Topics regarding layoffs at California Resources Corporation

Topics regarding layoffs at California Resources Corporation

Who would have thought

CRC continues to wind down. To all the bigots who held fast on a sinking ship, stepping over others on your way to your moment of greatness. Well, here is your big moment. Sounds like the captain has abandoned ship. Who would have thought? Thank... —  read more 

2021 layoffs - Long Beach?

I saw the article in the Bakersfield Californian about the 60 new layoffs (Feb. 2021 - link below) - of course heavy on the technical staff who do the actual work smfh. I heard Long Beach also had layoffs - any idea how many or what... —  read more 

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Job posting

Job requirements for a typical CRC manager: Overweight Entitled Narcissistic Undue Confidence Bigoted Petty Uninspiring Ability to watch others suffer without intervening a bonus Little to no ethical standards for self or others a... —  read more 

Wow! It's so fresh.

Fresh! New! Sporty! s-xy! Oh, no. That's just that t–d of the company, CRC, with some new wrapping paper. Fast forward to the Town Hall. "We're setting sail! Bring in the investors!" Fleece! Fleece! Fleece! (cue triumphant and inspiring... —  read more 

CRC Bankruptcy Expected?

Four candidates: Oil prices imploded earlier this year, which has decimated many oil stocks. Things have gotten so bad that several have already declared bankruptcy. That trend is likely to continue in the coming months. The list of at-risk... —  read more 

No Firesale Here

Shale production will decrease. Oil price will rise. We will do more JV. We will reduce debt and refinance the rest. Share price will recover. We are not do fire sale here.

Prospective employer confirms CRC employment through a service. Employer calls or via computer gets employment dates and salary.

I was told that only dates and salary are given out. No reason for termination, etc. No CRC HR personnel are involved. Looks like CRC cannot screw you over one last time. If you are using someone at CRC for a reference that's different. Prospective... —  read more 

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