Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips


Seems to me there is no curiosity here. No one wants to listen to new ideas, or alternative paths, or just simply answer simple questions. The vast majority of work is pushing projects in your area or answering questions from above. Are all majors... —  read more 

Increased Security

Why the increased security today? There were security folks at each garage entrance standing there watching people enter then a security person between elevator banks in SP1. Is something going on today that I was unaware of?


Micromanaging employees here is nothing new, but I think it's bigger now than ever. At first it was an annoyance, but now it's a major pain that I don't want to bear anymore so I'll give notice soon. I believe the figure of how many people have... —  read more 

Party Planning Committee

Can someone tell the party planning committee that it is nice for the company to try and have a fun event, but don't do it in June when it is (literally) 100 degrees outside. I wanted to sit out there and enjoy some mingling and live music, but I... —  read more 

Welcome Interns

Welcome interns! You'll have a summer of being impressed, whisped around to different BUs, travelling to and fro constantly, meeting with important people, talking about the future constantly. . . . . then you get hired and put on your rubber boots... —  read more 

Investor Day

Maybe this is the wrong place for this, but I was extremely optimistic after the investor day. Lots of excitement around LNG and a compelling story about reserves and a long runway of production at a lost cost of supply I did take the time to read... —  read more 

People want proper raises

I can't believe that the leadership still doesn't realize that it will hurt this company in the long run if they don't give the employees proper raises to keep up with inflation. Have you given up hopes that we will be paid adequately?

Third Times a Charm

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the company is bleeding talent. The vast majority of high performers have left for greener pastures, leaving the remaining to pick up the slack. Compensation is lacking far behind competitors even at the... —  read more 

Never ending “adjustment“

We’re in an era of never ending “adjustment “ and it’s been going on since 2015. Sure there was a bit of a break after the big one in ‘21, but it’s never really over. Keep your office sparse and your options open my friends. I hope everybody has... —  read more 

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Next layoffs round

Does anyone have any idea when Conoco is planning to have the next "reorganization," also known as mass layoffs? I heard rumors that the company is looking to take advantage of the current environment when everybody is laying off so it's less... —  read more 

Concho Managers

Just a heads up to everyone. I’ve been told by Concho head managers (I am a hCXO) that ConocoPhillips managers don’t promote. This is the opposite of my experience. Concho managers hold resentment towards any employees trying to further progress and... —  read more 

Executive Bomus

Alright everybody let’s start the running. By running I mean do we think the executives will top their highest bonus, stock incentive, etc because of the record year even though the TSR (their job) was quite poor. Unless there is some crazy stock... —  read more 

Midland Movers

Heard a rumor here in Houston that everyone who moved to midland in the past 36 months is going to be permanently employed in Midland. Zero opportunity to come back to Houston. No matter who says what in your chain. Any truth to this. Was asking... —  read more 

Game room

Curious how many folks out there are using the new game room in SP1. What do you like to use, how often do you use it, and for how long at a time do you use it? was it money well spent by the company?

forced ranking

I just saw this thread about forced ranking at ConocoPhillips it was started in December 2020. Is forced ranking still in place at ConocoPhillips in January 2023?

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