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Stock still going to continue to drop.

ConAgra Foods Inc lies in the middle of a weak falling trend in the short term and further fall within the trend is signaled. Given the current short-term trend, the stock is expected to fall -8.5% during the next 3 months and, with 90% probability... read more

firings 5.15

can anyone post update on the layoffs that are occurring today? have heard it includes high up mgmt. in brand.

One more Recall! Another National Recall. How is that gutting your your Food Safety Team working out for you Sean?

Sean CONnolly.... Delusional to the very end.

Starting this summer, Connolly expects sales to start to grow again, and in 2019 and 2020, investors can expect growth to accelerate, which will have all the more impact on profits because the company has cut costs, he says.

The Death Spiral Continues

Mass layoff at Chef Boyardee.

Word in the area of Milton pa that mass layoff at the chef plant due to brand failure ,anyone have any info on this? Be a shame, 80yr brand destroyed by Conagra if true.

ConAgra Frozen Products

At my local grocery store I have noticed ConAgra Frozen Products lines with incredible discounts. Even their premium products. What is going on?


I have been told the ConAgra has been laying off individuals one at a time to avoid any required public notice. Any truth to this?

Stock Buy Back

Ethical and honest corporations can increase their stock value by buying back stock on the open market. Dishonest, corrupt and unethical corporations, like ConAgra under Sean CONnolly,, do it by forcing their loyal employees to sell back their CRISP... read more

Horrible place and company to work for.

People getting hurt due to job combining and nobody cares. Being discriminated against when you call out mgmt. on company violations and now harassment when they get heat from corporate. A layoff would be a gift at this point. Nobody believes in the... read more


I have heard reports of additional layoffs in December Any truth to that?
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Move to Chicago

Ever wonder what the real reason for the move to Chicago? In Omaha, with its smaller corporate base the CEO could sneeze and it would make front page news. In Chicago,with its large corporate base and a very corrupt city and state, ConAgra can do any... read more


Why is SeanAgra forcing employees to dump their ConAgra or Lamb-Weston stock in CRISP?

Laid off now. What happens now to my 401K?

I was recently laid off from the company in December. I received a letter about my 401K in CRISP today notifying me that I need to move it or cash out by 03/04/17. Is a sale of the company approaching? I don't even know what to do with it, any... read more

Only a matter of time

Higher management sources in Chicago are openly stating that is only a matter of time before Seanagra is sold. The Crapweasles in the corner offices are in the process of milking the company for all the goodies they can award themselves. Sales were... read more

Lump Sum Check

My Lump Sum check arrived on Saturday December 24, 2016. Mailed via USPS. Mailed so as to arrive over the Holiday weekend. Can't be mailed to my IRA utill Tuesday December 27 thereby giving Seanagra at least a week more of interest gained from MY... read more


You need to scroll down through all the threads to see any new posting. At least I do.

The future

The last time ConAgra had massive layoffs this happened. Expect the same problems in the... read more


Recommend reading the comments about the current Seanagra. Some kool-aid drinkers, some fairly observant comments and some really hard hitting views of a great company being driven to extinction by a set of fools.

One year

For most people it was exactly one year ago the Sean, his crapweasles and his minions walked the greatest group of people out the door. Thousands of years of real experience that could have save Conagra from her now enevable doom at the hands of a... read more
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Don't forget to make your opinion of Conagra Brands and Sean Connoly known on Glassdoor. Hopefully he can be in the top 10 worse CEO list where he belongs.
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Sound familiar?

Kraft Heinz Company (NASDAQ: KHC) Rating: 2.6 CEO approval rating: 24% Employees: 42,000 Industry: Food manufacturer Kraft Heinz produces some of the most popular consumer brands in the country, including Kraft, Heinz, Oscar Mayer, Jell-O, Planters... read more
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Pension question

Been hearing some former employees getting lump sum offer. On pension. I have received no offer yet. Any word on offers good or bad?

Snake oil salesman off my screen soon

Sam reed introduced himself to every omaha employee yesterday. No need for him to hide and have armed guards. I am sure he sleeps better at night than sc. Employees actually like him. What a change. He reminds me of mike harper, who would personally... read more

Chef Boyardee Plants

Any rumors or info on layoffs? I hear they have been running 3 to 4 dy weeks for the past 6 months. Is the brand failing or is it mgmt. failing it? Stock is sliding quick and the .25 per share dividend is a joke.

Nothing new?

So any good rumors from the remaining people? I hear the common communication from management to their underlings is "We don't have resources for that".
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The reward of Leadership?

So the reward for trashing thousands of employees, the City of Omaha And the State of Nebraska is $10 million dollars. I hope you choke on it Sean.

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