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And the clock starts ticking. The Chicago Teachers Union said on Saturday the countdown toward a possible strike had begun after it rejected the recommendation of a neutral... read more
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And the Chicago Teachers Union goes on strike....... Again

Chicago is still a fiscal mess Sean The city had hoped that by pointing to the steep increase in taxpayer-fueled contributions the law required it would be able to sidestep a widely expected... read more

CEO wastes his time on trivia

According to inside sources Sean is spending a huge amount of personal time and effort getting the new working spaces in Chicago and Omaha to his exact specifications. Sean, if you spent that much time actually working on things that matter maybe you... read more
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Hiring spree

Why is ConAgra trying to hire so many new people when they just laid off thousands?


Several of my Ex-Con friends have been shocked to discover that their ultimate replacements in the "New ConAgra" have ZERO experience at those jobs. They will be leaning as they go along. What a way to run a company.

Sales figures?

So are Sales up or down with guidance of our brilliant CEO?
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acosta hires few CAG'ers

Seems so few CAG sales are getting hired by Acosta. Another slap in the face to all CAG'ers. Make it look good, Sean and crew. You act as if those in sales will get new positions, with Acosta, then say Conagra has no input. What a miserable end to... read more

Sean and company really take the cake.

They layoff thousands of their best employees, force others to retire or else, start moving charitable contributions from Omaha to Chicago and move the corporate headquarters to Chicago. And now they want local restaurants to support they same... read more

Same old same old

Anyone notice that the new "Conagra Way" has the same principles as Rodkin's but just worded differently? Clever aren't they? Like we would not notice that it just hot sir all over again?

Lies Sean has told

Post your favorite boldfaced lie from our beloved CEO, Sean Connoly. 1). " The Heinz Kraft strategy to improve profits is not sustainable. We are not going to do that. ".

Lies Sean has told

Post your favorite boldfaced lie from our beloved CEO, Sean Connoly. 1). " The Heinz Kraft strategy to improve profits is not sustainable. We are not going to do that. ".
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Moving to Chicago?

With his personal bodyguards and fortress home I guess Sean still thinks moving to Chicago is a great move for us lucky ones who still work for the once great ConAgra. The father of a young woman who was struck in the head by a stray bullet in... read more

Plant reductions

So Sean and company are caught lying again. Looking at the plants for closures and headcount reductions. Do they think we are all stupid?
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GMO labeling.

Maybe if Conagra (little "a") came out as one of the first packaged food companies to support GMO labeling they would become the contemporary company Sean desires to be. Mechanically separated meat is delicious!!!!
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Council Bluffs.

An employee told The World-Herald that a supervisor at the plant informed workers in late 2015 that one of the nine lines would shut down in late February or early March. “They said not to worry — that there is nobody going to be fired, and nobody... read more

Chicago nightmare

So Sean. Chicago's Bond rating is barely above Junk Bond status. The debt load per capita is $62K. The schools are a mess. The murder and crime rate is still climbing And you still pretend that moving there is in ConAgra's best interest and not for... read more

The joy of Illinois

Great decision Sean.
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Agh. The joys of Chicago.

Yeah. Let's move to Chicago.
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I hope that no former ConAgran goes to Acosta.

Why should ConAgra benefit from our knowledge after they have let us go? Let alone only pay out 1/2 of the severance. I'm not applying, I already deleted the link to the micro site for Acosta. No way. You will also not get a car. Maybe get a car... read more

GO declines to move Headquarters to Chicago

Dear Sean, Please explain again why it is so important for ConAgra to move our headquarters to Chicago when GE declined to do so because the Public Union Pension funding debacle and the abysmal state of the Chicago public school system? Could the... read more

ConAgra Sales March 2016 Layoffs

Acosta Corporation will be taking over many sales functions, oh joys of outsourcing... Sales folks will feel what IT has experienced... "Customer Leadership" will be kiss of death for many in sales..

Penny-wise Pound Foolish

Sean: 1) How many thousand years of technical and Sales knowledge and experience did you kick to the curb in your quest to make things better? Do really think that can just be obtained or recovered from thin air? 2) So you saved a few millions... read more

ConAgra Bonus

Next stop on the train wreck is getting rid of any bonus programs. Except for Sean and his minions. They, of course, deserve them for the fine job they are doing for ConAgra's "Investors". You know that Venture Capital Vulture who owns large amounts... read more
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Crash and Burn!

I never thought I would be happy about being losing my job, but I am. Conagra has been taken over by the devil himself. I wont work for him or a company that outsources to other countries. I will never buy any of their products again and I hope that... read more

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