Topics regarding layoffs at Delta Air Lines Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Delta Air Lines Inc.

Q1 earnings miss

The numbers: Adjusted net income: $163 million vs $184.31 million expected (according to consensus estimates compiled by Bloomberg) Adjusted earnings per share: $0.25 vs $0.29 expected Revenue: $11.84 billion vs $11.99 billion... —  read more 

Deal making

Delta is trying to make a deal with its pilots. what a joke! The airlines is losing tons of cash. The pilots need to be laid off if the company knows what good for them. The unions will put the company into the ground. there is no give with the... —  read more 

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September 30

Great so delta will lay us off after September 30th they promised that so they can get there billions that all this is. Well see if all these voluntary leaves can extend this date further so airline can come back but article I read 8 hours after Bill... —  read more 

B4 it is too late

It is going to get worse before the industry improves. Most top airline executives don't see a return to 2019 levels till 2022 or later. There may be minimal improvement by the summer of 2021. But all the majors are going to be much smaller for the... —  read more 


When will we start to see the furloughs if they are coming I know I’m not taking the voluntary unpaid leave I figure just a matter of time for it to happen anyway. Anyone else know if how many people have taken it.

I'm wondering...

Is our CEO giving up just his salary or also a percentage of his total comp? If it's just the first one, then it's mostly a move designed just for show, since his pay is only a fraction of his entire yearly comp. If it's the latter, though, then it's... —  read more 

Delta Proud

Again this sounds like some Union propaganda This whole thing extends to ALL airlines and certainly some Airlines will be much worse off. Yes Delta is burning through cash, you think the other airlines are exempt?? Yes I am Delta Proud, you... —  read more 

Contractors Axed, What's Next?

Contractors are always first to go... Delta CEO, Ed Bastian, sent out a memo to employees on Friday addressing the growing COVID-19 impact on the airline. WSBTV in Atlanta reports that over 800 contract worker will also be affected by the... —  read more 

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It's one hit after another

Just when I thought things were going to return to normal, now we have the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The sanctions will disrupt everything from the food industry to the finance industry to the travel industry - airlines in particular. I'm... —  read more 

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Delta Strike

"Almost 15,000 Delta Air Lines pilots voted to authorize a strike after negotiations for a new contract were paused due to the coronavirus pandemic."

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OK, check this out

6 months from now Oil is about to hit 100 bucks per barrel - guess what's going to happen when we have to double price of tickets, etc. Also, it'll prompt a recession, so there will be less business travel. Can we survive a hit like this. Delta is... —  read more 

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The new CIO s---s. Ever since he replaced Theresa Wise he has been creating chaos at Delta Airlines. He let go of a lot of good people.

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Management shake-up

Managers are relocating at my station. Is this happening system-wide? Obamacare repeal failed , so what does that mean the workers? Are layoffs incoming?

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If you are ever trying to - 1) Minimize - risks of documents getting into the wrong hands 2) Reduce - outside counsel spend– better organization of content for easier and quicker access, better collaboration on documents both internally and... —  read more 

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