Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Safety, People, and Delta

We all know that safety and people are the first and most important part of SPIRIT values. With the highly infectious and contagious and deadly delta variant being spread like wild fire now, does that mean that ConocoPhillips will send all employees... —  read more 


The only people who grumble on here are former employees laid off over the past 5 years. Everyone still here is happy, approves of the company’s direction and leadership, and enjoys what they do for a living. Let go of the anger people.


COP will never lead or transform their culture to attract the best of the best, they are just to closed minded..........I'm retired now and I worked for them 20 plus years. During COVID I was able to produce more and get more work done than ever, and... —  read more 

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Stock Price vs. Headcount

Our stock price is the same as it was 14 years ago in 2007. There’s been peaks and valleys for sure, but where’s this “smart growth and superior returns” we keep hearing about? I’m just not seeing it. The share buybacks began with the first couple... —  read more 

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Look for a way out

If you're not looking to leave you're making a mistake. It's obvious that this place does not have a bright future. The company will continue to cut and shrink until nothing of real value is left. And once that happens, its days will be numbered... —  read more 

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Concho Folks

This was posted on the Concho site before the merger. Concho folks, now that we’ve lived together, how true is this? ———- 10 Things As a ConocoPhillips’s employee I’ll offer you some insight into our new company. And don’t forget (because our... —  read more 

Feeling the Love

You do a search for “TheLayoffs Conocophillips” and the first thing that comes up is an ad for “ConocoPhillips’s Responsible Production” Why do I think someone in the company is paying someone’s search engines ? Feeling the heat? —  read more 

Spread positivity

I read all the negatives on this website about COP. Why not turn this into a positive page and list things which are great about this company? No negative or naysayers comments please.

Leave even if I'm fine?

I’m not saying it’s ideal, not even that it’s good here, but it’s personally comfortable here for me and I’d rather stay here for a few more years. I have a lot of things I could complain about, but let’s just say it’s bearable and more comfortable... —  read more 

History Repeats

Declaring the dividend is sacrosanct and then cutting it 6 weeks later. Sound familiar?

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