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This company is done

Dean Foods Co. is seeking court permission to pay about $37 million for worker incentives, deeming them “crucial” in keeping the food and beverage manufacturer afloat during its bankruptcy. Up to $30 million will be set aside in a “short term... —  read more 

Borden DFA Deal

I think DFA will overlook Deans and just do a deal with Borden they are way more profitable

Wake up, Dean Foods is a mess!!!!

If you are hanging in there and hoping things get better, that decision is just as bad as the business decisions Dean Foods has made. Dean Foods upper management is incompetent to say the least, but local management that manages these plants are far... —  read more 


Dfa will shut down what they don’t want how is deans going to sell non profitable plants

Proposed KERP and STIP participants

Dean filed for a compensation package for approximately 2400 essential employees.apparently drivers warehouse and production employees are non-essential.they want us to work to the very end with no severance package while the "essential"employees... —  read more 

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Not buying it

If this bankruptcy (restructuring) was the answer why didn’t they do this years ago ?


Looks like we spent 70 million of the DIP money in just over a month.corporate and their lawyers and committees got over 5 million between them.made over 900million and netted 2 million this should last 10 months.

New Years Resolution

My new years resolution is to never call in sick and to accept all offers to work on my days off and pull specials when asked. I will ride this wave as long as I can. God Bless Dean Foods! Hopefully all goes well..

Dfa buy out is almost inked.

Multiple little birdies have told me that DFA has almost inked a deal to buy out Dean foods. They are in the last stages with their lawyers and will present to the courts on February 10th. Now that doesn't mean that there won't be plant closures. But... —  read more 


I heard Barbers won’t make it through the bankruptcy.

Dfa and Unions

How are union plants going to make out if DFA buys them??? Major cuts or life goes on business as usual??

New hearings scheduled!!

There have been 2 new hearings added!! Omnibus hearings were added to the preceding. Jan 22 and Feb 19 with the meeting of creditors already scheduled for Feb 11. looking like we may get some answers soon

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Rensselear Plant

If Dean Foods as a whole is ran like the Rensselear Plant, back your bags boys and girls. Rensselear is top heavy with uneducated and unethical managers, supervisors and dispatchers. Their best play in the playbook is lie, lie, lie and when that... —  read more 

Dairy trucks

Has anyone noticed fewer mill trucks in the bays? For example, this week, usually our bays are full of deliveries sometimes a few waiting to get in. The past three days only 2 or 3 bays with trucks. In my 20+ years ive never seen that.


So deans and Borden are fighting over Starbucks ! Like to see how this played out


Borden has filed chap 11 not looking good


Right 850 million to keep the whole thing of float right seems about now probably be depleted at this point or maybe that's just a little bit left when people getting raises holiday pay overtime all over the place we're company that's going bankrupt... —  read more 

DIP financing

Deans has burned through over half of the DIP financing already I find that very questionable are we not making any profit?

PTO hours

What are y’all doing with your PTO hours if yal think we may have some layoffs in a couple months?? If we use them all early will they make us pay them back??

Dollar generals

Was curious as to how y’alls branches ended up when yal lost your dollar generals, I believe we are gonna be out in a couple of months and it will take a huge effect on our routes seeing most of them are 80% dollar generals


Received a raise not much but really odd to receive something after chapter 11 has been found. Somebody mentioned on here recently that 850 million-dollar load has been slowly depleting as everybody's been getting a piece of it across the board. Why... —  read more 

Spending and non layoffs

Has anyone notice that dean is spending a lot of capital money and I have not heard of any layoffs as of yet. I am seeing spending and very very low volume. Less then a two 8 hour shift production run. However there is more overtime then anyone... —  read more 

whats next

There is alot of talk but no clear answers. What does everyone think? Are we or aren't we going to overcome this. Our district is getting hours cut, losing stops and the uppers are trying to re-org our routes. Rumors of all sorts, we are going back... —  read more 

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Belvidere Plant

Plant manager leaving. He started a few months ago. “He has no inside information.”

Bad deals

Bad deals from the start this dip financing started back in July when they put 16 plants and equipment up for collateral why extend more credit to a company that can’t pay its bills

Are some of these plants worth buying?

From what I've heard about the conditions of some of these plants, I'm wondering if any dairy would want to buy them. Yeah they can buy the plant dirt cheap but it would cost millions to bring them up to standards. The profit margins are tight now... —  read more 

whats up

whats up with Dollar Generals? First we here were losing them, we file bankcrupcy and in between its all silent. Did we lose them, is that whats created this disaster. Merry Christmas to us.

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