Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

New Here-What To Expect

I've been working here a little less than a year and I'm trying to best understand how to move up and progress in my engineering career. How does the Houston office culture compare to Alaska and how does Alaska and Houston compare to Canada, Qatar... — read more 

EOI Packages

Has there been any talk of severance packages? Its my understanding that the Concho packages were actually pretty good when the companies joined. True or just rumors?


A lot was said about Eagleford and Bakken so i suspect that's where we may see some realignment. How about Alaska? Serious answers only please. Like alot of others on this site, I have a family to feed and am worried.

October not so surprise

We all knew it was coming eventually. 3 years after the last one, here comes another. Hope you didn’t get too unpacked and comfortable. And for you Concho newbs, welcome to Thunderdome. You’re about to find out what SPIRIT values are really all... — read more 

You're Fired

What does it take to get fired around here? It seems to more incompetent you are, the less likely you are to be fired (I suppose due to risk of those people being more likely to bring a lawsuit. . .speculating). With that being said, are there any... — read more 

SPIRIT "values" lol

lol, from a COP job posting: "We’re grounded by our SPIRIT Values – safety, people, integrity, responsibility, innovation, and teamwork. These values position us to deliver strong performance in a dynamic business – but not at all costs. ....We... — read more 


Any one else worried about the two prominent ex-Concho resignations and what that means for Midland and culture generally? Rumor is they both left for the same reasons… disagreement with cultural direction and HR. Someone tell the ELT this is an... — read more 


What is going on with all the additional security in the mornings around parking garages? Lots of watchful eyes when I am pulling in everyday is a bit creepy

Blackballed at COP?

Are the job openings posted to the public actually open to people outside of COP. I am a highly qualified candidate (never have trouble getting interviews elsewhere), but I have never heard back from COP regarding my persistent applications, even... — read more 

Midland Basin South P

Complete and utterly corrupt with the so called leadership. Favoritism and su-k ups are all that group thrives on. The leadership has declined heavily the last few years and now the ones running the show are just each others “buddy”. They really... — read more 


COP should really be honest, laugh, and say that Armstrong Oil & Gas found Willow, not anyone in Anchorage or the laughable lab in Houston. Under their feet for over 50 years. A disgrace. Who got the bonuses for 'their' discovery? Everyone in... — read more 

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