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Bartlesville Divestiture

I've heard from a reliable source that after we complete the UK divestiture, Bartlesville will be next. Apparently we've already received bids from the Salvation Army and United Way for all of our OK assets.

Price Drop

$25/bbl price drop... watch for our incompetent management to start layoffs in 2019. But they are paid well to make these tough decisions!

Is RML really committed to Inclusion?

RML talks a lot about inclusion but really missed an opportunity have the composition of his ELT be representative of 50/50 males & females. Optimistically I’d like to think that HS as the lead of HR will have the opportunity to sit on the ELT like... read more

Closing Bartlesville is nearing

COP CIO has announced that he is "all in" with the cloud, that should start the downsizing of Bartlesville IT. Phillips 66 is doing the same thing and their layoffs are to resume Jan 1 2019 in Bartlesville/Worldwide. I am guessing the next two years... read more

Bad decisions

Problem is that COP has let go those who have experience and know what they’re doing. Now, inexperienced people are running groups and they have no clue. Not their fault. Just bad decisions by higher ups.

UK would seem to be next to go

Looks like the latest in the increasing amount of asset sales could be the UK, with media reporting keen interest from elsewhere. Shame, the North Sea is proper oil territory and I enjoyed going to Aberdeen. Divesting seems to be the way though.

Good time to CLOSE Bartlesville

Our next recession has started which will require more adjustments. Closing Bartlesville offices should be high on the agenda. Completing move to Energy Centers and closing Bartlesville will be some of our first moves along with centralizing all... read more

Life is good

Got a job in few weeks after let go. Got package and now enjoying working in busy asset with lot of drillings. My feeling right now is similar to watching hunger games movie for all folks in EC3 and Main Complex while eating popcorn and drinking... read more

Collateral Damage

Sadly, it was decided that I was no longer a necessary part of ConocoPhillips last September after many years of loyal service. I receive a decent exit package which has given me some time to start a side career in online writing. But more... read more

Who wants to go to work in Bartlesville?

Let's take a survey of how many would go to Bartlesville if a job opportunity were offered? If you were told your job was moving to Bartlesville would you move or resign? I you are already working in Bartlesville would you transfer out if given the... read more

Going forward

Henceforth, I commit to avoiding this website. Even though I think you are wrong and unjust in many things, I am finished with the anger and slander

Simple cuts presented as brilliant strategies

Found this article to be a load of bull mixed with a lot of kool-aid for us to drink. I get that the leadership wants to take credit for good Q3 results, but presenting simple cost-cutting and selling off assets as a brilliant business strategy is an... read more

Resenting this company

Dishonest hypocritical supervisors are the new normal. Lovely culture you guys are promoting but who cares, you can roll in your cash and have a good laugh at the poor s---ers who you step on for your own gain.

Leadership changes

I don’t see anyone posting about this, so here it is. ConocoPhillips announced leadership changes that will take effect on Januar 1st 2019, as a result of the announced retirement of Al Hirshberg. It was announced that Matt Fox will take the role of... read more

Executive Churn

Read my “July 26” post from 3 months ago. Another prediction comes true today. There will be more.

COP best place to work

As per the new polls Cop is the best global company to work for in the world. Just search it on net. Anyone spreading false news and badmouthing the company should be worried now.

Some good points why workers are quitting ConocoPhillips

It’s quite simple actually. Conocophillips handled the downturn extremely horrible and employees saw that. Literally non-stop fear and anxiety for many many folks. Conocophillips is engulfed in internal politics, bureaucracy, and corporate red tape... read more
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Why are people quitting?

Since it was stated that people are quitting left and right....would anyone care to comment on this. Is it due to poor company morale after the layoffs for the past 3 years? Poor company performance or just that things are busy and people are getting... read more
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GPBU Townhall

Didn't everyone love the town hall? When you present a "word cloud" that your 350+k/year leadership team worked on at an offsite like a high school student council on a leadership retreat its a great use of time. Especially when one of the words is... read more

RSU Vesting

If you left the company last month what date do your RSU’s vest in your Merrill Lynch account?

Another asset sale

Woke up with news of another asset sale a few days back. Not that it’s not common but it felt like we are selling company in bits and pieces to get through another quarter of poor performance. I am now firm believer that company is intentionally... read more

Bartlesville Layoffs and Closure

Although Bartlesville narrowly escaped this time, it's time is obviously limited. No new hires want to be stranded in Bartlesville and most of us want to transfer out of Bartlesville at first opportunity! Even our friends that were laid off in... read more

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