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Here's an idea

How many lawyers of management do we need? I can tell you for sure we don't need as many as we have - especially not when so many are duplicating each other. If we were to get rid of several layers - completely, just cut them in their entirety - the... —  read more 

postponing the inevitable

As a former COP employee (among the last to get an EOI in 2018) I wouldnt take any steep mortgages anytime soon. Cop will need to resize based on current price level which means the inevitable layoff. The days of getting paid to leave may be over... —  read more 

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Why would COP need layoffs?

People are more than happy to leave for greener pastures even during a pandemic - that should tell you something about the quality of the company. Honestly, the only reason for no layoffs for this long is the fact that the attrition is making up for... —  read more 

Another EOI

I’m hearing rumours of another EOI coming out of the LRP discussions. Anyone else? Anything concrete? With our CFO “retiring”, will Finance use this against employees again, or are we past that? Anybody?

More outsourcing to come?

Sounds like HR is looking to outsource much of the function as their new model and working with a big 4 consultant. Anyone else hearing this? Looking for a reliable source? Are other parts of corporate on the block as well? Is this to position the... —  read more 

Write downs

It’s looking like 2nd quarter has been the quarter for significant write downs for our industry. Anyone have any ideas which of our assets will be written down in this quarter?

CFO Gone Baby, Gone

I first met our old (current) CFO at an introductory group meeting where he bragged about his spoiled ExPat life growing up, moving from privileged international school to school where he admitted to constantly skipping classes to surf all day. Daddy... —  read more 

COO Retirement

From the news today: Longtime ConocoPhillips CFO Wallette to retire May 20, 2020 8:29 AM ET|About: ConocoPhillips (COP)|By: Carl Surran, SA News Editor ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP) says executive VP and CFO Don Wallette will retire effective... —  read more 

What Went Wrong

A discussion with an LF member about what went wrong.... not surprising. Our leader was chosen in a BOD run-around because he’s a “good old boy” and a perfect example of the Peter Principle. Our next ELT member rode the coattails of getting on the... —  read more 

Salary Cuts!

They're cutting salaries - no negotiation, no offers - they're just going to cut salaries to 2019 levels, 2020 raises, which have been in paychecks for 6 weeks now, being rolled back.

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