Topics regarding layoffs at Crown Castle International Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Crown Castle International Corp.

Quit or wait for lay off

Should I quit now or wait for a potential Q4 layoff. Everyday is a struggle to work, my management is very toxic and hostile and from a political sense, nothing happens to them even when there is so much turnover within the group. Thoughts?

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Idk about you guys but…

It’s getting harder and harder to get up and go be lied to/ignore the obvious impending doom four days a week. How about not even letting us WFH around Thanksgiving and Christmas? They stripped us of any sort of nice little perks we had and expect us... —  read more 

The reason for all of this. . .

has nothing to do with tower/network performance. The reason is the $55 million building in Houston. The EMT has to justify to the shareholders the reason for this building. There are millions of feet of empty office space across the U.S. But, the... —  read more 

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Dumpster Fire

Meanwhile on the outside of these purple walls the industry is thriving and we are stuck watching this dumpster fire. Time to boot the "financial" guys, ditch fiber and bring in some real tower people if we want to save this company. Crown is losing... —  read more 

Next round

For those in the upcoming round of layoffs, expect to be treated like dirt on the bottom of JB’s purple shoes within an hour of getting told you’re on the list or your request to volunteer approved. Then, you’ll be completely ignored by the company... —  read more 

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Goodwill Toue

The goodwill tour is headed to Southpointe today and tomorrow. The EMT and their entourage are going to try to make y’all feel better about being left behind. “Aren't you grateful we spared you?” What would be fun would be of you were to boycott... —  read more 

Over 40? You Got Screwed!

Those over 40 just got rolled over the coals. You don't get your severance for another 2 weeks due to when they sent out the paperwork and the 7 day waiting period. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

I'm tired of this

I'm tempted to quit Crown and become happily unemployed rather than being miserable all the time. I'm still too scared to do it, but at some point, I feel like it will become too much and I'll just walk out. And yes, I've been trying to find... —  read more 

Boxes for their cr-p

Has anyone received the boxes to send back their cr-p? I'm still waiting for them to arrive when they were "sent through FedEx the 2nd week of August." I ask for tracking and they claim they didn't record it due to sending the materials in bulk... —  read more 

Why do we have to wait

Until the next pay period to get the severance? They can just as easily send it on the following Friday like they pay expense reimbursements. They really want to make our credit suffer and miss bill payments.

Severance AI calculation

Today we’ll get the paperwork, finally. The AI calculation doesn’t sit well with me. If the company is 25%, how are they calculating our personal portion? It seems they aren’t including personal contributions in it at all.

How can I quit?

It’s been the most stressful, exhausting and depressing time being one of the survivors here at crown. I can’t handle the stress and emotions anymore. I need to quit but financially it’s hurting me so bad. I have never been so unhappy with a career... —  read more 

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