Topics regarding layoffs at Conduent

Topics regarding layoffs at Conduent


Is a total SHI-T-SH-OW Dozens of Id--t Project Managers scrolling through incomplete and inaccurate monkey made spreadsheets marking things as "COMPLETE".

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What is our strategy???

Need to better define how we change our current situation, still very unclear. Debt, investment, products, modernization, value proposition. Town Halls not providing hard hitting answers to real business questions,,,happy talk won’t change our... —  read more 

More info on future layoffs?

In Monterrey Mexico they are about to lay off the Xerox LATAM DMO team, the ones who were supposed to be laid off by the end of June. Supervisor is giving training to some dudes in Chile i have heard... seeing them getting the boot after giving... —  read more 

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So Quiet

Postings here have really quieted down. Is that because everyone who had a voice either left or has been laid off? Or perhaps we are all just blinded by our fearless leader rattling off 'inspiration' quotes since he is at a loss for his own words... —  read more 

Job Cuts Friday

Last Friday of the quarter. The Furloughs are just the warmup. HRS has a FREEZE in place - no explanation for it either. Somebody up high knows they are going to get rid of a lot of U.S.A people. They think by freezing everything for... —  read more 

CEO Town Hall

A lot of talk all begging the question of how long it will be before the company goes belly up, but one thing is for sure, all the talk of essential vs remote vs office will only quicken the process of more offshoring. U.S.A. jobs no more. —  read more 

Covid19 PPE

Are your colleagues in the field getting PPE? Mine are scared to death and dealing with management that think masks are unnecessary. I'm scared for them.

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