Topics regarding layoffs at Crown Castle International Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Crown Castle International Corp.

Deploy Parachute?

As the deadline to exit CCI with a PTO cashout looms, do you know anyone taking advantage of it to leave Crown with money in hand? What have you heard in your neck of Crown? Are you satisfied with the life you're living?

New Comp and Benefit plan

Well, they have done it. Let’s see how Laura Nichol is going to put lipstick on this pig. Let’s watch as she smiles that Botox face and says “instead of pay increases, you’re going to get more RSUs. Yey!” What this really means is they are pushing... —  read more 

Rumored October layoffs

Do we know what's going on with the rumored October layoffs? I haven't heard anything yet and I'm not sure if I should take it as a good thing or if I should be worried that it's just the calm before the storm. Is there any chance somebody knows... —  read more 


A couple of my teammates were moved from their position on the tower side of the business to a position in small cell. They did not have a say in the matter, they were reassigned by management. From what I understand, this has happened to several... —  read more 

Post deleted

The post about the central region VP wasn’t even up for 24 hours before it was deleted. I can see why people fear retribution. Other executives have been named in other posts that haven’t been deleted but those are still up. I highly doubt these post... —  read more 

Double standard

How come executives get to work remote as a covid precaution without a positive test or symptoms? They don't want to potentially expose each other's families to an annoying cold but us bottomfeeders have to show up week after week to see people... —  read more 

Resignation 2.0

Has anyone noticed the second-wave exoducs of longtime Crown employees in their departments? Ever since the office return, it seems its accelerated greatly. How are things in you rneck of the woods?


I was offered an “off cycle” pay raise because of this site. I submitted my resignation and cited pay as my reason for leaving. I then showed the district director one of the threads on this site where somebody with my same job title stated their... —  read more 

EMT needs a shakeup.

EMT needs a shakeup. Nothing new to see or hear. Talk about lack of value creation. They are just sitting around watching their stock options pile up. There has been a lack of diversity for years, so they make alterations at the board level. Make... —  read more 

Company conversation

Tone deaf EMT keeps getting worse. What am I doing with my bonus? I'm paying my rent that went up 40%, inflation that's up 6-12%, and the $5 a gallon gas I need to get to the office now. They should be ashamed, I hope someone with less to lose has... —  read more 


All things considered, the bonus was pretty decent this year. I got my standard 15% plus an extra 5 percent kicker added on. My RSU award was equivalent to 22% of my base. My annual raise was only 1.89 percent but the bonus kicker made up for it. ... —  read more 

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