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Severance Accrual

As a result of staff reductions occurring throughout the year, severance accruals of $70 million were recorded in 2018.

Develop and retain a talented work force.

We strive to attract, train, develop and retain individuals with the knowledge and skills to implement our business strategy and who support our values and ethics. To this end, we offer university internships across multiple disciplines to attract... read more

2019 Layoffs

Just heard layoffs planned again; Houston plus about-to-be sold BU’s. Lower 48 gas natural gas prices too low, plus cash flow. Anyone else?


It’s actually the opposite with me: I work about an hour, take 7 off, and my boss is clueless. What a great company!

No layoffs still complaining

I don’t understand this crowd. No layoffs in 2019, all the best VCIP, best company to work for and still see the foxes complaining about sour grapes. Can someone explain this behavior.

"I" for Irony

One of those I's in SPIRIT has to be for irony. I mean why else would you spotlight an engineering supervisor for international women's day that intentionally undercut other women in the wells group to get them laid off and get rid of actual... read more

The annual post VCIP exodus is upon us!!!

Remember that good employees quit because of: Lack of appreciation and support No opportunities to grow and learn. Lack of integrity by their superiors. Lack of trust and respect. Challenges to the status quo met with negative consequences... read more

Topic for Discussion?

Since COP traded as pure E Dividend: $2.76/share 03-06-2019 closing share price: $68.29; Dividend: $1.22/share Annualized Share price appreciation has been less than 3 percent Dividends have decreased 55 percent Shareholders have not done well May... read more

Blind app

Folks Please download and use the Blind app from App store. Tech industry uses that, and it is completely anonymous. People discuss the kind of things we discuss over here. However, you don't have trolls who don't work in the company, just screwing... read more

Permian Batterry at 495 mega watt
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Monday Town Hall Questions

(1) The company has a long history of exaggeration, going back to gas-to-liquids, carbon fiber, Exploration, Deep Water “discoveries”, etc. Just about every major project has come in needing a supplement, with more costs, delayed later first... read more
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North sea drilling

I have just returned from a conoco Philips contracted rig in the north sea and could not believe why they put so much pressure on the guys as drilling ops was far to fast it's humans out there not robots. These guys deserve better from a massive... read more

Hiring Communications Analyst

A couple of the requirements that caught my eye from the actual posting: "Experience in change management" "Establish and track metrics that measure communications effectiveness tied employee engagement" But I think the most interesting requirements... read more

Trust HR?

Can HR be trusted? If I need to talk to a HR rep, should I be on guard? Do they use information against employees? Are they really partners, or enemies?

Haters be hatin

Look at the results in market today. Boi o boi I am so laughin! Haters be still hatin. Chug away you toot.

L48 Lack of Focus on Permian

You know for a company that keeps saying that the Permian is a big part of our future you really think the company would do something about the issues in the teams associated with the asset. In the implementation team there are not enough people... read more

What do you admire about ConocoPhillips?

In honor of ConocoPhillips being named to Fortune 500's world's most admired companies list, please share something that you admire about ConocoPhillips.

Survival Tips at COP

I hear COP is hiring again, including poaching externally, less than 3 months since the last layoff! As such, the timing is perfect to share The Seven Survival Tips for a Job (NOT a Career) at COP: 1) Negotiate really well prior to being hired, as... read more

Survival Tips at COP

I hear COP is hiring again, including poaching externally, less than 3 months since the last layoff! As such, the timing is perfect to share The Seven Survival Tips for a Job (NOT a Career) at COP: 1) Negotiate really well prior to being hired, as... read more

Let's all go crazy!

With the recent negativity in company in general why not take this new year as an opportunity to recognize our strengths. I say let's start listing all the positives you see from day to day activities at the company. It could be as simple as biggest... read more

A Note From Our “Leader”...

Happy New Year, minions! Here’s a brief review of 2018. In February we cancelled ECO and announced the end of layoffs during a nice VCIP announcement. We were already right sized! Plus Harvey was tough for the bureaucrats here. Future reductions... read more

I feel bad for those left

I came back here for fun after being let go a few years ago. I would say I feel bad for the amount of apparent bitter, hate still here. I look at other O&G operators and see nowhere near the level animosity, hate and discontent on similar "layoff"... read more

ConocoPhillips swaps assets with BP

It was announced from the company that ConocoPhillips completed the sale of it subsidiary that holds 16.5% interest in Clair Field assets at the same time acquired 39.2% interest in assets inGreater Kuparuk Area in Alaska and 38% interest in the... read more

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