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So what does South University actually do?

South University-Savannah Online Savannah, GA 5,242 undergraduate students southuniversity.edu 4 Year For-Profit City Medium Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under ODbL. Average Annual Cost $24,202 Graduation Rate... read more

Any Familiar Names?

The Corporations Devouring American Colleges - The Huffington Post/highline/article/capitalist-takeover-college/

New court order

New court order: Receiver, Studio & South have 2 weeks to negotiate to separate South & remaining Ai schools from DCEH IT Platform by 09-11-19. "Should they fail to agree, the plan of reorganization will likely fail, thereby dooming South University... read more

Who is left

Who is running the show at DCEH? Where is headquarters? Does the company still exist?

Any former DCEH employees paid today?

I worked in Centralized Accounting in Pittsburgh and left voluntarily a few weeks ago with a week's pay still left. I about fell out of my chair this morning when I saw it actually deposited into my checking account. Any other voluntarily quitters... read more

The Real Homeless

With all the Admissions scandals at least EDMC was upfront about "for profit". Frankly as a taxpayer in a heavily taxed state I really do wish the schools and colleges were run more like for profit schools (it's sad to run any business and not try to... read more

It's only going to get worse...

DCEH is just the tip of the iceberg. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/college-meltdown-wheres-bottom-dahn-shaulis/?published=t
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A Standout in Chutzpah! Go Dogs!

What are those birds doing circling overhead? "Also SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) have said they would work with any graphic design and interior design students. I received an email from one of the professors at my school and he set up a... read more

Scavengers in the for-profit college crash

Colorado Christian University is advertising for Argosy students. Maybe Argosy enrollment reps could move from one Christian-centered school to another. https://www.prageru.com/ccu/#request-information
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School Information (AILV)

As of today, paperwork has been filed with the Department of Labor reporting lack of communication and pay for the faculty and employees at the Art Institute of Las Vegas. The Higher Learning Commission have also been notified of the mishandling of... read more

How to pick a college

Too little, too late. But workers really should tell students not to run to South, DeVry, Ashford, Walden or any other subprime colleges... read more
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Legal options?

What are our legal option in getting our back pay? Do we even have any?


Had over 2 hour conversation with Fidelity and has of 7pm (EST) they have not been notified of my employment status, which means as of now I can not move my funds. I was told Fidelity has a process which is to send a request to DCEH for updated... read more

DCEH IS STill Hiring?!

I just got a notification from Indeed.com the DCEH is hiring an Enrollment Processor at Ai Virginia Beach. I thought AiVA was not part of DCEH anymore? They're still enrolling?! Last I heard, the lights were barely on..!

Thread is dead

Not sure how this thread is still going considering everyone is gone. I assure you all, no one posting on this site knows anything since everyone was let go. At this point, we all know what happened, we all know everyone is gone. If you have problems... read more

Scavengers in the for-profit college crash

Looks like other subprime colleges will try to pick up Argosy students. Some of these schools are in dire straights themselves. https://www.dcedh.org/partner-institutions
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Class action lawsuit?

Rather than reading all the comments again, figure I would just start a new thread. Is there already a class action lawsuit for staff members who haven't been paid and for benefits not received?

Heard from Fidelity re: Options

I've seen posts on here regarding accessing funds at Fidelity. I received an email notice today to login regarding options during 'transition from employment' related to DCEH. It listed general options, upon logging in. However I believe it also... read more

COBRA??? Medical insurance?

So, I was laid off from Argosy with the closing on March 8. The letter says our health insurance ends March 31. However, I also have doctor bills from Jan that were never paid, so wtf, is this "self-funded_ insurance even real??? Anyone heard about... read more

They did nothing wrong

https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2019/03/22/graduate-and-professional-students-now-closed-argosy-university-campuses-struggle The worst case scenario recently took place with the cowardly closing of the DCEH schools. But standing graduate students... read more
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Layoffs tomorrow?

Anyone know if there will be an action tomorrow? Some projects have tomorrow as the end date, made me wonder.

Ai laptop password

Does anyone know the admin password to the Ai laptops? Are they campus specific? Given the abrupt closure I still have my staff laptop and would like to modify the settings.

Bankruptcy related question

Everyone should hope that DCEH files for bankruptcy. At least under bankruptcy laws any unpaid employee wages take priority over all other debtors. Is this true? I thought that if a bankruptcy happens, employees are last on the list when it comes to... read more

San Diego News - Missing Employee

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3/14/19 Letter from Dettore re: Pay Due 3/15 ?

Anyone else received a letter in the mail dated 3/14/19 from Dottore Companies? I received it in an envelope with NO return address (almost didn't open the envelope!) in today's mail. It basically says They are working actively with DCEH to identify... read more

3/14/19 Letter from Dettore re: Pay Due 3/15 ?

Anyone else received a letter in the mail dated 3/14/19 from Dottore Companies? I received it in an envelope with NO return address (almost didn't open the envelope!) in today's mail. It basically says They are working actively with DCEH to identify... read more

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