Topics regarding layoffs at Crown Castle International Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Crown Castle International Corp.

How are you all doing?

Just wondering how my fellow team members are doing amid skyrocketing rent costs, $6/gal gas, Covid cases on the rise, the highest inflation rates since 1981, etc. These are crazy times. How are you all doing?

Double standard

How come executives get to work remote as a covid precaution without a positive test or symptoms? They don't want to potentially expose each other's families to an annoying cold but us bottomfeeders have to show up week after week to see people... —  read more 

Resignation 2.0

Has anyone noticed the second-wave exoducs of longtime Crown employees in their departments? Ever since the office return, it seems its accelerated greatly. How are things in you rneck of the woods?


I was offered an “off cycle” pay raise because of this site. I submitted my resignation and cited pay as my reason for leaving. I then showed the district director one of the threads on this site where somebody with my same job title stated their... —  read more 

EMT needs a shakeup.

EMT needs a shakeup. Nothing new to see or hear. Talk about lack of value creation. They are just sitting around watching their stock options pile up. There has been a lack of diversity for years, so they make alterations at the board level. Make... —  read more 

Company conversation

Tone deaf EMT keeps getting worse. What am I doing with my bonus? I'm paying my rent that went up 40%, inflation that's up 6-12%, and the $5 a gallon gas I need to get to the office now. They should be ashamed, I hope someone with less to lose has... —  read more 


All things considered, the bonus was pretty decent this year. I got my standard 15% plus an extra 5 percent kicker added on. My RSU award was equivalent to 22% of my base. My annual raise was only 1.89 percent but the bonus kicker made up for it. ... —  read more 

How to improve

Return to being a caring, relationship and employee-focused company. Promote from within based on merit and performance rather than cronyism. Return to zero-tolerance or rewards for bullies and phonies. Provide greater transparency and equity in pay... —  read more 

Morale seems to be very low with a lot of employees either now. What is the #1 thing you think Crown needs to do to improve?

If you could tell the EMT the #1 thing they need to do to bring Crown back to a relatively great place to work, what would it be? It seems like a lot of us are really unhappy and discouraged about our jobs right now but are holding out for things to... —  read more 


VP used to mean something. Not no more. The new VP for the east don’t make me laugh. I have worked under this bully jerk for almost 2 years and hes a joke. my team is terrified of him and his lieutenants and henchmen. Sick that he is are VP. Watch... —  read more 

More and more demoralizing

I don't know how Crown Castle came up with that, but for me there is no greater motivation than when I have so much work that I can barely get enough rest, so that I can continue working at the same pace the next day, and some colleagues don't even... —  read more 

Oct 20 earnings call

How do you think it’s going to go? I believe weasel Jay will paint a rosy picture, tell everybody how great Crown is doing because of all the Verizon and Dish C band upgrades, all while Crown bleeds money by overpaying GCs and upper management... —  read more 

Wearing multiple hats

On the plus side, it’s not that bad because I quickly learned some new things that could help me get a better job somewhere else faster. However, wearing multiple hats over multiple months literally burned me out. For a long time now, none of my... —  read more 


for many, coming into the office requires a distinctly unromantic commute. It means cobbling together childcare plans, particularly with the nationwide bus driver shortages and school quarantine regulations after illness or a potential exposure. It... —  read more 

What is the point of an energy efficient building when everyone burns fossil fuels to commute to the office?

It seems very two faced, insincere, and poorly thought out. If you really care about the environment then reduce traffic and don’t let your employees spend hours driving every day. Clogged roads make emergency services less efficient. Nobody wants to... —  read more 

Over the top workload

What does Crown actually expect from an employee? To work for several people and be grateful to have a job? This is awful. I love my job and have always been a hard worker, but the amount of work now done by a single employee is humiliating. People... —  read more 

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