Conn's Inc. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Conn's Inc.

Layoffs in Smaller Volume Stores

It was announced Wednesday that staff reductions are happening across about 50 stores. Impacted associates have been informed. The operations manager position has been eliminated and staffing in store support positions such as CSR and... —  read more 

Shake up?

It hasn't been reported but word around the corporate office in Beaumont is that there was a big shakeup within the company recently, particulary with the legal department and another department. A few my former colleagues over there have reported of... —  read more 

Cuts in Woodlands?

I think store in all areas: Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma might be affected. We'll see how things develop. Amazon is hurting everyone, look what happened to Best Buy. Electronics and appliance business is a tough one, thin... —  read more 

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