATAM regions. It gives the impression no one else is... read more

We need better middle management

Colgate is a good company and with great family benefits. In my years at Colgate, middle management is the blame for many of the personnel issues at Colgate. We must also include HR. Keep in mind, I would say we only have a good 5% of middle... read more

Sad times at Colgate

So many young people are leaving Colgate. Once upon a time you would see young people stay 10 or 12 years. Nowadays, it's 3 to 5 years. New employees are having a hard time with middle management. Older employees are just trying to stay afloat. I... read more

A lot of thinking to do

I am not too concerned about the 150 who have received a package. I am more concerned about about the folks who are 15 and below. Will a package be available or not, is my first question. Secondly, is it really time for me to look for a job or just... read more

Colgate-Palmolive Q4 2017 Layoff Updates

Rumors are swirling of a 4Q layoff at Colgate-Palmolive. Even the so call golden children are putting their resumes together. Moral will forever be at a all time low. I hope they provide a fair package to all levels before all is said and done. If we... read more

Colgate-Palmolive Layoffs 2017

If someone asks you about layoffs do not discuss it - just ignore the question - the HR is tracking email traffic and website you surf, at least here in corporate in NYC.


It's too quite. ....The calm before the next storm.....Maybe I should stop caring about the whole thing. People are acting scary. Afraid to talk to each other. Afraid to laugh and just be human..No matter how hard you try......if they are going to... read more
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I guess my group is next.

I'm not afraid of being let go. I am not liking how they create the criteria to eliminate people. It's so personal. Race is a factor on so many levels. Diversity is a fun game these days. Education and work experience to obtain a job is a complete... read more
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Hush Layoff Today..

Today a few people will be let go at Colgate in Piscataway. HR wants to do things hus hush while scaring employees with this tactic. ...."You are going to be let go as of this date. If you say anything to anyone you will not get a package"....Still... read more

Bad Management wins again....

In the last three months I have witness 4 individuals resign from Colgate due to bad Management. Going to HR is a joke according to one. HR will protect bad managers and put the employee on the target list that will most likely lead to un- employment... read more

September layoff

You got to love rumors. So here it goes. I guess HR found out everyone knew about a Sept layoff. So I am hearing Oct and Dec. They have too many business activities occurring in September I guess. If anyone can confirm any of this or can share any... read more

Mexico is IT now?

CP has been telling folks from Topeka, Atlanta, and other areas they cant keep their jobs unless they move to Piscataway because it's a "strategic" location along with Mumbai. Turns out now their jobs are being sent to Mexico? How on earth is this... read more

Disrespectful Management

In the last two years, I have seen management get worse. They have stressed folks out with heart attacks, and driven folks completely over the edge. Managing with respect for middle management is a joke..They can do what they please without... read more

A Storm Is Brewing

Colgate is getting rid of all the talent. Anyone who knew anything is being let go. They have hired people at half the cost with a tenth the knowledge. They think because you have an IT degree you know everything about computers. Just because you... read more

Company going to hell.

.In the last three weeks I have seen people be mistreated in so many ways. Job opportunities they are qualified for, they are over looked.. They don't fit the quota profile..Can't make it up. You will still find some good managers and people but they... read more

New Building

With the layoffs occurring till 2017, how does Colgate justify a new building. It makes no sense. You have some people who can't wait to get the layoff notice.They are apart of the old plan.. they will make out just time..They paid their dues..Then... read more


Once upon a time, I was happy to be at Colgate palmolive. Endless opportunity and training. Now, I only see disparity and lack of appreciation for talent. If you are good at what you do stay away from this place.. I am seeing the worse in people... read more

A lot of discouraged people yesterday.

A lot of discouraged people yesterday in the new wing of the building. People work loads are being marginalized...That's a sign. Bad place to be and let's be honest..The process of elimination is personal...not about the work. If your boss and HR do... read more

It's crazy around here

It has been stated. ..The list for the next layoff has already been made. ..but it's not just about jobs. ..It's also getting rid of people they don't like. A pay back in the worse way. Remember layoffs is about politics, and what is easy... read more

Cuts Announced

IT management at Colgate is a bunch of a--hole f---tards if you want a happy life stay away from that place by the way it was just announced they will continue layoffs through 2017 so good luck cowering in the corner being scared for your job

More trouble ahead: CL Job Cuts 2016

And we all thought that layoffs will not repeat and that things will be rosy in 2016: Colgate-Palmolive Co. said Thursday it would look to cut more jobs as part of a restructuring program that was originally slated to end this year but has been... read more

Not Just Outsourcing, but Importing too!

Has anyone noticed how the initials for Colgate Palmolive (CP) is the same as c*nt punt? Coincident? I think not cause that's what they are doing to Lady Liberty! Not only are thousands of jobs going to Mexico and India, but all new management being... read more

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