Topics regarding layoffs at Comcast

Topics regarding layoffs at Comcast


When will they tell employees they have to be vaccinated? I’m assuming this month, with the deadline by end of year or earlier for anyone who travels.

More Shameful practices

Shame on you Comcast. Yet another example of how terrible Comcast treats it’s employees. A long tenured employee was just laid off and yet leadership tells all of us that this person retired. The fact is they didn’t retire and are looking for work... —  read more 

Layoff targets?

I’m still safe, but the situation is very tense. It seems to me that the tension has never been higher. I’m trying to understand the logic by which they give layoffs. Some say it’s about diversity, some think they dismiss the oldest, some colleagues... —  read more 

Engineering Reorganization

Reorg just cost 5 Directors their jobs. Many with long tenures. Amazing how they just throw people away when they don’t need them anymore. Understand this is the first step to larger layoffs in the groups. Good luck folks.

What are we hearing?

I keep reading about future layoffs but have heard nothing about the time frame. Is it safe to assume it will be by end of year considering it’s already hit the news? I wish there was more transparency in the whole process. This is just nerve... —  read more 

Comcast layoffs - Supply chain

Comcast just terminated a large # of ppl from the supply chain department. ~130-150 ppl, front line warehouse/procurement up to leadership and back office analysts. "Restructuring" that will be occurring in other areas as well.

Layoffs info

Oct 5 2020 - Large scale layoffs under the Universal Parks & Resorts division is currently occurring today and probably still aren't done yet as this is only Monday. Usually it takes 2-3 days for everything to level out and everyone that will be laid... —  read more 

2018 Comcast west division

Comcast eliminated positions across West Division last August/September/October of 2018. Comcast Leadership called it “optimization” to a sharred services model. Many tenured employees lost their jobs, “termination without cause”. Impacted people... —  read more 

Comcast Direct Sales Jobs are Toast!

Comcast eliminated 220 direct sales jobs in northeast division today. Even third party contractors in New England have been instructed that May 30 is the last day to put in orders. The goose is cooked. The door to door industry is over.

Getting a new job

My husband was among those laid off by Comcast a few months ago and now he is not sure what to do. He is in his early fifties, and from what we've been hearing, finding a job at that age is pretty much impossible. Has anybody who was laid off and who... —  read more 

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