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Ending this page with bang

ConocoPhillips greatest company in the world all other companies are run by little girls. ConocoPhillips number ten exporter of bitumen! Other companies have inferior bitumen. ConocoPhillips home of the Bartlesville swimming pool it's length thirty... read more
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pretty sure i've said it before, but my lasting legacy to COPC is seeing "Uncle Ryan" become the ubiquitous moniker for our clueless leader. still cracks me the fk up. to this very day. but hey, commodity prices are up so we should all pretend that... read more

COP Alaska farms out exploration

Could never find anything as COP, so why not let the real independents find the oil and gas for them. Bloated with idiot management, many hapless facebookers, and senior brown nosers. Let's cheer them on with our "SPIRIT."

Happier now?

Do folks feel rejuvenated and excited after VCIP and “no ECO action” announcement or will we see a mass exodus after pay day? While the extra money is great and keeping colleagues employed is nice.... I can’t help but feel disappointed that the ELT... read more

I'm not getting VCIP!!!

I was let go in 2017 during the last round of reductions. Part of what I was told during the exit interview was that I'd still qualify for some VCIP when it was announced this year. Now, I just got some mail on Saturday from my wonderful COP HR... read more

VCIP Prediction

Corporate - 120% Safety 170 Ops- 130 Financial - 50 Strategic - 200 TSR - 50

Climate change lawsuit against COP

Fake climate change bs... NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 2, 2018 / -- Former Attorney General of Louisiana, Charles C. Foti, Jr., Esq., a partner at the law firm of Kahn Swick & Foti, LLC ("KSF"), announces that KSF has commenced an investigation into... read more

Finally Over for a while.

Waited to see if Ryan would touch on the next ECO. But nothing like that in his speech, and we have a lot to do with Alaska and other growth opportunities. So I feel like the axe is put away until he next big dip in oil. Feels nice to be generating a... read more

VCIP percent

Let’s find out what all the BU’s got for VCIP.... Alaska? L48 Corp Canada AU

Layoffs still coming

Don't let the salary adjustment or the VCIP announcement or the price oil distract you from the looming layoffs.

Bitter, spiteful and unable to let go

Why is this forum a magnet for old and bitter souls who just can't let go from COP? Continuing to post the same old pointless complaints, but wanting to know how the company is continuing to operate. Some of you even pretend to still work at COP and... read more

Yay a 3% COLR!

That brings us to a total of 6% for the last four years! Wake the hell up management! People are walking out the door droves. Going to other companys in the same position, for a 15% salary bump.

Rehiring former employees

Does anyone know if COP will rehire folks who were part of the 2015 - 2016 layoffs? How do you know if you are eligible ?


Well, this is my first week back after several weeks vacation. I thought I'd be re-energized and invigorated. I was. Until I entered the complex. This first week back was so bad. Everyone I talk to thinks this place is horrific. Management is... read more

What’s the news in Calgary?

Is it all hunky Dorey now that oil is above 60? What’s happening with Surmont? Still the issues with blowouts of steam? How about GCS? All that cash spent on one building and no one to fill it? Wow! Rumour and lies are fun to read and fill my... read more

ELT forgot about ECHO project?

I wonder what is going on with ELT? No communication whatsoever on ECHO project? I think we will start hearing after earning call. A note saying timeline will be very considerate to ease off the stress.

so quiet?

I guess oil looking over $60 is enough to distract from the looming reorganization coming at COP?

Surmont Blowout

I used to work on a rig up there and heard from a buddy there was another blowout up there this past week. Anyone have news and how big it was?

ELT's poor decision

I don't hold the ELT accountable for product prices. They should be held accountable for poor decisions: Over-spending when the company split and planning only for good times. Believing the lies of Exploration and the biases of country and project... read more

Leadership Forum

In case you're wondering what the minimum compensation is for these Top 100, here it is: Minimum base annual salary $850,000 VCIP base at least 150% of this Guaranteed stock options Employment contract: if either side decides to terminate, three... read more

It continues

We’ll COP things have not gotten any better for Cenovus. Announcement today they are laying off 15% of their staff. Again I ask why did they take so many COP staff. Bad deal for Cenovus.

Y'all know the layoff is coming next March, right?

Maybe just the holidays, but I noticed employee postings slowed down on this board. The Eco layoff is still coming next March and L48 is still consolidating into one BU before the exodus from the comfortable HQ complex. Don't drop your guard...

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