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Unicorn Snack Pack Pudding?

And Snack Pack Unicorn Pudding is the best idea our Marketing geniuses can come up with? Really???? Seanagra is doomed!!!
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Sandwich Bros

So how many layoffs will occur at Sandwich Bros now that Sean has bought them?

Conagra air trans?

I’ve been out of the company for 5 years. Do they still operate an air transportation fleet with their own private aircraft or did Sean get rid of it? How about that fancy hangar in Omaha, is it still used as well? I couldn’t imagine Sean using... read more

Another recall. Great job Sean

Another recall. Kudos to Sean and his leadership team to over achieving again. When will someone buy this company and actually do something positive with it? I feel bad for all the dedicated employees who just want out but can’t because Conagra gave... read more


It is not their lack of experience or their lack of knowledge. It is their attitude. You are not special snowflakes. Nor are you smarter or more clever. College supposedly taught you to think objectively. It failed misersbly.
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Snowflake Generation

The news is full of stories of changes companies are being forced to initiate to keep the current college crop of Snowflakes from melting down. Since Sean has a policy of the younger and the cheaper the better, what is your experience with dealing... read more

Who decides?

As somebody said in another thread, they laid off some of the best and most loyal employees, and I'm trying to figure out whose bright idea was that? Who makes these decisions? Is it really all about the money? It's what you earn and not how good you... read more

Layoffs news?

Do we have any news on layoffs? It's been rather quiet around here lately, so I'm wondering if that's a good thing or a bad thing? The office has been quiet as well on the rumors front, so I'm leaning on the "good" side. I've been known to be wrong... read more

What you put up with.

If conagra didn't pay what they do it wouldn't have a workforce it would be a revolving door. But opportunities are taking place everywhere and the available workforce is quitting and going elsewhere. Maybe they should make some crow to sell. They... read more


Só Sean tries to dump the Wesson Brand by selling it to Smucker's. But the FTC slaps his hand and says NO! Time to dump this idiot.!!!

Not just the employees let's aim BIGGER!

ConAgra trashed the lives of many of it's best workers. But why stop there? Let's screw the entire population of California!!! "In January... read more
by | Post ID: @S2kqUuU
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Lay Off Benefit

I was kicked off with the benefit of about five months payment-$35000. Those smart managers trim their team as much as possible, which will secure their positions. There will be no reason to fire them as lower quality and cheaper new guys will need... read more

M and A

I am not that sure I am that impressed with Sean’s idea of good companies to aquire.
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Anyone else pissed off by how much our benefits are costing us?
by | Post ID: @RJfcbTJ
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Moving on

Any truth to the rumor that a significant number of people in Omaha have had enough of ConAgra and have elected to move on and work elsewhere?

let's rip off the California taxpayer

Sean CONNOLLY'S mantra of "Integrity in Everything We Do" apparently does not apply to those over taxed residents of California. ConAgra is a major player behind a ballot inititive that would stick the California taxpayers with clean up costs from... read more

Young and clueless but cheap

Anyone want to share their experiences with the young and clueless but very cheap replacements for the experienced staff Sean has laid off the past few years?


World class companies are given their employees a $1000 bonus due to the new Tax legislation. Third class companies like ConAgra give....... NOTHING. Thanks Sean.

New campus

Anyone notice that the proposed new buildings are many stories higher than the current ConAgra buildings? So they are just going to let all those views of the river go to waste. Just watch. Buildings 5, 6, 9 and 11 are doomed. Thank goodness I will... read more
by | Post ID: @QIM1XkT
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Real Estate??????

Can someone explain to me why our idiot CEO is getting ConAgra into the real estate and commercial development business at the old corporate headquarters in Omaha instead of focusing on manufacturing food?

Pinnacle Foods

Apparently our idiot CEO is still trying to buy Pinnacle Foods. Hopefully this will turn out to be his death rattle like Ralcorp was Rodkin's.

Holiday Luncheon

Let me guess. No Holiday Luncheon again this year. Hey Sean ever think if you actually did something nice for the peons that work for you they might actually feel some tiny resemblance of loyalty to the company? They might even work a bit... read more

And we are in Illinois because?

Unfunded state and local government retirement debt is more than $260 billion and rising. Unfunded pension liabilities for the nation’s highest-paid government workers (overtime starts at 37.5 hours) are $130 billion and are projected to increase for... read more

Special kind of stupid Part 10.

Sean continues to do the stupid stuff that he has done in the past. Now he is joining the boycott of a TV program. Join the holiday spirit and continue to not purchase ANY ConAgra product that puts monies into these idiots pockets. Dump Sean NOW.
by | Post ID: @Qf5a2ec
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Some analysts are changing Seanagra stock from a HOLD to a BUY. Stock is a a huge 51 week low. Someone out there offering to buy the company and line Sean and his thugs pockets with $$$$.

ConAgra Foods Layoffs 2018

Are you really telling us that things will be all fine and rosy - how come that there are many rumors about layoffs in Omaha.

Total failure of senior leadership

When Conagra turns down orders for some of its products due to its decreased capacity to produce them under the current leadership you know something is very wrong which is currently happening to one of its biggest brands. Sad day when FEMA wants... read more

Cooking the books

My impression of all the financial discussions is that Sean is just cooking the books to make ConAgra look better. This happened all the time here at Lamb-Weston.
by | Post ID: @PAyrKYL
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According to the "experts".

Conagra is a possible Jana Partners LLC target. In the past, Jana Partners urged the international agricultural company to split into two businesses. Jana Partners later sold its stake in one of those businesses, Lamb Weston Inc., which remains a... read more

Company strategy

Apparently the short term strategy is to cut back discounts to customers and keep the money. How long before they say screw you and go elsewhere?

ConAgra shares

ConAgra shares have fallen 16% on 2017 while the S&P 500!has gained 13%. Great job you are doing there Sean.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Multiple Stock analysis are recommending "Sell" on ConAgra stock.
by | Post ID: @PmZYWRa
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October 2017 layoffs at ConAgra

Layoffs at manufacturing plant levels and their plant management about to get on the way for the next month or so across the entire company at locations across the country. The next phase is about to be executed. Found this in another thread, I was... read more

High Risk Stock

Something odd is happening with Seanagra stock according to some analysts. They have also indicated that buying Seanagra stock is "HIGH RISK".

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