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Ageism And Anti-Disability

CVS is among the worst when it comes to short staffing. Pharmacists and Managers have been making some immoral decisions to get things done. Like firing older people and turning down hires who have physical disabilities. They are more likely to... —  read more 

When Is Enough, Enough?

This has to be the only career where a medical professional w/ doctorate credentials would put up with this abuse. 5 pharmacy calls, covid testing, flu shots, MD voicemail, MD calls, lane 1, lane 2, drop off, pick up, production, consultation, batch... —  read more 

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Where is Larry?

I got his c-appy post card in the mail.. I see my do, to is opening a testing site...thats great... But where is our leader (he is no leader)..we are getting embarrassed by our competion.. Go into a Wal-Mart or Walgreens.. People, product...but we... —  read more 

Asset Protection

How's this for AP? Requested multiple times to have locking shelf cabinets sent to store for Crest comes an ORC and wipes out entire stock. Cost of cabinet? $300. Cost of lost product? $1,000+. Thanks for protecting our assets... —  read more 

Hostile Work Environment

Hello All. I have been with CVS for several years now and I’ve never had any major issues or disputes with anyone. Last year we got a new staff pharmacist and she’s awful. She has caused there to be a hostile work environment for everyone. I have... —  read more 

CVS Cares

CVS hasn’t cared in years. Now we are being punished for a pandemic that had zero to do with us. We will never get a bonus as SM’s and forget about giving your hourly employees raises as they failed to over sell a carepass during all this. Don’t you... —  read more 


There is a leader in position that is destroying the team around them. They don’t have a lot of experience or understand any process. WAS lucky enough to have them in store once. Hope by next visit they are moved out or up. Originally from WAG they... —  read more 

Cleaning Protocol

I was a housekeeper for 4 years during college. There is a specific way to truly disinfect, which believe it or not, I was trained on for 2 weeks.. to just tell a cashier to wipe everything down every hour is not disinfecting.. Not to mention this... —  read more 

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