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Lower 48 Town Hall

What were your first impressions of our new leader? What was the core message? What did you read between the lines?

Changes coming to L48

Our new leader is making the line changes that the hockey player was afraid to do. The RBU and MCBU will merge into one BU. Many more Permian assets will be sold because their NPV is worth more on the market than sitting neglected as we focus on... read more

Exploration townhall

Fantastic exploration townhall this afternoon - 3 presenters, 1 accent. Doing great on the inclusion front!


Did we just ADD a layer at the most senior management level?

Oil Price U-turn!

Wall Street need a pullback so “OPEC” provided the catalyst for that. Get used to that!
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This has got to be a joke

I think we are all set on correct path for nothing but positive news only. Do not worry about layoffs here, we are positioned to provide stellar performance. There are no companies out there with lowest BOE/employee number as per reports. Is this for... read more

No layoffs?

There has been zero talk about layoffs since the announcement about 450 jobs being cut in UK over a month ago. Does that mean that we really are doing much better and we can finally relax and remind ourselves what job security feels like? Or am I... read more

Bartlesville-Dress Code

Does Bartlesville have a different dress code? I was there last week and noticed very few people wearing business attire. Come on people you are working for a billion dollar oil company!

May 15 Shareholders Meeting Questions

Besides the office, aircraft, and drill-ship contracts, what other leases have we entered into which we never substantially used? Who has been held accountable for these? Operating costs have gone down company-wide. A significant reason is due to... read more

Showing the muscles

Love how all the PDVSA vs COP drama is unfolding. What a strong CEO to stand up against international bully and getting our stuff back. No other company dared to take such steps.

Beating estimates since 1875

We are so proud of the fact that we have beaten the analyst estimates consistently since many a years. Future is all but bright here for anyone looking for carrier.

Perhaps COP is doing better than we supposed?

Is it easier to make a smaller company turn around then a big company. That is the cause of the stock uptick and positive sentiment we are experiencing. It does not mean the management is good or better than before just less stuff for them to screw... read more

Positive spin posts

All positive spin posts are getting deleted. I think fake news and their followers have taken over. Use your own judgment.

To all the current Bozos Directors/Managers/VPs

Maybe management can learn a thing or two from this video: Best quote: “if you are a great person, Why do you want to work for somebody you can’t learn anything from?” Well, I guess it is different. After it is the oil... read more

12-Month High This Week

To paraphrase Reagan, here we go again. Our stock hits 12 month highs, completely due to our genius management, so they pat themselves on their backs until they get blisters. But this isn’t my first rodeo, so I’ll make some predictions here: At the... read more

Last Year’s Shareholder Pay Vote

Note that 60% shareholders voted against the executive pay at WPP for Sir Martin Sorrell, versus 68% against COP leadership. This says a lot. Yet our response was “we’ll take the vote under advisement...”

ConocoPhillips to cut 450 jobs

ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP) says it is cutting ~450 jobs across its U.K. operations by 2020, following its decision to halt oil production in the southern North Sea. COP currently has a total of 1,300 onshore and offshore staff and contractors in the... read more

Best in industry median salary

Wow COP seems to have best median salaries in the entire industry. I don’t know of any other company with great other benefits too. Our EF operations are the best not in us but the world as per The Beeville Bee-Picayune. I will never think of... read more

So What has Changed?

So what lessons have we learnt over the last 3 years, that we have learned from and changed to be a better company? What mistakes are we continuing to make, and why?

Stockholder Vote

Anyone want to guess if we will exceed expectations from last year’s vote that our executives are overpaid? No matter the outcome, they will “take this vote under advisement”. I personally am voting against their pay. I’d welcome a vote on TAKING... read more

COP positives

With all this negativity I thought why not start a thread of only positive comments about COP. I mean come on we all deserve a pat on back for such phenomenal last year! If you can’t post positive please move along and make your own thread. My 2... read more

Why there's so much anger and fighting..

Very simple. Statistically, around 85% of working Americans have a car payment, big mortgage, and loads of other debt such as credit cards or school loans. Then of course there's the details behind these loans, such as over half of Americans s---ered... read more
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Tired of Living? Come to

If the two whiners on this site had any guts, I'd recommend some good counselling, instead of sharing their tired old groans here over and over. Please move on. You complain about working at COP, but you wont leave. We'd really be happy if you did... read more

Any more info on this?

Some positions will be eliminated when L48 BU is realigned and we move into EC4. Still indecision on Bartlesville to move it all now or a little at a time. Anybody has any more info on this, per chance?

More layoffs?

Anybody else wondering when we can expect more layoff announcements from ConocoPhillips? It's been a bit too quiet lately...

Holy c,;p how did we lost 855 MM

How come we lost 855 MM in 2017, I thought we made money and was in jolly good mood due to VCIP. Can someone shed light on this in simple to understand English ( no finance terms like equity).

Why Can't We Have a New Office in Midland

OXY, Chevron, EOG, Pioneer, Apache and now Anadarko either have new offices or are building new offices with amenities like child care, fitness accommodations, cafeterias. Why not us. We want better. We deserve better. This place is a dump.

Ending this page with bang

ConocoPhillips greatest company in the world all other companies are run by little girls. ConocoPhillips number ten exporter of bitumen! Other companies have inferior bitumen. ConocoPhillips home of the Bartlesville swimming pool it's length thirty... read more


pretty sure i've said it before, but my lasting legacy to COPC is seeing "Uncle Ryan" become the ubiquitous moniker for our clueless leader. still cracks me the fk up. to this very day. but hey, commodity prices are up so we should all pretend that... read more

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