Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips


New to Conocophillips here. Can someone explain how VCIP is prorated for people who are being laid off in August or September? Is the amount calculated by annual salary, quarterly salary, time on the job or job function? Trying to calculate if its... —  read more 

Title is not equal to expertise

As soon as they get a more significant title, some people start to be confident that their new title also means expertise. This is ridiculous because in this company, expertise has not had much to do with someone's role for a long time... —  read more 

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Waste of time and talent

There is nothing that could keep me here any longer, I am actively looking for my next job. I feel like I’ve wasted a few years here, nothing more. Unfortunately, I think it's a similar experience for many at Conoco? This company has demoralized me... —  read more 

Just trying to move on…

I was involved in the last round of layoffs and for the life of me I can't understand why I was chosen. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I understand it’s “just business” but I can’t seem to move on from it. It’s eating me up inside... —  read more 

Two questions

Can you collect unemployment together with severance? Is there a way to receive severance in installments to minimize taxes? I'm convinced the next round of layoffs will include my name so I'm trying to get better informed about some issues. The... —  read more 

I became a bitter man

I wasn’t like that when I first started working here but this place indisputably makes everyone a bitter man. Why? Because it provides no satisfaction other than covering the basic material needs - a man earns to be able to pay the bills. And I am... —  read more 

Is ANYBODY safe here?

The people I know who were cut in the last round have very little in common. Younger, older, good employees, bad employees, different departments... This just confirms my longstanding suspicion that literally nobody here is safe. This is a numbers... —  read more 

Nobody seems happy

Things have turned really somber at my location lately. We used to laugh all the time, now the only time that happens is when somebody makes a joke about how c-appy things are these days. How ironic is that? The latest round of layoffs seems to have... —  read more 

Layoff effects

I’m really interested in what effects all these layoffs will have. I’ll manage, but I’m interested in how this company will continue without almost 1,000 of its best people and all of those who will increasingly start leaving on their own after... —  read more 

Uh Oh Alaska

The new emergency order in Anchorage yesterday extended the law to have employees work at home. I guess COPA is above the law? Employees are required to return to the office on 3/14

It’s a business......

Look at the history of the oil industry.....hell any industry. These things happen. Demand changes, supply changes, social acceptance changes. I am surprised that it took this long for them to pull the trigger. Where jobs leave here, opportunities... —  read more 

Where to go after 45?

I was racing with Conoco whether I'll get laid off sooner or get a new job. Unfortunately, I got laid off sooner than I found a new job. After 14 years here... I have some savings, so for now I’m still not in big trouble, but I’m slowly becoming... —  read more 

The almighty profit

The way these layoffs were done makes it clear that it wasn't about performance or (lack of) experience but it was all about the almighty dollar. Which is a lousy way to run any company. Putting profit above all is guaranteed to destroy the company... —  read more 


Everyone beware ! There was an employee in Permian who was laid off WHILE she was home after a near fatal bout with COVID. If they’re heartless enough to do that, they’ll chop anyone’s head off without hesitation.

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