Topics regarding layoffs at CompuCom Systems

Topics regarding layoffs at CompuCom Systems

Layoffs coming 2020?

Layoffs coming amid the coronavirus pandemic? I know that we're already having OT cut out & hours squeezed as is. Some of the desk hosts are already doing bloodletting of their own again amid the crisis.

What happened with CompuCom

I was with CompuCom for several years. It was a great place to work when I first came on board. New sparkling contracts and lots of cash on hand to seek out new clients. It just could not maintain momentum when competing with a growing competitive... —  read more 

Will today be as bad?

Can we expect more layoffs at Compucom today or can I hope beyond hope that yesterday was it? The fact I'm up in the middle of the night checking for any news regarding layoffs shows just how badly this whole thing has affected me. If anybody can... —  read more 

600 laid off

600 heads fell to the chopping block. That's what the internal rumor mill states. My group lost ~70% of its entire team. This is a serious train wreck with Sr. Office Depot management spewing trendy talking head business speak to cover up the... —  read more 

We lost our way

CompuCom has sadly lost its way. Thomas H Lee has unrealistic growth targets with no plan to get there. They are now attempting to cut there way to growth. Unfortunately those cuts are being made to front line employees so ultimately customers will... —  read more 

Remember the Titanic!

I look forward to reading that this company is finally bankrupt and out of business for good. The worst liars I've ever worked for. Long gone is the awesome leadership Jim Dixon once provided. So long, sinking Titanic.

Everything here is true

Pretty much everything people say here is true. It's become a very messed up company. They laid off a while floor in their office in dallas. Now they expect us to have the ability to service everyone, not juse what we were trained to do. The new... —  read more 

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HQ Moving

There you go: > James said the layoffs are not related to the new headquarters. He said CompuCom decided in mid-2016... —  read more 

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Compucom just brutal...

Just look at the glassdoor reviews of this fly by night worst employee satisfaction on the site and tops out at number 3 worst!! hey now thats a win win- !! consistent barely above minimum wage..and NO HOPE of a raise from these corporate moral... —  read more 

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Plano Layofs (CompuCom)

As reported to the State of Texas in a mandatory WARN notice: NOTICE_DATE: 2017-01-04 JOB_SITE_NAME: CompuCom-Plano COUNTY_NAME: Collin WDA_NAME: North Central Texas WDA TOTAL_LAYOFF_NUMBER: 144 LayOff_Date: 2017-03-06 WFDD_RECEIVED_DATE: 2017-01-04... —  read more 

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Plano TX - Getting the Ax?

Employees in Plano know it just a matter of time - jobs moving to Mexico or Exec Man Cave (new corporate headquarters) in SC. Ignored and ostracized, no value placed on anyone in Plano - just cogs in the wheel, completely replaceable. Waiting for the... —  read more 

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