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DCEH contact info

I was laid off over a month ago, and DCEH has failed to update my employment status with Fidelity, making it impossible to access my 401K plan. I've tried calling and e-mailing HR1 more times than I can count, and cannot get a response and have never... read more

Latest Court Ruling: For Studio

It looks like the latest court order sides with Studio. The receiver wanted them held in contempt for their work trying to get things set up for AI and South, but that was not received well. The court ruled for Studio, stating that they were acting... read more

Spooks! Who are they?

Education Principle Foundation, a Delaware nonprofit with no annual budget and almost no internet presence, announced Friday, (1/18/19), it had acquired some of the campuses from the Dream Center. Yet it appears that a group of private investors are... read more

Court updates

Can anyone who has access to Pacer give an update on recent court documents? Any news on if any employees will be paid what they are owed from March or what happened to the benefits money we paid for benefits that didn’t exist. Thanks.
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South University future uncertain?

Thoughts on this document? Doesn’t sound solid to me ..... https://www.republicreport.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/2019.04.11-Dkt.-257-Studio-3rd-Report.pdf

Wage and Labor Investigation

The Phoenix office of Wage and Labor has opened an official investigation into missing former employee paychecks. Call to get an update!

Rollover 401k funds

FYI, it looks like our status was updated with fidelity and I was able to start the rollover process for my funds.


What is the difference between your typical Art Institute admissions representative and a politician? Easy, one lies all day, every day and the other is a politician.

Life After DCEH Collapse

The job market is great and good companies are hiring. It took me 2 months, but there are much better jobs outside of AI, Argosy, and South. I had multiple offers with more reputable companies that understood the situation with DCEH. Companies don't... read more

Old gang at South

While skimming your last paycheck, the frightful leader got herself the boss job at South. She doesn't care where your last paycheck is! They bought her a new computer with it! https://www.thelayoff.com/t/Yz3hyiD#post


Just curious if anyone got their cobra paperwork? I got my paperwork Thursday. How is that supposed to work? Didn't Dottore basically cancel insurance for the few remaining employees? Do they think we are stupid enough to pay them when the insurance... read more

Receiver asks judge to hold Studio in contempt

Receiver Dottore yesterday filed papers asking the court to hold in contempt Studio and Studio’s lawyer, John Altorelli, whom Dottore calls “the person who is in control of Studio.” According to Dottore, Studio has been making job offers to DCEH... read more

What happened in court on April 11th?

Any news on the court hearing yesterday? Wondering if EPF & Studio Enterprise now understand that a large investment will be required in separating the IT from DCEH (which has a "Transfer Service Agreement" with EPF & Studio for 15 years, by the... read more




Admissions reps. Den of thieves. Same thing. Change my mind.

Just imagine...

...if we had executive management who decided to conduct this entire process openly and transparently so that both us and students knew what was going on the entire time? It still would have been bad, but we'd have gotten a chance to prepare for... read more

How many DCEH workers are moving over to Zovio?

I see that Zovio is hiring. They are moving their headquarters to Chandler, Arizona, where some DCEH workers were already stationed. Here's more on Zovio. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/zovio-cuts-spending-sprees-irresponsible-dahn-shaulis/
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DCEH employees in AZ who have not received pay

DCEH current and past employees who have not received pay. Contact ABC15 news in Arizona and provide them the information. I just contacted them and they are beginning to investigate this issue and it would be good if they have additional people who... read more

Argosy University, Twin Cities

Faculty and adjunct that were supposed to be paid on the 15th of March have still not been paid. Everything has been liquidated. Where the fu*& is our pay that we worked for?

BAS Insurance

Very interesting. Left the company voluntarily on March 15th, and my last two paychecks (15th and 29th) were when they no longer taking out for medical insurance. However, I just received a notice from UPMC regarding a service I received on 1/8/19... read more

Ai Dallas

Can anyone tell me how the Dallas campus is being affected by all of this? A friend of mine applied for a position there.

AiLV - Are you guys working for free?

Are faculty and staff at AiLV seriously working for free? Or rather the promise that you’ll receive your back pay? Who are these new owners? And what makes you think they have the cash on hand to pay given that your students no longer qualify for DOE... read more



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