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CBAD is History.

All indications are that CBAD is soon to be sold to anyone stupid enough to pay top dollar for it. Almost zero Marketing support for this product line.
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A Special kind of stupid all over again.

It looks like our brilliant CEO (insert laugh track here) is going after Pinnacle Foods for the third time. Failed at Hillshire Farms and failed already once at Seanagra. It takes a Huge uncontrolled ego and a special kind of stupid to keep going... read more

The long and winding road to the bottom

Conagra Brands is down 11.73 percent. The Chicago-based maker of grocery staples such as Chef Boyardee canned pasta and Healthy Choice entrees is shedding low-margin businesses such as wholesale spices and cooking oil and ending cheap grocery... read more

Illinois Tax Increase

Illinois politicians have hit their citizens with a $5 billion, 32 percent tax increase. Don't give a damn that your employees are getting hosed every day, do you Sean? But hey. Your bonuses are great aren't they?


Since sales for CBAD went up rumors have it that the Chef is on the block to be sold to whoever Sean thinks is stupid enough to pay too much for it.

Stock repurchases

So our great leaders increase stock value by forcing the employees to sell their stock back to Seanagra . So much valuing your employees vwhat a joke.

Decline in Sales

Analysts covering Conagra expect the company to post sales of $1.9 Billion in fiscal 4Q17, which would be a fall of 34% YoY ( year-over-year). Worried yet Sean or are you still drinking the purple kool-aid?

Wesson Sale

I note they sold the BRAND not the Memphis Refinery. So they will layoff the entire workforce at Memphis. If I worked at Memphis I would find a new job as soon as possible since you will have no idea when they will eliminate your job. Another job... read more

Trying to hide the Chef?

A special kind of stupid

Just like Rodkin Sean tries to once again buy a company he failed to purchase the first time around. That being Pinnacle Foods. Although Sean failed this time, it takes a special kind of stupid to try the same thing all over again. But we already... read more

That is three recalls!

Conagra Brands is recalling approximately 700,125 pounds of spaghetti and meatball products due to misbranding and undeclared allergens, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Staurday. The products contain... read more

Brilliant Move by Sean

Moves to America's Failing State! llinois has compiled $14.6 billion in unpaid bills. It’s running a deficit of $6 billion and its pension liability has soared to... read more

Milton PA.

Verified in the media. Up to 150 third shift workers will lose their jobs this year at Milton. Sales must be tanking for CBAD. Anyone surprised??

Sean CONnolly Report Card 2017

Só far this year 2017 S&P 500 up 8% Pinnacle Foods up 24% Conagra Brands up 0.9% By any measurement Sean CONnolly's Leadership has been an abject failure. Maybe Pinnacle Foods should make an offer for ConAgra!

ConAgra buying Pinnacle Foods

According to news reports ConAgra is looking at purchasing Pinnacle foods in an panicked attempt to boost falling sales that are now firmly in negative territory. This is sure to result in significant headcount reduction ( a polite way of saying get... read more

6/1/17 Layoffs

Every location in the conga empire will feel the pain and some locations will be closed as we were told at chef Boyardee in Milton. We were told there will be 140 hr and 20 salary layoffs in the next few months as the next phase of savings kicks in... read more

Bye Bye Wesson

The first of the core Brands, Wesson, is being sold to Smucker's. Any word on the number of people being laid off? And which Brand is next?


Enjoy your "Summer Hours". It maybe the last one.

Stock still going to continue to drop.

ConAgra Foods Inc lies in the middle of a weak falling trend in the short term and further fall within the trend is signaled. Given the current short-term trend, the stock is expected to fall -8.5% during the next 3 months and, with 90% probability... read more

firings 5.15

can anyone post update on the layoffs that are occurring today? have heard it includes high up mgmt. in brand.

One more Recall! Another National Recall. How is that gutting your your Food Safety Team working out for you Sean?

Sean CONnolly.... Delusional to the very end.

Starting this summer, Connolly expects sales to start to grow again, and in 2019 and 2020, investors can expect growth to accelerate, which will have all the more impact on profits because the company has cut costs, he says.

The Death Spiral Continues

Mass layoff at Chef Boyardee.

Word in the area of Milton pa that mass layoff at the chef plant due to brand failure ,anyone have any info on this? Be a shame, 80yr brand destroyed by Conagra if true.

ConAgra Frozen Products

At my local grocery store I have noticed ConAgra Frozen Products lines with incredible discounts. Even their premium products. What is going on?


I have been told the ConAgra has been laying off individuals one at a time to avoid any required public notice. Any truth to this?

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