Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Midland Movers

Heard a rumor here in Houston that everyone who moved to midland in the past 36 months is going to be permanently employed in Midland. Zero opportunity to come back to Houston. No matter who says what in your chain. Any truth to this. Was asking... —  read more 

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Game room

Curious how many folks out there are using the new game room in SP1. What do you like to use, how often do you use it, and for how long at a time do you use it? was it money well spent by the company?

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forced ranking

I just saw this thread about forced ranking at ConocoPhillips it was started in December 2020. Is forced ranking still in place at ConocoPhillips in January 2023?

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Parking Excesses

Why on the 2nd floor of the SP1 parking garage is there an entire row of reserved parking that only 3/4 full at max? Why did the company create this separation? Its the Plebes vs the politicians around here. . . . .why does making more money or being... —  read more 

Rating system is terrible

There has to be some type of system for recognizing exceptional performance and also not recognizing weak performance. The problem is this becomes a beauty contest rather than a recognition system. Then throw in biased favoritism resulting from the... —  read more 

Ratings system

The ratings are BS. I think it is structured in a way that actually harms the company and innovation. You have multiple people/groups/business units working the same issues and not collaborating in order to achieve that differential rating. In... —  read more 

Why you complain so much?

I keep reading about xyz companies doing this bonus and that benefits to its employees. I think COP has done so much for its employees. She is like mother feeding whining toddlers who are not ever happy. How much can she give and keep giving? Have... —  read more 

Additional bonus?

I heard from two friends at a conference that they received additional bonuses this year due to unusually better finances in oil and gas. One of the friend works at Total and other in Oxy. I heard Oxy paid 5% to all employees in addition to their... —  read more 

Success is a treat sport

Two weeks until the next earnings announcement where business professionals feel how small they are. You want to make a DEI impact, give everyone some equity In the company not just petrotechs. The “ P” in SPIRIT Values stands for PETROTECH.


Pretty scathing article on Exxon - good read: What do you think? What parallels do you see with COP? I personally don’t see as much... —  read more 


This company puts in so much effort and time with UW. We always tout the $$s donated, but don't mention the overhead that goes into the annual program. I wouldn't be surprised if we spent 1/2 of what was brought in through donations via free lunch on... —  read more 

CEO for a Day

If you could be CEO of COP for a day, what changes would you make? Me, I would get rid of end of the year ratings. In my experience does more harm than good. I would allow the Mark awards value to be increased and those could substitute where... —  read more 

Coasting at work

How easy is it for you to coast at work and not get any real work done? I find that I feel guilt for doing this, but then I wonder how many other people are doing the same thing? Now we have a pinball machine to distract, making this an even easier... —  read more 

Should I work here?

I am a current Exxon employee that is being recruited for a role at COP. I figured a good way to judge a company is to see what the angriest people are saying anonymously. Honestly, your complaints sound just like what is on the Exxon Layoff page... —  read more 

No external job postings

With all of the comments that have been posted on this site and a lot of people writing about the high number of people leaving, I was surprised to see there there are zero posting externally. Is COP preparing for the recession, or is something else... —  read more 

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