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Where do you think we will move our office to? Downtown???? Denver???? Cardboard Box????


I still recall a phone screening with current Director of Reservoir Engineering a few years ago. I was unemployed, a long career guy needing a break. Instead I got the early-career silly questions. I was interrupting the individual’s lunch break... —  read more 

CFO out?

Anyone else notice MA's contact info wasn't on the press release this morning? Is he out?? Or just too chickens*** to put his name on it and answer investor calls?

401K risk

Good evening, for the record I left several years ago but I still have my Denbury Meryl lynch 401K plan. It’s done well and I really like that plan. But I’m curious if it is in danger anyway because of the bankruptcy. Anyone have any useful info... —  read more 


What is happening to those people on “furlough”? Has anyone heard any update?

Chris & his band of misfits

Chap 11 is just around the corner. I’m sure we’ll be treated with respect & fairly. I mean, with our skilled HR accountant and all. Unbelievable.

We missed a bond payment

Hopefully it’s a negotiation tactic to restructure our debt but if not that makes sense on why we are getting a bonus payment quarterly now.

Back to the Office

I heard there is a Covid case at DNR. Why are we reopening offices with higher cases including one at work?

What are the chances?

Does anyone think they will get to return from furloughed? Some good people got let go today, just wonder how they go about making these decisions.

Well, it happened to me.

At least I got insurance coverage for 6 months. After 7 years I got 3 1/2 months of pay. Better than nothing. I’m glad it’s over. The waiting was too much.

Delayed earnings....what next?

Does the delayed quarterly release signal a bankruptcy announcement? Things are very quiet from leadership right now...I’m guessing layoffs at the beginning of June.


Have we finally laid off the lawn crew? What about the janitors? Are we going to be cleaning toilets when we get back. I hope so because I don’t have much work to do other than get on here all day and think what everyone says to be true. Amiright?

Job Reductions

We are in denial if we don’t think there is a high chance some type of reductions in the form of furloughs first then layoffs later in a month or two. I’m afraid the video messages we Get from Plano have gotten may have been more wishing and hoping... —  read more 

Quarterly release

Soooo....everyone else can give their numbers but we can’t...I think we know what that means....Bankruptcy!!!

Predictions on if there will be furloughs

CK said in the townhall there would be furloughs instead of layoffs if it gets to that point. With oil in the teens now, it seems inevitable. I'm thinking they would start next month, especially if we start shutting in production towards the end of... —  read more 

Wasting Millions on Nonsense

Denbury stock price is tanking, oil prices are tanking, Covid19 is k–ling the US economy, but Denbury continues to waste money on nonsense like SAP, Geotabs, Lone Worker Devices, Ipads, etc. How did these id–ts in upper management ever get there? ... —  read more 

Stock Price in Teens

Who would have thought just a month ago that DNR stock would be in the teens? Probably not much hope for the company at this point. Need to start looking at Chapter 11 options.

Tone Deaf Leadership

New proxy came out today. I was surprised (not!) to see any changes to Exec Comp when our leader, CK just yesterday promised to "meaningfully reduce Denbury’s LOE and G&A expenses". More lip service from the top, and likely more cuts at the... —  read more 

Be Aware

There are external media sources watching the comments on here. We all have opinions, but try and be smart about what you share.


All over the wires about DNR hiring outside bank to help in the subject process. When will our executives come out to company about it? Strange Chris didn’t talk at last town hall about it. Hopefully they can work a decent deal with our debt... —  read more 


Failure of a company to meet a minimum closing bid price of at least $1 for 30 consecutive trading days can trigger delisting.Could Denbury be headed towards this?

$30 Oil

Any news or rumors after oil plunged to $30 today?

HR leading IT and SC? The blind leading the blind.

An HR leader who who doesn’t like people, won’t make eye contact or speak in public is considered successful enough to take over more? IT? Led by the CFO’s friend? Would like to sit in on that staff meeting. Frankly, I think they’re perfect together... —  read more 

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