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Did you hear that thud?

Did you hear that thud? It was Conduent falling out of the Fortune 500. "Overall, New Jersey gained one company in the 500, as Zoetis, in Parsippany, came in at No. 487. But it also lost one company, as Conduent, in Florham Park, dropped to No. 517... read more

Missed forecasts

No wonder we miss our forecasts and deliver disasterous results, it’s all complete air. Never seen such management style in my life. Leaders promise numbers to the top then go back to squeeze and beat the sales teams to magically come up with the... read more
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When will it start?

And how bad will it get? Conduent leadership will have to make up for these disastrous results and a drop in share price somehow, and sadly cutting more employees is the easiest way for them to do so. So buckle up everybody, this ride is about to get... read more

More layoffs

Q1 call stated that Government and Transportation were problems. The company is still cutting costs. In absence of new growth, the way to recover stock drop is to say you’re cutting more.
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Ashok announces he's stepping down as CEO.

Do you think it's a good or bad sign for the company? To me it looks like he's getting out while the getting is good. Found his exit in the board of directors at Kroger, then went "See ya s---ers! I got mine!" Or did Icahn's coup attempt actually... read more

Surprise Meeting Tomorrow

Just got an invitation for a team meeting for tomorrow morning - no subject mentioned I do not see any team member names missing so other than the boss himself quitting It must be something worse like an "across the board" pay cut or something else... read more

Severance just two weeks?

The severance was 4 weeks and now because the company has money issues you will only get two weeks no matter how many years of service. This is a sinking ship and will lie and take you down with it! Get out now! Is this true? Some people are saying... read more

Tee up the Exec All Hands

In one week 3 leadership meetings. They all say the same thing- nothing. “It was so hard for us to make decisions about the 401k and the health incentive and give you low raises and bonuses.” Cry me a river. Read the resignation letter posted in the... read more

Icahn’s game

Take it from an ex-Xerox employee. This could be the beginning of Icahn's takeover. I don't know what agreement Icahn had in place with Conduent, but the one he had with Xerox stated that if Xerox gave Icahn a seat on the board and direct access to... read more

Reviews? Anyone get theirs yet?

It's now April and I still haven't had anyone sit down and talk to me about a review yet. I don't know of a single other company that would let this still be unresolved after the month of March. Is this unique to our office? Have other offices... read more

Leaving for greener pastures

I've been unhappy at Conduent for years now, and I've finally made the decision to leave. I finally got tired of nepotism running rampant and in-company politics that affect my work on daily bases. Tired of toxic work environment and incompetent... read more

Atlanta, GA Office Possible Shutdown?

I overheard a comment by a coworker that the Atlanta, GA office was probably going to be shut down soon, although it sounded like at least some people would be working from home afterwards, possibly all of them, so maybe no layoffs. Might want to... read more

Horrible management, worst technology

Not sure what is worse at Conduent currently - the management or the technology we use everyday. Majority of the management is just awful and make me wonder how they even managed to land their positions in the first place. I guess nepotism reigns... read more

Houston Office Shutdown 12/31

The layoffs were apparently announced a couple of months ago, but they went into affect 12/31. The following article says that 78 jobs will remain, but I've heard from those that would know that the Houston office was shut down (it's possible those... read more
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Layoffs Ready to Begin Any Moment

After waiting it out for a year in hopes that I would find a home at this company after 3 years of being shuffled around to a new position about every 8 months, I think the dread of what has kept me from sleeping for three years lurks right in front... read more

No honesty towards the workers

I really can’t imagine how the company can expect any significant results from the workers if they keep lying to our faces and treating us like commodities. They say they promote certain values, but in reality they do just the opposite, they say our... read more

2019 buyout

Just got word Conduent is being bought out in 2019 and the new company is leaving some of the projects behind. That means major layoffs are coming. Be prepared people!

So many layoffs, yet so many job openings

How does that make any sense? Why lay off all these people just to turn around and replace them within a week? How is that good business? And if it's jobs in other departments, why not at least give people who are being shown the door a chance at... read more

Conduent strike in India

Do you have any info on the strike in India? I am in the States but I hope the worker gets what the worker needs no matter where the location is. Good luck!

Last week's layoffs at Conduent

Do we know by now how bad it was? I've heard of a few people being laid off, but it doesn't seem to be one of the bigger rounds. Unless it was only the beginning and we can expect more cuts this week? Is that a possibility? Basically, any more... read more

Tallahassee Layoffs

State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: Conduent Commercial Solutions, LLC Number of Laid off Employees: 194 Address 1: Address 2: 2324 Killearn Center Blvd. City: Tallahassee, FL WARN Notice Date: Mon 03/19/2018 Layoff From: Thu 05/17/2018... read more
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Colorado Springs Layoff

I just got laid off from the Colorado Springs Location. I worked there for over 4 years, in the time I worked there I saw our GM sock another sup in the back of her head, I saw a floor support hit an older lady asking a question because he was... read more

Conduent Education Layoffs in NY State

The layoffs are almost monthly at Conduent Education Services... See the report dates below and you can read about each line in the link below: 1/18/2018 2/20/2018 3/13/2018 4/3/2018 5/2/2018 5/15/2018 7/11/2018 8/22/2018 Source:... read more
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U.S Senators Call for Investigation

U.S Senators Call for Investigation of Road Toll Systems Vendor Conduent is hip deep in government contracts. Some may say it is "Crony... read more

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