Topics regarding layoffs at Dean Foods Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dean Foods Co.


Rumor is management running company into the ground. 2-3 different owners since the bk. Hear there is only 2 more years left on the tread before the plant goes up in flames. Good riddance Carlos, Brunsy and your 20 plus other user names. Humble pie... — read more 

Why did I ever applied here

At the time, it seemed like an acceptable option to me, but if I could turn back time, I would never apply here again. This is a terribly managed company where you can only be overworked and undervalued. You will just end up wasting your time here... — read more 

Who’s laughing now?

Told everyone last year that Deans was filing bk. Told everyone last year Deans and now DFA is getting rid of routes and going to mass distribution warehousing instead. Maybe now you believe me when I told you I am an insider. Get out while the job... — read more 

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Covid Vaccine

Will DFA make getting the vaccine mandatory? As of now it is not mandated that I get the vaccine at the plant that I work at. Is it mandatory at any of the plants you guys work at?

What made you quit?

What was the thing that finally pushed you over the edge and made you say this is it? I'm worried about leaving without a new job lined up but after a confrontation I had with my manager yesterday (he accused me of not doing something that's not part... — read more 

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All cvs across the country will be outsourced by end of year company realizes they are a loss and don’t want to make the same mistakes as dean

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Would I burn my bridges?

I just accepted a position with another company outside of our industry. My new employer wants me to start sooner than is customary (2 weeks). Has anyone given less than 2 weeks? If so, did you end up burning bridges here? I would like to keep all of... — read more 

The bullies are back!!!

DFA no different than Deans at my plant. Management is forcing us to work 12 hours shifts all thru Christmas to meet holiday demands. Just told we are getting another 100,000 gallons of sour to pump out the door bi weekly and 20 vats of cottage... — read more 

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Le Mars

Who works here? Step up your game and your mouth and be a man!!! Sick of trash talk. I’ll meet any of you here in Sioux Falls any day.

DFA trucker warning

News out of KC yearly manager meeting today. DFA going nationwide mass warehousing. Routes slashed in half. Truckers will be forced to deliver to warehouses then DFA will contract local haulers from there in an attempt to cut benefits and health care... — read more 


Garelick must be out sourcing. Seeing alot of private rigs pulling garelick trailers, direct shipments real soon. East coast.

Lost Dollar General

Effective August 9th Dollar General is gone!! Nationally, that's our largest account now that Wal-Mart gone. Some of the routes in the Southeast are more than 50% Dollar General stores. That means layoffs my friends. At first they will continue to... — read more 

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