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COP best place to work

As per the new polls Cop is the best global company to work for in the world. Just search it on net. Anyone spreading false news and badmouthing the company should be worried now.

Some good points why workers are quitting ConocoPhillips

It’s quite simple actually. Conocophillips handled the downturn extremely horrible and employees saw that. Literally non-stop fear and anxiety for many many folks. Conocophillips is engulfed in internal politics, bureaucracy, and corporate red tape... read more
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Why are people quitting?

Since it was stated that people are quitting left and right....would anyone care to comment on this. Is it due to poor company morale after the layoffs for the past 3 years? Poor company performance or just that things are busy and people are getting... read more
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GPBU Townhall

Didn't everyone love the town hall? When you present a "word cloud" that your 350+k/year leadership team worked on at an offsite like a high school student council on a leadership retreat its a great use of time. Especially when one of the words is... read more

RSU Vesting

If you left the company last month what date do your RSU’s vest in your Merrill Lynch account?

Another asset sale

Woke up with news of another asset sale a few days back. Not that it’s not common but it felt like we are selling company in bits and pieces to get through another quarter of poor performance. I am now firm believer that company is intentionally... read more

Bartlesville Layoffs and Closure

Although Bartlesville narrowly escaped this time, it's time is obviously limited. No new hires want to be stranded in Bartlesville and most of us want to transfer out of Bartlesville at first opportunity! Even our friends that were laid off in... read more

Need a Lawyer

Can somebody recommend a good lawyer? or share any experience with this?

Age 55

To the ignorant know-it-all’s and trolls who insulted me, read the huge complicated employee benefits handbook. Read carefully, and you’ll find the “rule of 85” and the age 55 number. For those who insulted my post, how would you like it if at age 15... read more

Expert Witness

Any bids out there for someone who could burn this house of cards to the ground with accurate, inside information about how poorly this company has been run for decades?

ConocoPhillips parody film?

Interesting look at life and layoffs in oil and gas by a former CPC employee. I... read more

Does anyone else wish they were let go?

Seriously, this company is pure evil. The damage done is generational. All so some butt sniffer can get their next promotion and rung on the ladder and no regard for the impact to actual people of their short sighted decisions

Employees leave bosses not companies

It’s been said many times but the harsh truth. Employees who get laid off or leave on their own are all responsibilities of (except some real bad cases) the supervisors. It’s supervisors job to keep employees motivated and recognize their efforts... read more

My Short Good-Bye

Long term employee here, let go last Monday. My background: many of you know me. Hired directly out of college, now layed off several months before I was able to retire at age 55. After our leader said “no more layoffs” in February I thought I’d made... read more

Previous Post

Read the post “July 26” from more than two months ago, and see that almost all of these predictions from three weeks before 2nd quarter results have come true.
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Bartlesville closure

Bartlesville survives another year, how long can they continue to survive? If you live and work in Bartlesville and you are not close to retirement age then transfer to Houston or go to work for another company if you can sell your home. One thing... read more

Next time

Peace out, to. Have yourself a good year, an we see ya next year, right here.

The price of not being diversified

This couldn’t be more true, not only from investment point of view, but also from the aspect of the Conocophilips’s future. Too many companies way ahead of us. When oil takes a downturn on the world market once again, and it will, putting all eggs in... read more

Deck Chairs Reshuffled

....but the same management. Still too many layers and top heavy, I guess it gives HR a job prepping for the next round in a year.
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Layoffs will keep happening

Look at number of employees at our nearest competitors. EOG for example has one fifth the number of employees that we do. We have five or six times if not more employees than comparable E&P companies. This is what Wall Street keeps pointing out and... read more

The unconventional powerhouse that isn’t COP

We have yet to drill a profitable well in the Delaware, yet we have a large group that still works the asset? How much money has that thing s---ed up as of yet? Same for Niobrara, we walked on a billion dollar deal only to continue pouring money into... read more

Bartlesville Town Hall

From Ryan’s mouth at the Bartlesville Town Hall just now, “We are not and we will not close Bartlesville”

DSG is Trash

The reason so many geologists were let go is because of the software they use. If they were allowed to use something other than DSG they'd be able to show the company how great they are and would still be here. The software was holding them back!... read more

Improvement Suggestion

Here is my suggestion on how to improve this site - It'd be good that when any topic has a reply it is bumped to the top of the list? It would save looking up and down to check what discussions had the latest replies. It would save a ton of time and... read more

How many more will be laid off?

Look at number of employees at our nearest competitors. EOG for example has one fifth the number of employees that we do. We have five or six times if not more employees than comparable E&P companies. This is what Wall Street keeps pointing out and... read more

What layoffs?

What layoffs are people talking about? Where I am, we didn't have any layoffs today nor did we hear about any anywhere in the company. Is somebody trolling us or is something really happening?

What is this company thinking?!?

Seriously, I’ve seen some solid folks get layed off today. Like folks who are top performers that I’ve worked with. And some that I was still working with. FOLKS WE SHOULD NOT BE LOSING! Some in Land/Surface Land, some in Projects, and one other in... read more

Is Bartlesville having layoffs?

What's happening up there in Bville? We heard only four got laid off yesterday so sounds like you guys were pretty much spared! We haven't seen much happening down here either. Maybe just BU's this time?

A metaphor from the Anadarko page...

Lol, I guess we’re not the only ones... A Japanese company and a North American company decided to have a canoe race on the St. Lawrence River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race. On the big day, the... read more

What a rough day !

I don’t get it. We are the only organization having layoffs..... what number are they trying to get down to....

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