Topics regarding layoffs at Deloitte

Topics regarding layoffs at Deloitte

Laid off this week.

I was laid off this week along with many others. Deloittes been doing layoffs since last week in auditing. After giving it it my ALL, working late nights and weekends, sacrificing my personal life for this stupid company, it's dehumanizing. The... — read more 

Long on the tooth

Clients are no longer buying the story. Its all fluff- sell a story, put junior people from USI, with hardly any deep value. With GenAI coming in, the big 4 consulting stories are going to come crashing down. If the firm can't invest in its own... — read more 

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What a disappointment!

In order for someone to become more successful at Deloitte, one primarily needs to have a big ego, but also must feed the ego of his/her superiors. That is crucial. Knowledge is less and less important it seems to me? I thought this was a much more... — read more 

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9 Years of Hell

I worked for Deloitte for 9 years, 9 years of hell.. I had been a 1 performer at PticewaterHouseCoopers and at IBM. I was an Associate Parter at IBM. Deloitte said that I had to come in as a Senior Manager prior to becoming an Engagement... — read more 


The top 10 largest firms in Chicago are the only ones Crain’s made visible without a paywall. They are: Deloitte: 4,691 (-5.2%) EY: 4,085 (0.5%) PwC: 3,530 (-2%) KPMG: 2,641 (-0.5%) RSM US: 1,210 (10%) Crowe: 931 (-7%) BDO USA: 706... — read more 

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I am about to start crying

Partners at Deloitte are in line for a 17 per cent pay cut after revenue growth slowed during the Covid-19 pandemic. The 709 equity partners of Deloitte’s British arm will receive an average payment of £731,000 for the year to the end of May 2020... — read more 

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Deloitte Lay-off

Diversity,People development and caring of people etc all claims are meaningless at Deloitte. Four of my friends have been laid off. They all were best performers in their previous company and were doing extremely well. All of them felt isolated... — read more 

700 Axed in Australia

Deloitte to cut at least 700 roles across the firm Deloitte will cut seven per cent of its workforce, or at least 700 professionals, as the COVID-19 downturn hits demand for the big four firm's consulting services. The firm's 10,000-strong staff... — read more 

Global CEO tweets...

If you can believe after laying off 5% of their people, destroying careers and lives in the midst of a pandemic, the Global CEO tweets “@Deloitte has a long history of helping our people, clients and communities thrive through wars, recessions and... — read more 


Deloitte Canada's layoffs happened 3-4 weeks ago across all firm areas, so I dont know if there's another round coming. I think it was a 4-5% cut of staff. I lost some colleagues/friends at that time.

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Tax = layoffs; no raise if you aren't promoted. AIP will be paid if eligible. Unclear if "promotion" means level change- seems likely it does. Update: This is a 5 percent layoff. 1.5 percent after that will be furloughed. Update #2:... — read more 

All Hands Deck Summary

We got a screenshot sent to us (source below) on Friday afternoon with notes that were taken of what was said during one of the all-hands calls on Friday morning. Here’s the notes we were sent: Roughly 5% across-the-board Deloitte US headcount... — read more 

It happens...

So. I was just let go. Happens. Effective immediately. Tomorrow is my last day. They’ll send a box for my computer and what not. I can keep my phone (-$25 disabling fee). What you really care about. 5wks separation. 5wks benefits. PTO is... — read more 

Rescinded Offer

I received an offer, a signed contract, for Cybersecurity at Deloitte. I accepted the offer and the next day it was taken away. My landlord threatened to evict me on 31st of May unless I prove that my job was explicitly rescinded due to covid-19... — read more 

Severance Payment

Does Deloitte provide any kind of severance or "separation package" if you have been there short of a full year? I have been there just shy of a full year. Would I just get my accrued / unused PTO and salary owed to me?

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5% Cut

There is your 2020 layoffs summary: 5% across-the-board Deloitte US headcount reduction, effective early June. This is average; some practices will be hit much harder than others based on market projections. Affecting up to level of Partner... — read more 

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