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Today, Lot of people in Kochi-IN already hit by RIF . Count is unknown as it was department wise. Seems company planing to SHIFT all their operation from Kochi ---------> Visag RIF process will be through out 2018 & 2019.

Any news on March layoffs?

Have there been any news about the March layoffs at Conduent? I'm asking about the US. It's already nearly half of the month, and things have been awfully quiet. Almost like a calm before the storm. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I guess this... read more


Major layoff coming for USA and Guatemala, push is to be all in India..

Sale of Conduent HR Consulting

As no surprise, the consulting business is close to being sold. This was alluded to in a Q3 earnings call about a $250-$500 divestiture. The business never fit into the Conduent small profit/large volume model and consulting employees too many... read more

Layoff Feeling

“I’ve got that layoff feeling, whoa that layoff feeling. I’ve got that layoff feeling, Remotes will be gone, gone, whoooooa.” “Got our self-assessments due one day before a townhall meeting....yeah, yeah, yeah. My meeting lasts for the whole week... read more
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TN WARN Notice,_LLC.pdf layoff of 94 employees effective 28 Nov. 2017.

Let the countdown begin.....the end of Q3 Exodus

Say goodbye to your remote workers. Say goodbye to anyone not chosen to move to NJ, CO,KY, or NC. Say hello to more developers headquartered in France. Say hello to more schedulers from Earnest and Young. May Conduent get what it gave all of its... read more

Countdown until the End of September

How many of you really believe remote workers will not be let go at the end of this quarter? How many of your managers are having daily secret meetings as far away from the staff as possible? How many of you have been left with little or nothing to... read more

Loss of Talent and Attrition

I was with Buck Consulting, the company was bought and sold 3 times over several years and it took a toll on pretty much all folks with several waves of reorganizations, layoffs, mgmt shifts, employee attrition, etc. Some of the best clients were... read more
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How big was this wave?

Do we know how big Friday's wave of layoffs was? I know of a few people who were let go, but it doesn't seem like this was as big as some of the previous ones. Conduent is getting smart, they're really making sure to keep this under wraps and avoid... read more

Many layoffs August 18, 2017

For a company that sells business process outsourcing, they seem cavalier about the care of their product. What will they sell when there is no one to work? Perhaps they are grooming the company for sale.
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Layoffs at end of September

Any news as to the number of layoffs in September to make the books great for the fourth quarter? Think this is when they will let all of the remote workers go as they won't be paying most of them any severance?


Don't step in the is worse than cow - sh_ _!

My last day

Norhing like a phone call first ting in the morning to tell you "thanks and we've tried to keep your job" ...whatever. Been looking for a job as I knew it was coming

Location location location

Work from home? Good bye... Work from a small site? Good bye... The one thing this place seems to be doing well is moving fast to slash and burn. Those left standing and up carrying the load. Humans not allowed. You've been warned.

Personal phones

You realize all of you that allowed this cheap company to use your personal company to convince you to use your phone as a company phone has access to all of your personal information and can track down everything you post from your personal phone... read more

Cio hiring

Is it true that cio has hired her daughter and introduced to people in meetings the same week Conduent shut down sites and fired q0 percent? I hope not. That is just wrong.

Student loans

I work for the student loans and there will no more in we will all suffer from job loss has anyone heard when this will happen around about?...and how...we only have Jamaica. Mexico and the left. They already got ride of the... read more
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Conduent Outsourcing to India and Lays People Off

Layoffs are constant at conduent... In total, 10% of the workforce was let go and this was massive, many lives were affected and morale tanked so low as all of know that things will get even worse. Conduent management wants to offshore to India as... read more

Laid off in June

I got laid off in June from Irvine branch.
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New Announcements July 6 July 06, 2017 04:10 PM Conduent released a WARN notice today ahead of the layoffs announced for its Webster plant this fall. According to the notice, 129 people will be let go from the... read more

No wonder

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