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What's the scoop in Canada?

Any word on selling the BU? How about staffing reductions? The mood s---s in Calgary.... always waiting for the email to say reductions are starting soon....

The Future

Eco implementation

I know field personel in the Bakken are extremely understaffed. I would imagine it's similar elsewhere? To layoff more people who actually work would be crazy but without a doubt we still have plenty of management overhang. Do you think this next... read more

EOI request?

Can you ask to be laid off when there aren't any planned? I'd walk away tomorrow or transition out over a several months if offered a package similar to those granted over the last couple of years. My guess is that this would be rejected outright and... read more

Why in the world did we do this?

The purchase of 27 million shares suggests an outlay of approximately $1.2 billion. How many Eagle Ford, Bakken and Delaware shale wells could have been drilled? At $1.2 MM/well, the $1.2 B would provide funds to drill 100 such wells...100 wells and... read more

Reorg and Layoff timing

With Houston offices closed for at least a few weeks, is any decision/communication/action from ECO delayed? Harvey has at least given us something else to talk about, but are we really going to let a bunch of people go after all many have been... read more

Surmonster no more!??

I heard that CNRL bought a big piece from CVE and have also bought the rest of COP Canada but won't be a solid purchase and agreement for another week. Here is hoping that will drive up COP's pathetic stock price.... please lord let this be true!!!... read more

This site isn't as anonymous as you may think

If you think you are anonymous on this site, just press F12 while in your browser. What do you see? Your network address - now press the network button and you will see more details. You can even see who uses AT&T or Comcast and there is a few from... read more


I used to consider myself lucky to be "saved" by Hilcorp thinking that even though I may make slightly less money at least I would be free of all the negatives that COP possessed. Unfortunately the ONLY difference is that I make less money. So really... read more

Kudos for COP Management

Paid Time Off Interest Free Loans Outreach program These are just some of the things COP is doing during the storm to make sure their employees are ok. I talked to some people I know from other companies and they didn't get all of this. Good job COP.

Houston, you're in our thoughts

Does anyone have any information on how many of our folks have been significantly impacted? Any photos or infor on the offices? Hope we have flood insurance, we don't need more bills to pay. Wishing everyone in Houston the best!

ELT - Please Explain Insider Trading

I selected a few US Oil Stocks and compared insider trading (buy/sell) over last 12mo. Data from here - COP ranked dead last in the net number of shares bought by "insiders" (directors and officers)... read more

Why I work for COP? Positives

I am persistent like our beloved President. Last time nasty people got access to my thread so I am reposting. With all this negativity, I wanted to take time to recognize why it is worth to work for COP? Only positive comments please, let the Lord... read more

The Reality Of This Board Is Clear

This site has become awfully quiet with the hurricane going on down south. I think it's a clear sign that most of the bickering is from those who are now forcefully preoccupied. Once the waters recede, maybe you should consider working more and... read more

Reductions deferred to 1st quarter next year

Reductions deferred to 1st quarter 2018. This way executives get new stock options and grants in February, then consolidation takes place, so they get more goodies in their golden parachutes. It's what we are. Did I miss something over the weekend?... read more

Lesson Learned

Having a backup plan for your Home Office makes sense for a 54 billion dollar company

What He Should Have Said

In the past months, the ECO project has consolidated benchmarking and analysis for us. Here's our path forward. We rapidly realized our problems are greater than simply the Center, so we changed our team name to Energy Company Optimization to address... read more


Operations is apparently "in the zone"...and all else "with few exceptions" are "above the median". Ha! No kidding...the people in the real world are taking care of business (because they have to, to survive), and the... read more
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Why I work for COP? Positives

With all this negativity, I wanted to take time to recognize why it is worth to work for COP? Only positive comments please, let the Lord bless your heart. Someone can start another thread for negatives. My first positive is VCIP, I have yet to meet... read more

Shut Down Bartlesville.

Are we going to continue to drag this out until next year or are we going to start getting some planning and blue print of how and when Bartlesville will be shut down? We are seeing more and more coming down from Bartlesville and seeing them placed... read more

What has our CEO achieved?

Under our CEO: market value has declined; dividend income has been slashed; employee head count has been reduced with more reductions coming (and coming and coming and coming...); assets being sold in low commodity price environment (would think this... read more

Blind app

There is an iPhone app called Blind where you can post stuff about your company anonymously, but only folks in your company can see. It needs a company email to join - inside the app you are anonymous. I think it is a much better platform to discuss... read more

COP anthem to cheer patriotic sprite

Why all sad feces and negativity? cheer up with this song This is loosely based on song from movie Borat. ConocoPhillips greatest company in the world all other companies are run by little girls. ConocoPhillips number ten exporter of bitumen! Other... read more

It's What We Do (RL Letter)

There's a lot of smart people in the company. And even some brilliant and wise ones. The solution to our problem is obvious: cut layers, cut management, cut bureaucracy, and yes, cut people, because the necessary work is much less than we are... read more

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