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More cuts?

People have been mentioning May as the month when we can expect more layoffs at COP. Has that been confirmed or debunked? Haven't heard much one way or another.

Energy industry

If you had a son or daughter about to go to college, would you encourage, or discourage them in planning for a career in the oil industry? I may not recommend against engineering or geoscience, but think I’d push them away from focusing in petro... read more

Hidden costs of layoffs.

How much “value” or savings have our repeated RIFs generated? What are the hidden costs? In our case with multiple rounds the hidden costs are even larger IMHO.

Acquisitions in O&G

So market rumor was OXY (a smaller company than COP) was able to offer a deal to buy $33 billion company. It took me 3 days to digest this information. How is that COP a bigger company selling assets and a smaller company able to offer to buy an... read more

Nothing to see here

Don't worry about somebody buying COP. Nobody wants us. Don't worry about us buying another company. Quite simply it's not what we do, we sale things. Buying stuff does not let us buy back cop shares. Don't worry about layoffs. Every worker that has... read more
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Extremely worried

Lately very few news are getting around regarding the future cuts and such decisions. Constantly being questioned to justify our existence and petty spends on legitimate value adding projects. Keep asking same questions differently and preparing... read more

Exxon is Coming

Rumor has it that Exxon is eyeing COP up for it's L48 position! Share price is less than when we split in 2013. Plan is to keep the US assets, dump the international stuff and close the HQ.

Development Moves About to Happen

Development moves are about to happen. Remember, this is only to appease the cry that the company doesn't care about development, not to actually do something real problem at the scale it needs to actually be done. With these few moves they will be... read more

Never have I ever

Worked with such a mean, bitter, and disfunctional group of people. Sprinkle in technical incompetence, over-confident, dis-honest, lack of vision, no strategy, dis-loyal, slandering, vindictive, entitled, and much worse.

Severance Accrual

As a result of staff reductions occurring throughout the year, severance accruals of $70 million were recorded in 2018.

Develop and retain a talented work force.

We strive to attract, train, develop and retain individuals with the knowledge and skills to implement our business strategy and who support our values and ethics. To this end, we offer university internships across multiple disciplines to attract... read more

2019 Layoffs

Just heard layoffs planned again; Houston plus about-to-be sold BU’s. Lower 48 gas natural gas prices too low, plus cash flow. Anyone else?


It’s actually the opposite with me: I work about an hour, take 7 off, and my boss is clueless. What a great company!

No layoffs still complaining

I don’t understand this crowd. No layoffs in 2019, all the best VCIP, best company to work for and still see the foxes complaining about sour grapes. Can someone explain this behavior.

"I" for Irony

One of those I's in SPIRIT has to be for irony. I mean why else would you spotlight an engineering supervisor for international women's day that intentionally undercut other women in the wells group to get them laid off and get rid of actual... read more

The annual post VCIP exodus is upon us!!!

Remember that good employees quit because of: Lack of appreciation and support No opportunities to grow and learn. Lack of integrity by their superiors. Lack of trust and respect. Challenges to the status quo met with negative consequences... read more

Topic for Discussion?

Since COP traded as pure E Dividend: $2.76/share 03-06-2019 closing share price: $68.29; Dividend: $1.22/share Annualized Share price appreciation has been less than 3 percent Dividends have decreased 55 percent Shareholders have not done well May... read more

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