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As i work for DFA, I’m being told by higher up managers that the 30 sell period has come and gone with no buyers for Franklin, now the government steps in and trys to sell it for 60 days and than if no one has purchased it by then than there is... —  read more 

Franklin plant

Who thinks Franklin is about to close? Running soft. Dairy is running just 4 days meaning we get only 32 hours. The tyrant supervisor in the chest and case room is pushing everyone to the limits and wonders why noone will work for him. He steps on... —  read more 

Baskin Robbins

They also have the Baskin Robbins franchisees by the ball because they overcharge for the ice cream that franchises are forced to buy providing a kickback to Baskin Corp. the whole thing stinks of monopoly...

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Lost Dollar General

Effective August 9th Dollar General is gone!! Nationally, that's our largest account now that Wal-Mart gone. Some of the routes in the Southeast are more than 50% Dollar General stores. That means layoffs my friends. At first they will continue to... —  read more 

DFA now losing Deans business

giant eagle ice cream business on the way out !!! DFA must have went for a home run raising the price. And a swing and a miss !!! Taking giant eagle business elsewhere. Sure hope they don't continue this practice or soon we will make nothing!!

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with the company changes the employees have suffered loss of work hours , in the past 2 years we have went from 60 hours to 40 now barely 30. We cannot cont working like this, something has got to give, we lost the biggest account we had Dollar... —  read more 

Didn't pay hazard pay

While on the front line didn't pay hazard pay worked everyday 6 days a week record numbers of getting milk out and didn't offer nothing but a gallon of milk to each employees we put our life on the line ..

Expect more closures

As well as more layoffs. It's obvious that the company has once more decided to cut its way to profit. I'm not sure that's possible, considering that every time they've tried it before it didn't work, which is why we are in this situation as it is... —  read more 


What is so great about you guys??? All you are is a bunch of mules. Half the time you guys don’t even help load or move a crate at stores. All you do is sign dockets.


when will all the Dollar Generals be gone? Theres alot of concerns about losing these stores. Alot of the new routes consist of schools but with covid-19 some may not open again, or if so they will open late fall, some routes will be 2 days worth of... —  read more 

DFA Le Mars.......

What is so “special” about this facility? Constant talk on here about this place. What is it? Skilled labor, state of the art equip, pay rates, location, family life? Someone please fill me in. This whole board is full of Le Mars.


With Dean Foods using all kinds of underhanded methods to get rid of employees - such as firings for no reason - is it even realistic to expect to receive any kind of severance once the next round of layoffs arrives? They don't even seem to care... —  read more 

Mmmmmm so no hazard pay?

A lot of the beverage and other food vendors are beginning Hazard pay to their drivers as well as warehouse workers. Didn't hear anything of Dean Foods offering this before the buyout. Now that we are DFA there's still no talk of it at all anybody... —  read more 

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