Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Why wait until Feb 15?

If the shareholder vote is going to occur tomorrow then why wait another month to implement the changes that have most likely already been decided at this point? Lower 48 has been pretty tight lipped regarding information and no signs indicate... —  read more 

Happy New Year

Back this week, I’ve had a lot of vacation time to reflect on why we remain so messed up, and wonder why I’m dreading going back. So, a couple of things— First, we lack a proper peer review process, and/or a post-audit feedback methodology... —  read more 

EOI Update

Here’s an update on EOI (since our transparent communication process is not working): (1) ELT caught off guard by the number of folks who requested EOI. 60% greater than what they’d “hoped” for. Will require a lot of work on how to respond... —  read more 

Cost saving idea, Contracting

Why is ConocoPhillips paying $58 and hour to contracting companies to provide skilled workers, when the workers are working for 50% less wages than permanent employees. Just pay these contractors their pay directly and get the contracting compaies... —  read more 

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Dominic Macklon Video

Saw this filed on site yesterday The Integration Planning Team (IPT) remains hard at work to successfully bring Concho and ConocoPhillips together, while also addressing the ConocoPhillips-specific cost and capital savings workstreams. I... —  read more 

It was a bumpy ride

After 40+ years in the industry it’s time to hang my hat. I’ve seen a lot of changes, a few of them okay, but most made me scratch my head and think “you stupid id–ts”. I’ve gotten too old for all this bureaucratic nonsense and other things I see... —  read more 

Year 2020

Is it just me, or has anyone left else noted in our online meetings that both our CEO and CFO added a lot of “poundage” since we’ve been shut down?

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