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This board has been so entertaining

Watching all of the CCI hood rats speculate and vent is such a riot. Now that the "savior of CCI" blankly stated "no for profit experience wanted", that officially is the nail in the coffin of the idiots who think their job is safe. LOL, Remington is... read more


SL successfully ran one southeast division into the hole over at ITT Tech and now he is going to do that same thing with CCI schools. I think they hired him with the hopes he would turn things around. They thought wrong!

Michael Stiglich Corinthian Colleges lawsuit (public info) Moreover, CCI's strategy is to close or sell campuses that are not meeting placement outcomes. This strategy is reflected in a May 5, 2012 e-mail exchange... read more
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But the college meltdown continues...

The failure of Corinthian Colleges was just the beginning of the for-profit college crash and the much larger College Meltdown. ITT Educational Services, Education Management Corporation, DeVry University, University of Phoenix, Bridgepoint, Career... read more
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Wyotech Laramie Closing

Do you know anything about this. Used to teach there, some good folks worked over there - I am sad if they really closed.

So who was screwing who at your campus?

Saw it on a daily basis, DOE screwing their employees. What about you? What did you see admissions with career services? Instructors with other instructors? Or instructors with chairpersons in order to keep on their good side? Lots of affairs went... read more

A Billion Dollar Fine

Corinthian Colleges must pay $1.2 billion for false advertising and lending practices (
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Stay away from North West College

Dear Staff and Students I am so sorry this happened to you my sincere warning for all of you stay away from North West College. they are money hungry scum of the earth believe me they do NOT have your best interest. They have high turnover unhappy... read more
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What about my W-2?

Everyone is so worried about the students and their credits... First of all, their credits won't transfer. Not because of accreditation, but because most schools won't accept credits for classes completed with D's and F's! The important question is... read more

Your Regional and Divisional VP's

I hear the travel restriction for all regional and divisional brass has been lifted and they're being urged to travel back to the campuses. I may be alone here, but seeing the useless VP's walk the halls attending conference calls from one of our... read more

Dumb ass people:

Blanca Zepeda....that good for nothing lying hag needs to get her nasty ass face out of her but and do something besides bitch and be little people all day! Thank you for calling EVEREST where all your dreams come true.

Was taken advantage of.

I'm currently a student here at wyotech Long beach. I'm so sick of this stupid school and the way they treat us here. My admissions rep(Maggie/Jackie) was only good for one thing, pushing her fake tits in my face so that I could sign on the dotted... read more

Corinthian Colleges in "The Good Wife"

In the CBS tv show, "The Good Wife," student loan debt, 90/10, gainful employment, and the exploitation of military veterans is fictionalized in the "Colliseum University" case. And Corinthian Colleges is mentioned, by name.

What 27¢ will buy ya

Back in the day I could get a pack of Wrigley's and 2 Tootsie all I can get is this darn COCO stock. Times sure have changed.

@USinjustice, Groups Call On President To Not Let For-Profit Colleges Weaken “Gainful Employment” Rule...complete list is in this... read more
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