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Unpaid Medical Claims- WILL NOT BE PAID

Hello Everyone, I have been following the case and as of today 6/10 unpaid medical claims (if you had medical insurance through Dream Center) will not be paid. You will need to make arrangements to pay the unpaid bills with your provider. I am... —  read more 

Bankers created this mess

Let's not forget who turned American education into a racket, and who continue to feed us bu*sht. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/college-meltdown-open-letter-ny-fed-dahn-shaulis/?published=t —  read more 

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Employment verification

Does anyone know who/where to contact for employment verification checks? I received a new job offer but they need to verify my previous employers... since argosy no longer exists, does anyone know who I need to direct them to? Thanks.

Can An Employer Refuse To Pay Me?

Absolutely not. All the money you’ve earned is your property. If your employer refuses to pay you what you’ve earned, you have every right to sue them for those unpaid wages. https://wageadvocates.com/faq/can-i-sue-my-employer-for-not-paying-me/ —  read more 

South University (SUO) Biting The Dust.

College scorecard has recently been updated and there's great news. The graduation rate for this loan mill scheme has just risen from a spectacular 2% to a phenomenal 3%. Go Dogs!!! South University-Savannah Online Savannah, GA *4,045... —  read more 

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Just Checking

Hold on, this is a bit of a shock. Just checked my bank account, still no final paycheck deposited from the two weeks (Feb. 23 - Mar. 8) due on March 15, which we were promised in writing would be paid in the March 8 termination letter. I knew you’d... —  read more 

Receivership extended?!

Receivers office is stating receivership has been extended? Anyone know if this is true since they are less than honest?

Adobe CC Access?

For faculty who had Adobe CC accounts via the school, is your software still working?

Western State Transers

Is anyone else at Western State being waitlisted at other local law schools? I never knew it would be so difficult to transfer to other unranked law schools.

The "Layoff" must be dying

Why all the seemingly arbitrary editing on this site lately. I thought it was about pushing Ads but now it's clear to see the orange one's boys have taken over. The traffic is no doubt way down and that might be a good thing cause it's true... —  read more 

What's still standing?

It's been over a year since I've been laid off and by now I've moved on to a better position where I don't have to constantly worry about closings or morality of some of the things I was asked to do. All those people who said there's better life... —  read more 

another scam - David Halperin need to investigate

find out if these people /company has any relationship to dceh / BR etc https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/12/us/mined-minds-west-virginia-coding.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab scam - start a non profit coding school - sound familiar? -- make all kinds... —  read more 

DCEH Centralized Accounting Done

I worked in Centralized Accounting in Pittsburgh for a few years. I left voluntarily in the middle of March but still keep in touch with a handful of the 15-20 who are still there. I'm not sure where everything goes from here, but they said they were... —  read more 

Update on Faculty Pay

I emailed Dottore's company today to determine if or when faculty might be expected to paid for the March payroll. Received quick response: "The Receiver is continuing to work with the DOE to receive funds that we feel that we are due. This will help... —  read more 


Realistically, two buyers have already pulled out what are the chances this small university pulls through and buyers Western State at this point with so much going on? It would be a miracle. The law school has lost so much staff, and reputation... —  read more 

UPDATE 04-26-19 - Republic Report

Judges Polster and Parker today terminated the DCEH receivership because “not enough remains of DCEH to justify having a receivership.” (On April 24, the judges had denied the receiver’s contempt motion against Studio and Altorelli.) DCEH is done-... —  read more 

save the dream

the only way to save this place is bring back the OG's! JG and PC are the saviors the dream center needs!

New layoff page for remaining Art Institutes?

Is there a page for the remaining campuses? These comments are all about Dream Center and it is officially done- just read the judge's comments to the receiver last week. There are still thousands of students, faculty and staff at the remaining AI... —  read more 


Dream Center Education Holdings, LLC is in receivership. This means that a Receiver (Mark E. Dottore) has taken possession of DCEH's property and operations. The Receiver is tasked with the orderly administration of DCEH's assets and debts. The Dream... —  read more 

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How will the remaining Ai schools survive?

It seems like the campuses are practically running on fumes. From what I understand, studio isn't going to be as involved with campus operations as we expected. Management (what's left ot it) has been tight lipped when it comes to any plans on... —  read more 

Calling All

Calling all Americans of above average intelligence..., Oh wait. Never mind. If you’re on this site you either worked at or went to an Ai, AU or South... good luck, it’s all you have. Luck favors the dim. Time to move on. —  read more 

It’s all over Monday

I’m not supposed to say anything being in the know but I don’t care anymore. This company has eff’d all of you at every turn. They’re getting rid of me to but this Monday all campus locations. Doesn’t matter if you are part that “separated” the deal... —  read more 

Spooks a Poppin'

https://www.republicreport.org/2019/devos-backed-deal-would-allow-secretive-non-profit-to-enrich-related-for-profit/ Yes, it's old news, but still valid and edifying. And these creeps want to educate your children? Or is it something else? —  read more 

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I got paid!

I can’t believe it..... check your accounts. I usually got paid a day earlier via direct deposit bc of my bank. Good luck .... Argosy employee (west Coast)

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