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First week of new hours

So today the schedule came out for three weeks out, and technically it’ll be an “off week” meaning no truck. So I guess the week before is an “on week”. So for my “on week” I have 203 hours, my off week is at 177. How in the heck!?! That’s a huge... —  read more 

NY Times story already old news

Google Search CVS Health, CVS Pharmacy, CVS New York Times and guess what? The “big” story does not show up in the top search results. No mention of the story other then the Chicago Sun picking it up. Either our evil company manipulated search... —  read more 


Im sick of getting harassed about carepass. Had another manager call and badger me every 2 hours and after hours. I am doing the best i can Sorry I can’t force customers to swipe their credit cards for a product they don’t want. Can’t wait to... —  read more 

Best Carepass Pitch?

Give me your best carepass pitches people. I'm tired of getting no thanks all the time. My DL is not happy because my store is doing so poorly with enrollments.


Was asked to participate in the new class but have reservations about it being nothing more than free work for my DL. Any graduates of the program that can offer any advice?

Total rewards 2020

any rumors or sneak peeks at total rewards that’s coming up in July 2020?

Has the economy crashed or is it just CVS?

The doom and gloom isn’t making the company look very good. Dusty over priced products being sold by underpaid cashiers that clearly have to sell a certain amount of carepasses to stay employed. This isn’t a good look. CVS acts like they are... —  read more 

Changes coming

So, as everyone could see yesterday, corporate and specifically Merlo are p-ss-d at the NYT article. I do know there are some changes coming however. I know personally of the upcoming changes. CVS plans to fire back and silence everyone by... —  read more 

Ha...Aetna CEO out!

Just like cvs...we buy aetna...promise them all a rainbow...sign the deal...then give the ceo the boot off the board and out the door. Cvs is the most dirtiest, backstabbing company around. LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO THE AETNA CEO!!!!!!

Call for DLs to stop stealing payroll

DLs, If you are removing hours from your FS or RX teams to fund a 40 hour per week Admin or Inventory Specialist or any other need to stop! What you are doing is wrong! It doesnt matter whether you have asked corporate to remove... —  read more 


There is a leader in position that is destroying the team around them. They don’t have a lot of experience or understand any process. WAS lucky enough to have them in store once. Hope by next visit they are moved out or up. Originally from WAG they... —  read more 

Let’s talk about the damn uniforms!

When in the H E double L am I going to get a medium short sleeve shirt? Where’s these new shirts at and who has them now. Y’all at least give me a state who has them. That way I can call a store in that state and have them UPS it to me!!! Lol

so Many people complaining on social media

Have you ever viewed tweets at cvs? All of them are complaining about the length of receipts or the long hold times! Will they taken their customers frustrations into account? So many people complain about long hold times or Rx not being ready due to... —  read more 


I have noticed that we are bleeding SM and DL lately in our region. Is that company wide? We can’t keep an SMIT in the role long enough to even properly learn the job before they are forced into a store and without a proper DL no job title changes... —  read more 

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Layoff Upper Management

Coming from another Fortune 500 retail company, I have noticed how bloated upper management is at CVS. Why doesn’t CVS trim some of those positions instead of the stores? One upper management person makes the pay of almost an entire store, if not... —  read more 

Aetna Medicaid CEO OUT Reorg in Medicaid begins.

well its started - CVS Is starting to install its leadership in the Medicaid business by appointing a NEW CEO for the MEDICAID business - they are also shifting all of the Duels business to the MEDICARE division from the Medicaid division & created... —  read more 

DL walks through the door

2 days before Christmas unannounced. Store looks like it hasn’t been faced for a week. Floor hasn’t been vacuumed. About 25k in for the day. He tells me I need to get back to the basics. I just handed him my keys and walked out. F— this sh–. Let... —  read more 

No Christmas Gift

I have been a supervisor for over 15 years and this is the first time I didn't receive or any other employee receive a token of appreciation from my store manager. Always got a gift card and a thank you Work holidays, night, days off, extra for... —  read more 

Am I in danger?

Apparently the hours are being cut just for the part-timers, but my store recently (as in within the last several weeks) hired several part-timers. This has me worried that instead of hours being cut for them they might be considering cutting some of... —  read more 

Something is going on? Possible layoffs of part time personnel? Anyone here of this? Sounds like company wide, based on this post.

New uniforms

When they coming? Been trying to order old ones for months can’t get any. When new ones arriving?


I just think it's crazy that they have people working for them 30-plus years but choose to cut all of their hours and leave them completely alone in the pharmacy .how do you expect to do pickups ,checkouts and fill pr-scrip-ions all for one person... —  read more 

Work load

The companys workload is insane. QuickPick,cycle count ,stock the shelves clean the whole store and have to bounce back and forth between helping train people on the register ane then playing pharmacy tech.( because the store has no Pharmacy techs). ... —  read more 

What is going on?

Less than a month until we are supposed to go to RX hours and still haven’t received any signage to let the customers know of the change. In fact, I’ve heard corporate can’t decide if I they even want hours to match on Saturday anymore. It may be... —  read more 

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