Topics regarding layoffs at Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc.

Did I hear right?

I'm no longer with D&B but plenty of my friends still are. I heard a new round of layoffs is underway but I also see that many locations are reopening once again. Why would they be doing more layoffs when they should be calling people back to work... — read more 

From furlough to laid off

I’ve been on furlough since March and got laid off in November. Luckily for me, I took a job during furlough part-time while still hoping I’d get a call back to return. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but at least I had something to fall back on... — read more 

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Any plans for more?

I know the company has announced 1300 people will go from furlough to full layoff on November 6, but I'm starting to worry that number might increase by the tame the date arrives. Things haven't been getting much better so it really wouldn't surprise... — read more 

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So they need to show better numbers on their balance sheets, let's get rid of hundreds of managers even though we've been telling everyone for years that we need more managers to open all these new stores we have planned. Let's get rid of all these... — read more 

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