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(Thu 08/06/15 04:04:00 UTC)

Omaha status

Is Conagra going to leave Omaha or layoff and workers in Omaha? Any news?

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(Mon 08/03/15 23:27:10 UTC)

Do you have more details about job cuts in Omaha?


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(Thu 03/12/15 16:36:03 UTC)

2015 Redundancies and RIFs at Conagra Foods

Things are not going in the best directions at all as our sales continue to be soft and not improve. Every time something like that happens we have rather large layoffs and RIFs.

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(Mon 06/09/14 23:52:16 UTC)

Conagra Foods Layoffs 2014

We are going through layoffs right now, many oldtimers were let go.

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(Fri 06/06/14 06:32:15 UTC)

Fredonia and Dunkirk - Carriage House Cos.

Fredonia and Dunkirk will be closed very soon

SEIU Local 266, NCFO
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(Fri 06/06/14 06:27:07 UTC)

St. Louis Layoffs - ConAgra

I am puzzled why we have no posts, we did let over 100 people go in St. Louis this week. I was not affected buy many dear friends were. It's a sad week here.


(Tue 06/03/14 06:52:20 UTC)

2014 Layoff Plans / Conagra

Anybody has information about planned cuts for this year? I'd appreciate any response.

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(Thu 05/08/14 06:54:34 UTC)

Garner plant cuts

50% of all folks were let go


(Thu 02/13/14 23:18:35 UTC)

Kentwood Plant to be closed

200+ people will be let go

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(Tue 03/12/13 18:29:11 UTC)

Gotta wait until 2014? Listen, CA does layoffs in waves and they never stop, they are small in scale, and many people do not notice, we've been doing it for decades. Nothing different here at ConAgra, many companies do that, many folks also use performance evaluations to force people out, or to ... read more

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(Tue 03/12/13 00:55:30 UTC)

I know that ConAgra had a ton of layoffs in 2012 but what does that mean for 2013? More to come?

Roy Harper

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