Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Five-fold profit leap Unfortunately, I don't have any hopes that we will somehow benefit much from the fact that Conoco reported a five-fold increase in profit from a year ago... —  read more 

Flex schedule

Airbnb just announced one of the most flexible work policies in the world. Work from any office or your home. Live anywhere in the country and get paid the same no matter where you live. You can even live abroad for 90 days at a time in a country-... —  read more 


My posts keep getting sensors on this site despite there being nothing in the T&Cs against what I am writing other than it goes against the liberal agenda. Real close to quitting site for good.

Annual Merit Increase

Curious how people are feeling about the annual merit increase this year that averaged 3.5% company wide, while inflation rages at 7.9% y-o-y at the last reading? Essentially, the average employee got a 5% decrease in purchasing power for 2022. Will... —  read more 

SPR Release

This is the silliest strategy for lowering pump prices I have ever heard of. When the last release occured, the price went down for all of a few days. And today, oil went down from $110 to $102, that won't even filter down to a change of gasoline... —  read more 

JJ was right about RL

At the time of the split, JJ said RL was more of a good old boy than a leader capable of growing and leading the company’s upstream plans. JJ thought RL incapable of identifying true leaders, was more likely to choose those he personally liked, and... —  read more 

Talent and skills

Talent and skills used to be very important. Now it’s like those things are at the bottom of the list of priorities they look at when hiring new employees? I have a feeling that everything is more important than actual skills and talent.

After the mass exodus

Believe it or not, I don’t have a single colleague who isn’t thinking about leaving or hasn’t seriously started looking for alternatives for themselves already. I'm just worried about what everything will look like after the mass exodus, which is... —  read more 

Stock Price

Since TLO focuses on negatives oftentimes, let's take a minute to celebrate stock price hitting $84, striking distance to the July 2014 ATH. The market has confirmed that the concho and shell acquisitions were great. I haven't checked lately, but... —  read more 


COP somehow are still trying to convince me I need a vaccine when a) many of the vaccinated people I know got Covid in past 3 weeks (this they can contract and spread just as an unvaxxed) and b)of everyone, vaxxed and unvaxxed, I don’t know anyone... —  read more 

SLT continues the lie

The lie started with the email about Stat holidays in 2022. Parade Day was taken away and one of the first reasons given is that GCS is not accessible. That's a flat out lie. We all know the building is accessible during the parade, you just can't... —  read more 

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