Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Topics regarding layoffs at CVS


What is going on with these raises why did only two people get a raise in my store but people will start making 15 dollars a hr next year and those making above 15 got nothing not even the tenure raises that was expressed in a task in the hub ....and... —  read more 

mandatory vaccinations

As a health care company, CVS Health is focused on helping to turn the tide of COVID-19 and to protect our colleagues, our patients, and our communities. Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases nationwide, driven by the highly contagious Delta... —  read more 


How ridiculous is it that the CVS would rather hire externally then promote someone within the business? You know us, worked with us for years! Have us do mini projects, had us run the district while you were on vacation for the past 4 years, had us... —  read more 

Store/company changes

Do any one knows when cvs is suppose to change how they operate? Cvs bought aetna and i hear the company suppose to change. I hear some front store product will not be sold anymore and cvs is to change into a mini health/mini hospitol type business... —  read more 

New store manager salary?

A SM was just told today by his DM that his pay is going up because of the wage increases. He went from 49k to 55k effective Sept. 5th anyone else got that news? I’ve been topped of at 65k for the past 6 years. What does that mean for me?

Project Bledsoe Timeline

Company's new bold strategy to win 9/13: Announcement call to RDs 9/27: Staffing cuts, targeting 1.1 HC/store-hour 10/11: Store hours begin to be cut 10/18: Stores identified for closure, based on proximity to 24-hour stores, lease considerations... —  read more 

Phase 2

Phase 2 is to evaluate Higher managers salary’s as in Store Managers and Opps managers. Thoughts? Or has anyone heard anything of when phase two is?

Minimum wage

So CVS is going to start minimum wage at 15 an hour. What about the people who have been with CVS for years and are shifts who are making that already or a little bit above? Are we gonna get a big raise or are we going to be making almost as much as... —  read more 


Well it looks like everyone is getting a wage increase except salary employees 🙃. The ones who have put in too many hours, the ones that goes in on days off, the ones who really make CVS gets screwed once again. 20% instant raise from $11 to $13 for... —  read more 

No other company....

Name another company that has a bloated corporate office and hundreds if not thousands of field management all thinking of more tasks and checklist for the 2 people on the bottom of the totem pole running the store and ways to cut there hours. I... —  read more 

Target channel is done

RD signed non–disclosures All pharmacy sups and pharmacy RDs to be laid off and pharmacies absorbed into cvs core districts. DLs will have more stores now including target, some realignment to keep it fair. Let the games begin.

I call bull

Does anybody actually believe that the switch to self-checkout is not going to result in layoffs in the long run? Maybe not at once, but as soon as the system is properly up and running I'm guaranteeing you they're going to start getting rid of... —  read more 

Carepass Saturday

Has any other district been told, that if you are not @ 75% to Carepass goal on Friday that the Manager has to work that Saturday? I guess our district wants us to get even more short handed then what we are.


Rumor has it myChat was taken down but Pharmacist were blowing it up complaining about be 100 pages in the red. Anyone else here this? Or know what’s going on?

And here we go…

Here’s the cost of the so called increase. I do about 50k average a week in FS sales green zone goes in to effect this Friday. ACO will be the primary register. The register closest to the ACO is to be turned customer facing so we can still enroll... —  read more 

Keep it to yourself

A coworker of mine has a habit of speaking her mind in public about CVS - especially while at work. She was caught recently and was quickly suspended for a week. She couldn’t believe it (why I have no idea) and thought she’d be safe because we’re... —  read more 

Nobody is happy

I think nobody is currently happy at or with CVS other than the upper management which keeps pocketing their fat bonuses at the expense of employees and customers. We are always understaffed and overworked and this has affected customer service to... —  read more 

Back to basics...

Cvs doesn’t care about there employees well being for one along with that for a pharmacy company they don’t even care about the well being of employees. On the retail side they cut and cut on hours and no time to get all the work done. They only want... —  read more 

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