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Food & Tobacco
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ConAgra Foods, Inc. is a large US based packaged foods company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. The company produces and sells products under various brand names that are available in food stores and restaurants. Some of the brands owned are as follows (as of 2014): Alexia; Andy Capp's; Banquet; Bertolli; Blue Bonnet; Chef Boyardee; Crunch 'n Munch; DAVID; Dennison's; Egg Beaters; Fiddle Faddle; Fleischmann's; Gulden's; H.K. Anderson; Healthy Choice; Hebrew National; Hunt's; Jiffy Pop; Kangaroo; Kid Cuisine; La Choy; Lamb Weston; Libby's; Lofthouse Cookies; Manwich; Marie Callender's; Mueller's; Odom's Tennessee Pride; Orville Redenbacher's; PAM; Parkay; Penrose; Peter Pan; Poppycock; Ranch Style; Reddi-wip; RO*TEL; Rosarita; Slim Jim; Slim Jim; Snack Pack; Snap Into a; Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings; Swiss Miss; Van Camp's; Wesson.
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$17.7 Billion (2014 - Bloomberg)
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Customer Service Phone: 1 (877) 266-2472
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Topics regarding layoffs at ConAgra Foods Inc.

Townhall Thursday

Any guesses what the "ConAgra Way" will be?

Reply Replies 5

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Everyone!! forget all BS and enjoy the beautiful holidays!! Have a great holidays, and happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!

The 3G Way

Analysts think growth is impossible, that each company effectively has 100% of their possible market share, so the focus is now on making fierce cuts to improve margins. CAG is merely following the 3G lead in this way... I think they hope to become a... read more

Not Layoffs in Russellville!!

We are growing and going strong. Stop the rumors. God bless.

Closing our two plants next year

Announced last May that they were closing our two plants next year... 90 year old brand name and they are flushing all the employees and starting over in Iowa... Good luck, schmucks

Rumors in Walmart team?

A lot of management with the Walmart team has decided to take early retirement or leave the company. How can they make these decisions but can't give any clarification to the "grunt workers?" Decisions must be made already but I fell as though they... read more

They should fire all the aholes who use the handicap parking because they are too lazy to walk and not handicapped MGMT in central PA.

7 spots for the handicap and not one car with placards on them. Guess who is parking there the MGMT what scum. That's the problem with this company.

What about our 401K?

Should I be worried? Stocks have been awful the past 3 months.

Any update on California plants -- especially Helm?

We are all concern. Please let us know of any updates as we are waiting. Thanks.

Any IT updates

Has anyone heard anything more on IT?

Any word on Marketing Team Layoffs

Will there be any announcements this week?

Any chance this will affect mgmt. positions at plant levels across the company?

Figured that all salary were on the list one way or another?

Veteran's Day

A heartfelt Thank You to all the Veterans that ConAgra management has heartlessly kicked to curb.

Does anyone think there will be more than 1,000 job cut in Omaha?

Company in decline

Conagra is in decline shedding salary jobs and selling off divisions. The top people will get rich selling off brands until there is one or two left then conagra will be finished as a large food company. No need for employees if there is no work to... read more

Bad timing

Whoever came up with the plan for the layoffs has no heart. Seriously, why would you do something like this to employees (who are working every hard) during the holiday season. They should have put more thought into this - imagine how badly this... read more

If you are hourly, chill

Layoffs will be affecting salaried folks only, so if you are hourly chill. Also, we are all one ConAgra, so stay united, nothing happens in vacuum. Everything is interconnected here - so if they are cutting management, rest assured they are thinking... read more

Layoffs could very well happen into Q4

OK, this is based on De La Mater's email - have fun during holidays. Man, how brutal this is.

Saving money and loosing names.

I asked for an extended layoff to go back to school to get away from the demon conagra when they downsized PA but they said they don't allow that. Don't be afraid to say what you feel since they don't care about you in any form at all. Cannot believe... read more

Super excited for work now!

They are just waiting for the rest to quit so they don't have to give any severances. What utter horse s***. Super excited for work now!

Any news on layoff today?

Treehouse bought 33 plants.

Thank you Treehouse

Russellville - No layoffs

We are growing, expanding and adding staff


Some folks have received their good-bye package this past week. Do you want to share the general details, like base and weeks?

Anybody know how many people lost their job in sales?

Anybody know how many people lost their job in supply chain?

Anyone know how health insurance is hand in the severance package?

Will layoff affect Tn Pride Dickson,Tn

EBS. Who are they trying to fool

At the recent meeting of the EBS they told us because they were concerned about us no one would be laid off until after the holidays. Do they really want us to think they are benevolent or have they just not gotten it together in India yet and want... read more

Is Hebrew National going to be affected

Please let me know

Does ConAgra do voluntary layoffs?

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