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Conduent now $3.67 - All Time Low and in Egg Territory

Which is the better deal? A share of Conduent for $3.67 or a Six Pack of Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs for $3.68....? One thing is for sure. One is perishable and the other has been rotten from Day One. Stay away from this company.

Conduent was a $23 stock 18 months ago

Now in the mid $3 area. Quite impressive! Burning Cash and with plans to go further into debt, it may last another 18 months. Corona inspired QE5 may extend that until 2022/2023 when the massive debt notes are due.

Conduent Alert!!

Heard that few executives associated with the top level managements with 15+ years of service (ACS, XEROX and Conduent) are left as of last week. Looks like they might have some insights about what's in pipeline which we don't know yet. Anyway, Don't... —  read more 

CNDT down another 5%

Stock is tanking as is the company. Huge January Texas Medicaid Fraud Payment is due. Conduent execs are sure to get huge bonuses so they get whatever cash is left before the whole thing goes under.

CNDT Stock Price is $4.70

Watch out guys!! Next earning date is Feb 18th to Feb 24th. Their main goal is to increase the stock price, management will do anything to keep market happy not you, so be vigilant!!

Any ideas why this is happening?

Funny how they RIF people, and then have recruiters call those people in order to fill openings. Had a call recently and was told the 6-months waiting period that was in the RIF package would be waived if I was interested in coming back - and... —  read more 

New Year

How’s everybody doing? Things stable here and Town Hall was good.

Let the RIFs Begin

Thanks Conduent for the BEST Xmas gift. RIF’d 3 weeks before Christmas. Apparently there are a bunch today. Watch out

Everything Must Go - Pre Bankruptcy Sale

Q3 results bad. Company has $236m in cash. Burning around $50m a quarter and $118m in Cash must be paid for Texas Fraud Settiement in January 2020. Selling anything and everything.

Conduent Is Not Paying Vendors

They are not paying vendors for critical software applications and just letting the software license lapse. Many systems have been impacted. It is only a matter of time before this whole thing goes under.


Every company in the US lays off anyone age 50 or above in the FIRST rounds to save money on medical costs. Welcome to the nightmare of being labeled a Baby Boomer during the reign of the Millennials. Experience does not matter anymore....cost... —  read more 

Layoffs Oct 9, 2019

More layoffs today. Last Friday and now today. Same groups. Why not just announce them all last Friday and be done with it? This is terrorizing to keep with the constant RIFS when you know you’re gonna have to let people go. Why not just do it all... —  read more 

5% RIF Last Friday - Lack of Information

There does not seem to be any information about the RIF last Friday. Where did the cuts occur? (divisions, groups, locations, managers or low-level emps only) There is no doubt that this company will cut anyone regardless of the work they do... —  read more 

Stock Below $6 and dropping

1 Year ago , over $20 - today less than $6 I'm sure that when they annouce the massive cost-cutting layoffs the stock will get a temporary boost. But don't worry employees, your 401k match will be back in a few YEARS.

Big Job Cuts Friday

In keeping with the rotten tradition of getting rid of people just before a major holiday. You're terminated and have a wonderful Labor Day.

Two More Board Members Quit

"A Conduent board member, who was singled out by Carl Icahn’s appointee for contributing to the company’s falling fortunes, has resigned. The business process outsource company announced the resignation of William G. Parrett, the former chairman... —  read more 

Has Grand-Pa Icky lost his magic touch?

Both Conduent and Xerox have been using the same playbook - move work to India, cut already meager employee benefits, create a very expensive, ruthless and unethical executive team, etc. And for what? Conduent stock price is down 75% since separation... —  read more 

Conduent Might Get Put Up For Sale

In the Q2 Earnings Call, they mentioned looking into various ways to deal with their financial situation, including selling off parts of, or even the entire company. It didn't sound like it's definitely the way the plan, but it's something they told... —  read more 

Q2 Losses

$1 Billion writedown. The solution? Hire more sales people. Other than that a bunch of bad sh– will be flying the way of U.S. workers (what's left of them) Pay Cuts are coming to drive more people out and straight Job Cuts coupled with... —  read more 

Conduent Recent Disaster Recovery Drill

This week Conduent had the annual Disaster Recovery Drill The result was that a long list of major systems failed! Now the executive level management is tweaking the results so that they can report to auditors (and clients - the real customers) how... —  read more 

CTS/ITS needs new leaders

Leader RIFs or resignations have been focused on the business side management chain. Little done to hold accountable those who caused significant damage to the development engine in the company through unnecessary reorganization, obstructing progress... —  read more 

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