Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips

Topics regarding layoffs at ConocoPhillips


If I feel that I am stagnating, I will leave job immediately. I certainly won’t stay in one place and waste my time there. Many here say they think their careers have stagnated a lot here. So I'm interested in what's the opportunity cost of... —  read more 

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Hard work is noticed?

Someone said hard work is noticed here. I wouldn't say it is. In order for hard work to really be noticed, one must make a good effort to make it noticeable. Some think that just hard work is enough and that the COP will notice it. Well, it's not! I... —  read more 

VCIP and Raise Predictions

What will raises look like in a 5%+ inflation world? Will company use VCIP to compensate for inflation as VCIP is a 'one-time only' event whereas annual adjustments are compounded through the years. I personally think adjust should be mid-point at... —  read more 

Too much work

We're getting to a point where we're expected to do three jobs while getting paid for one. Attrition is getting out of hand and nobody is being brought on to replace the people who are leaving. I think they figured out this is a great way to cut... —  read more 

Alarm bells ringing

Can someone please provide a logical explanation to the voluntary vaccination verification email that was sent out today? If COP knew who was jabbed and who wasn’t, how would this solve anything? Would the number of cases magically decrease or... —  read more 


Since there’s a lot of information presented here about why we are bad, I thought I’d list what’s needed. I know, I can dream, though. (1) Zerobase the company then cut all non-value adding activities. This is easy to do. First, survey all employees... —  read more 

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