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Bankruptcy on the Horizon?

Conduent on the hook for $500 million to $2 billion in Texas Medicaid Fraud Lawsuit. Overview Financial Impact... read more

Seattle Layoffs by Conduent (2018)

here is the business journal article - it's not accessible any more conduent, federal way, seattle -- Source: By Jim Hammerand – Managing Editor... read more

Major Conduent layoffs in July 2018

Federal Way is about to be hit, and hit hard. More than 300 employees will be shown the door. Two years after a hiring spree in Federal Way, Xerox spinoff Conduent Inc. says it will eliminate 304 jobs starting July 31... read more
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Last week Conduent layoffs in U.S.

US just got hit friday. Many key people with years of in-depth knowledge to the accounts were let go. I don't think the company knows what direction they are headed in. Has anybody heard about this? This is the first time I heard about any layoffs... read more

Overworked employees, gone...

Guys - just an FYI, I know that you know it but here it goes in writing - Conduent's staff essential to completing failing projects are being released without even notifying fellow overworked employees that they will have to pick up the slack for... read more

All Employee Town All

"All" employee town hall broadcast from a secret location with Mr A*COC in a small closed room limited to upper executives. You do not need to say more about the mentality. Cut U.S. Jobs and hire low I.Q. and low pay foreign workers and collect the... read more

Consulting announcement

Monday, 4/30 the announcement will be made. What was traditionally Buck Consultants will be spun off from Conduent, but not ALL. Good luck to all being set free from Conduent’s tyranny. Condolences to those left out. You will find something new and... read more

May 2018 Layoffs at Conduent

The next wave is US sometime in May, deep cuts to continue the move to India, no plan on how 24/7 support would work and they keep saying we are moving to an IT first company.. You can’t be an IT company when top resources are being fired or... read more

How long will India last

Conduent is moving everything down to India. The real question is, at the current payrate, are they really recruiting the best people? And will that offshore support with such different schedule be sufficient for the business requirements? I frankly... read more

More info on layoffs

From what HR told us yesterday, there will be 3 waves of lay offs in Guatemala. The first being on june 01, the second one on june 29 and they didnt told us about the third one, but I guess it just a matter of who is left at that point. From... read more

Lackawanna WARN Notice Lay off 149

See the following link for the layoff notice for Lackawanna PA May 24, 2018

Global Webcast

Ashok and his crooked friends will be putting on a webcast where they will brag about cutting costs (people) and destroying lives. You know - that is where the creeps gather in a small room at some undisclosed location, far away from any contact with... read more

Coduent Email Server Outage

As it turns out RokShit, DumShit and AlShit were told to move the email server but since they have little English and comprehension skills they thought they heard "remove" So the server is somewhere in Pennsylvania at a county scrap metal recycling... read more

Conduent Email System is down - Worker(s) on Strike?

More than likely a remote worker threw in the towel and figured they'd get around to fixing it when they feel like it. Maybe a DDOS attack from somewhere? One thing is for sure - they cannot keep systems running on the $5 an hour slaves in India... read more
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Today's All Hands Town Hall

It sure was an all hands Call. A total Corporate Circle Jerk session that lasted 86 minutes and leaving 3 minutes for Q&A Employees wasted 90 minutes attending. No Dial in because they are too damm cheap and did not want anyone speaking out against... read more

Today's magic number is: 11,829,474

That is Ashok Vemuri's compensation for 2017, as reported in the recently released Conduent Proxy statement. Clearly, the leadership of this company is sharing in the sacrifices they have asked all employees to make. Now enjoy your 1% pay raise (if... read more

What is Really Going on in India?

As we continue to move work offshore, we see our India teams struggling with the new work. We know more work is going to move over to India. Are they really preparing for this new work by hiring and training staff in advance? What is the real truth... read more

Too Bad!

Upper Management recently ordered all remote workers to report to the nearest home office. Some remote workers were hired with the express understanding that the job was a remote job, while many others have been working remote for many years and have... read more

Would you recommend Conduent to your Friends?

Hello people out there, would you recommend Conduent as a workplace for your friends or relatives? I have checked Glassdoor reviews and the company have 2.5 rating. Your comments here looks brutal. Is it that Glassdoor is flawed?

RIP sorry RIF

massive layoff happening every where thise left be serious.. today may be you escaped but tommorrow your chance


Is it just me, or has Conduent just decided to skip any raises for this year?

Severance cut again!

Did you know that severance is now capped at 4 weeks no matter how many years of service you have provided past 4 years? No company announcement of course.

Remote Workers

So first they announce everyone will be getting merit raises for the first time in years to get workers to complete their performance assessments. Merit raises turn out to be jokes, was told I was lucky to get 1%. Then they use those assessments to... read more

They lie through their teeth

So, Conduent routinely evicts employees on a week’s notice, slashes benefits and bans remote workers. Yet, below is verbatim how they describe the environment to prospective candidates on their website. Buyer beware. These people lie. “Career... read more

Kochi - IN Layoff

Kochi India hit by layoff again on 28th March. This time all the employees whose ratting 1 on last appraisal got effected.

Sequence of Events

First, they laid off US workers, replaced them with Indian workers. Now even India is expensive, they are laying off Indian workers. Everything shrinks, except executive paychecks and bonuses, that is the only part that is getting very very much... read more

Conduent Employment

Conduent screws everyone. I agree with the person who said you shouldn't be bigoted. Sure there is a big push to decrease the High Cost center areas (USA) and increase low cost center areas in India but make no mistake, as soon as India is not the... read more


Today, Lot of people in Kochi-IN already hit by RIF . Count is unknown as it was department wise. Seems company planing to SHIFT all their operation from Kochi ---------> Visag RIF process will be through out 2018 & 2019.

Any news on March layoffs?

Have there been any news about the March layoffs at Conduent? I'm asking about the US. It's already nearly half of the month, and things have been awfully quiet. Almost like a calm before the storm. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I guess this... read more


Major layoff coming for USA and Guatemala, push is to be all in India..

Sale of Conduent HR Consulting

As no surprise, the consulting business is close to being sold. This was alluded to in a Q3 earnings call about a $250-$500 divestiture. The business never fit into the Conduent small profit/large volume model and consulting employees too many... read more

Layoff Feeling

“I’ve got that layoff feeling, whoa that layoff feeling. I’ve got that layoff feeling, Remotes will be gone, gone, whoooooa.” “Got our self-assessments due one day before a townhall meeting....yeah, yeah, yeah. My meeting lasts for the whole week... read more
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