Topics regarding layoffs at Conduent

Topics regarding layoffs at Conduent

There are no winners

It's been a little over a month since the last layoff round and I'm at the point where I wish I was among the laid-off group. We lost several people and since then we've had to do our and their jobs with no indication of when we might get some... —  read more 

Hiring freeze

I personally know two people who are employed during the hiring freeze. On the other hand, my workload hasn't been reduced at all, in fact, it is higher than ever. Does anyone have any idea how many people total were employed during the hiring... —  read more 

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2022 and 2023 Outlook

What happened to the growth? Revenue is decreasing by $200 Million in 2022. Cliff is saying it is due to COVID stimulus going away. What the heck is the Sales team doing besides getting paid. What a train wreck … Conduent is supposed to be... —  read more 

A lot of damage is done

The best of the best are long gone. Conduent did its best to get rid of the most talented ones who otherwise might have stayed here longer. I don’t know how is the situation on your team, but we are missing some of those people a lot. My team is... —  read more 

Here we go

Supreme Court blocks Biden vaccine-or-test mandate for large businesses

We need layoffs

Only Trigger to pull in order to align expense to revenue is layoffs. Issue is that Conduent hires too many expensive people in the US / Europe. That don’t actually produce results! Look at all the Cliff Skelton directs gone in last year that did... —  read more 

Fewer people are leaving

I'm surprised that attrition seems to have slowed down lately, when in most of the companies people are leaving in higher numbers than ever (I guess everybody is trying to take advantage of the current job market). I wonder what's keeping everybody... —  read more 

Stock, easy to explain.

Easy explanation _—- the company isn’t profitable and will never be profitable. The mountain of debt is crushing, the products are out of date, new disrupters appeared in almost every segment with cloud native tech. That is ok if you are growing... —  read more 

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The CFO Exited

The CFO of the company exited to be the division CFO of another company (UPS). I have never seen a public company CFO take that sort of a step back. Any thoughts on this??

Company Metrics

Operational: Time to install Oracle client software. > 6 months Time to build a new server. > 1 year Time to clone a server. > 6 months Time to restore files from Iron Mountain tape backups. > 6 months Time to take a VMWare snapshot. > 3 weeks... —  read more 

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