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Yup, Argosy could lose all federal aid funding. Why? Because money isn't accounted for. I said it before and I'll say it again. Somebody or somebodies WILL BE going to prison. You know who you are. Come clean. Now. Or else.

South university and SUO

How is it that south seems to not have been impacted, at least relatively speaking? I have friends at SUO who actually claim to be excited for their future and feel "safe".

Stipend update per MN DoHE

February 15, 2019 Update on Stipend Funds OHE has received notice that students attending Argosy University that have been waiting for their federal financial aid refunds will not be receiving those funds to be used for critical living expenses like... read more


Does anyone know when the COBRA letters will be mailed?

Have you received a W2 from EDMC?

I have not received a W2 from EDMC for the earlier part of 2018 before DCEH took over. Anyone out there received one or have any information about this?

What is happening at AI Miami?

Anyone attending or working at AI Miami? Curious how many students and faculty are there and if they got a bunch transfers after the other Floridas campuses like Fort Lauderdale closed.

W2 Issue

Anyone else receive your W2 for more than you were actually paid?


So, now its 13 million dollars...unaccounted for? This is unacceptable. This is affecting people's lives here. Better find that money. I expect it found. I'm not taking the fall for this or going to prison. Someone knows something. Fess up. Now.

Student veterans

If you know of any student veterans at DCEH schools who have not received their GI Bill payments, please tell them to communicate with Veterans Education Success. They should also contact the VA. https://veteranseducationsuccess.org/ @GIBillRights
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Not sure if this was posted yet.

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What is happening at the 8 campuses under EPF ?

Curious what is happening at the 7 campuses that were "sold" to EPF? I see on here cuts continue to happen, is that true? Atlanta, Miami and Houston, and branch campuses in Virginia Beach, Tampa, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio...are they now closing... read more

Lost Student Loan Payments

I was just reading that Dream Center lost 9 million dollars in Student Loan Payments. No idea where the money is. Someone is going to prison. Make sure it isn't you.

Is there any oversight?

Seriously none of this should be happening! Everybody is getting screwed over - students, faculty, staff... Is anybody ever going to be held responsible for all of this?

Woz U

Announced today at Woz U…Brent Richardson and John Crowley are now taking the reigns there. Wow…


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The Carrion Birds Smell Blood.

Got a call yesterday from U.S. Processing Solutions out of Huntington Beach, California. They very kindly offered to "help" me with my school loans. The cost would be $199.00 x3 months followed by $39.00 per month for 239 months on an outstanding... read more
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