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Deloitte Digital - Layoffs

Going Concern Again Covers Deloitte: There you go (from a tweet) Layoff Watch ’19: Looks Like a Few People Got Disconnected From Deloitte... —  read more 

Severance Package estimates please

Hi, I was just wondering what kind of severance package does Deloitte US and Canada pay when they "Counsel you out of Deloitte" :) Just gathering intel before taking an offer.

Expense Reimbursement

OK, this is unbelievable... This Betting addict forged Uber receipts to con £90k from Deloitte... A city accountant who swindled... —  read more 

Deloitte Lay Offs

Deloitte is Laying off people from all practice areas and bringing people from India. Literally laying off American citizens and giving that opportunity to H1B visas. These H1 B visa people will land here in US and after few months leave Deloitte... —  read more 

Don't Feel Bad

Please read this: OK, feel bad now. —  read more 

Deloitte Tax Layoffs

Do you have any updates on the ongoing layoffs in the Tax practice here in the USA. I've seen some random posts on the web but nobody has any reliable or confirmed information. The media is not covering this and I am assuming the impacts on Deloitte... —  read more 

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