Topics regarding layoffs at Corinthian Colleges Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Corinthian Colleges Inc.

Here's the US Department of Education's Office of Inspector General Complaint Form for waste, fraud, and abuse

Here's the US Department of Education's Office of Inspector General Complaint Form for waste, fraud, and abuse. ...."The Inspector General's Hotline is maintained to facilitate the... —  read more 

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SL successfully ran one southeast division into the hole over at ITT Tech and now he is going to do that same thing with CCI schools. I think they hired him with the hopes he would turn things around. They thought wrong!

Stay away from North West College

Dear Staff and Students I am so sorry this happened to you my sincere warning for all of you stay away from North West College. they are money hungry scum of the earth believe me they do NOT have your best interest. They have high turnover unhappy... —  read more 

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What about my W-2?

Everyone is so worried about the students and their credits... First of all, their credits won't transfer. Not because of accreditation, but because most schools won't accept credits for classes completed with D's and F's! The important question is... —  read more 

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Dumb ass people:

Blanca Zepeda....that good for nothing lying hag needs to get her nasty ass face out of her but and do something besides bitch and be little people all day! Thank you for calling EVEREST where all your dreams come true.

Was taken advantage of.

I'm currently a student here at wyotech Long beach. I'm so sick of this stupid school and the way they treat us here. My admissions rep(Maggie/Jackie) was only good for one thing, pushing her fake tits in my face so that I could sign on the dotted... —  read more 

Any last chance for Heald?

I got laid off by Heald but hope there is still a chance for a bail out and repoening. Any news? I have not read any bad news recently so I think there is still hope. Running out of unemployment checks, so let's get Heald back in business!!!

What I don't miss....

is what I call the weekly "diaper drop" in my classes online. To explain: a few years ago, I lived in a condo with neighbors next door who had small kids. Every few days I would hear a kid screaming "diaper drop" and the mom yelling "no, no" and then... —  read more 

The Rodeo is Over

It's over and done with. Nothing to do but move on. I was looking at the court document showing the 50,000 people that are owed money by Corinthian Crooks Inc. Sad, sad, sad. Lots of familiar names on that list, mine too. A lot of great companies... —  read more 

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Wheel of Fortune

I was watching "Wheel" yes I have that kind of time. But there was an episode from 2014 that had a girl bragging that she was a 'teacher' at Heald in Hawaii.... First 'a teacher?' Second, she is probably wishing she went to the 'bonus round' it's... —  read more 

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