Dream Center Education Holdings, LLC (DCEH) Layoffs

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Lost Student Loan Payments

I was just reading that Dream Center lost 9 million dollars in Student Loan Payments. No idea where the money is. Someone is going to prison. Make sure it isn't you.

Argosy Florida is closing

I heard some students were told to stop attending by their professors last week. What's worse, it looks like there is no transferring credits to other schools - everybody will have to start from zero! Once again, it's the students who get screwed... read more

Layoffs Occur Weekly

Mass layoffs are happening at Argosy University in Atlanta. All the admissions staff, several department heads and support staff were let go.

AIP- please stop deceiving the media

Please Pittsburgh art institute stop deceiving the media and students with false hope about buyers. Please be fair and close the doors. You can not recover your reputation or integrity when something like this happens. Please don’t talk about false... read more

Possible Buyers


Argosy online email from Former Chancellor

I received this email approximately one day prior to Cynthia Baum being laid off. Dear Student, As you are aware, Argosy University entered into federal receivership in which a legally appointed receiver acts as custodian of the university’s business... read more

Art institute of Pittsburgh instructors left

Please instructors left at Pittsburgh art institute, please tell the students honestly what is going on. Be fair and encourage them to move on now. If the remaining instructors are going to quit soon, please let your students know. It’s the correct... read more

What is happening at the 8 campuses under EPF ?

Curious what is happening at the 7 campuses that were "sold" to EPF? I see on here cuts continue to happen, is that true? Atlanta, Miami and Houston, and branch campuses in Virginia Beach, Tampa, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio...are they now closing... read more

Ai Virginia Beach

Is there anyone here that knows what's happening at Ai-Virginia Beach? A reporter at the Virginia Pilot may be interested in a story.
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AiP being purchased?


Settlement monitor report disclosed

NSLDN has intervened in the receivership case on behalf of students: https://www.nsldn.org/blog/nsldn-moves-to-intervene-in-lawsuit-to-protect-dream-center-students They've also obtained the three reports of the monitor installed as part of the... read more
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AiP Statement from Middle States

STATEMENT REGARDING THE ART INSTITUTE OF PITTSBURGH (FEB. 5, 2019) February 5, 2019 In response to a staff action on Jan. 15, 2019, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education received a supplemental information report (SIR) and an updated... read more


Art Institute of Las Vegas The Commission has received notice from Dream Center Education Holdings of the intended closure of the Art Institute of Las Vegas by March 31, 2019. This will permit student to complete the current semester prior to the... read more

Argosy online - Any info?

AI, AI, AI... That's all I see on this site. Maybe it is time to split the three schools. What is happening with AI campuses has absolutely no impact on what's left of Argosy Online employees. This place is like a ghost town and we have no idea what... read more

Any news from the Houston meeting?

There's supposed to be a big meeting today with the leaders of the remaining Ai campuses. I believe South leaders are supposed to be there too. Has anyone heard anything yet?

Message from AiP Chairman of the Board

Dear AIP Community – Elden Monday has stepped down as Interim President of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. During this time of campus transition, the AIP Board of Trustees will oversee more directly the management of the campus. We have appointed... read more

AiP/AiPOD Continues With Tuition Scam?

Tuesday, February 5th and still no “official” communication from AiP administrators on leaked March 31 teach out plan. Skeleton crew operating AiP and AiO. No new or transfer students being admitted. Students currently enrolled asking if they should... read more

South so called leaders

The corrupt unqualified bunch of South leaders are still here. They should be the first ones to go. Complicit and inept, Go away already.

Admissions has no scruples

At AIS the Admissions people brought in so many students that should never have been in college. They were the “golden child” to the President and all those EC members that jumped when she said Jump. Admissions... you didn’t really care about the... read more

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