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One year

For most people it was exactly one year ago the Sean, his crapweasles and his minions walked the greatest group of people out the door. Thousands of years of real experience that could have save Conagra from her now enevable doom at the hands of a... read more
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Spin off potato brand

Post Holdings and Kraft/Heinz were rumored to be interested. Updates?
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Don't forget to make your opinion of Conagra Brands and Sean Connoly known on Glassdoor. Hopefully he can be in the top 10 worse CEO list where he belongs.
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Sound familiar?

Kraft Heinz Company (NASDAQ: KHC) Rating: 2.6 CEO approval rating: 24% Employees: 42,000 Industry: Food manufacturer Kraft Heinz produces some of the most popular consumer brands in the country, including Kraft, Heinz, Oscar Mayer, Jell-O, Planters... read more
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Pension question

Been hearing some former employees getting lump sum offer. On pension. I have received no offer yet. Any word on offers good or bad?

Snake oil salesman off my screen soon

Sam reed introduced himself to every omaha employee yesterday. No need for him to hide and have armed guards. I am sure he sleeps better at night than sc. Employees actually like him. What a change. He reminds me of mike harper, who would personally... read more

Chef Boyardee Plants

Any rumors or info on layoffs? I hear they have been running 3 to 4 dy weeks for the past 6 months. Is the brand failing or is it mgmt. failing it? Stock is sliding quick and the .25 per share dividend is a joke.

Nothing new?

So any good rumors from the remaining people? I hear the common communication from management to their underlings is "We don't have resources for that".
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The reward of Leadership?

So the reward for trashing thousands of employees, the City of Omaha And the State of Nebraska is $10 million dollars. I hope you choke on it Sean.


Any knowledge of the rumored layoffs in the planning stages?
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So how is the morale there in Omaha? With Seanagra dumping the Christmas Lighting sponsorship and apparently moving slowly to dump the Seanagra Skating Rink? Did anyone really expect Sean to give a rat's a-- about Omaha once he move the HQ closer to... read more
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Smooth move Sean Bankrupt state

Total layoff count

We know that Seanagra is hiding the true headcount massacre. SP what is the true loss across all groups including outside of Omaha to date?

Sean Connelly, you giant bag of sh--

So many people at the downtown campus had their last day with the company yesterday. People who had been loyal and hard working employees for upwards of forty years. So many tears...but I'm sure that doesn't concern you Sean. Maybe in time these... read more

New digs in Omaha

I hear rumors that the new Seanagra way is to be pushed into cubicles hardly big enough to turn around in. Comment?
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Not discounting must not be over

At bakers in omaha cag frozen at giveaway prices. After sc said not discounting at quart meeting must have changed mind. You dont sell what you made it turns distressed. I left it on shelf. It can rot.

4th quarter

Profits fall 44% in the 4th Quarter. Could it be it is because you laid off all the people who actually know what they are doing? Like the Sales group? What a set of buffoons.
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More layoffs?

Wall Street analysts state there could be more layoffs in store for SeanAgra to maximize profits. Any rumors out there?
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Land Weston

So Lamb Weston is on the selling block. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!! Next stop. Massive layoffs for Lamb Weston.

Good bye Omaha

Good Bye Omaha. Hello Chicago. Murder Capitol of the United States!
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Illinois going down the fiscal tubes

Really great idea Sean. Move SeanAgra Headquarters to a almost bankrupt State. Someone needs to lay you off from your job.
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I hear no increase in pay was offered to you if you moved to Chicago. In other words you immediately got a reduction in your compensation as The cost of living is higher there. Any truth to this?


I notice Jana is hanging around longer. More juice to squeeze from the dying Seanagra husk. Bets are Lamb-Weston is next to be dumped.!!!

Moving to the murder capital

So.... How many people actually took jobs in Chicago?? I notice SeanAgra "declines to comment". My opinion, based on the above action, is very, very few.
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JM Swank got dumped today

In the latest attempt to destroy Conagra Foods .... Connolly sells JM Swank to a private equity firm.... good thing they got off the sinking ship that is conagra

Seanagra charitable contributions.

Do we know yet how much $$$ Seanagra is diverting from Omaha charities and sending to Chicago charities.? I suspect Sean will screw Omaha charities just like he screwed his employees.

Mike Harper RIP

A great Leader as opposed to the current Crapweasles in charge of Seanagra.
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Dear Sean and your Crapweasles

As I walk out the door of Seanagra the last time today I want to leave you a personal message. Neither I nor my immediate family, extended family and friends plan on buying a single Seanagra product ever again. The layoffs might have been nothing... read more

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