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DB Rescinding Offers to New Hires

I am slated to start in Global Markets in London in a few weeks. I recently graduated. Do you think that DB may be planning to rescind offers to the incoming analysts?

How long will this go on for?

So many good people gone from Deutsche Bank already and this is probably just a start. I'm worried this will stretch out into months before everybody is notified, leaving all off us to constantly stress about what tomorrow might bring. Do we... —  read more 

Incoming Analysts (Equities group)

A question regarding incoming full-time analysts in the Equities group at DB. I did not think this was going to take place when as a Sales and Trading Summer Analyst I accepted the full-time role as I didn't want to deal with recruitment again, but... —  read more 

June 2018 Layoffs (USA)

I see there is a thread for London below, we may as well start one for The NYC and other USA locations. Frankly, nothing more to add aside from what's been covered in the media all day - there is a ton of post on social media as well so this may be a... —  read more 

Meanwhile, in London...

The sector is shrinking and leaving for Frankfurt, Dublin, Paris and Lux and Brexit has been charged with much of the offence, just as was predicted. The maximum shake out was estimated to be 25,000 finance jobs leaving the UK. —  read more 

Deutsche Bank Cuts 18,000 Jobs London(CNN Business) Deutsche Bank will cut 18,000 jobs and dramatically shrink its investment bank as part of a costly overhaul that marks a retreat from Wall Street after... —  read more 

On Plummeting Morale at the Bank

The Business Insider is on a mission here: Morale at Deutsche Bank US headquarters is so low, traders are leaving to day drink at 1 p.m. and actively searching for other jobs in front of their bosses Source:... —  read more 

sell side algo trading desk

Not my post, sharing the link Regulators need to put more control and governance in sell side algo trading desk, in particular centralized risk desk. “Central risk desk” are often being used by sell side circumventing from Volcker’s restriction on... —  read more 

Irresponsible Risk Taking

DB is famous for taking risk irresponsibly. One example is central risk book. Aggregating risk is dangerous. Deutsche Bank Said to Lose Money on Risk-Management Trades -U.S. equity central risk book said hurt by algo performance -Book size once... —  read more 


DB will struggle in 2019. I am curious to see how things will pan out.

Cary Layoffs

Check this out: —  read more 

When will we know if US will be affected?

Just wondering how long it will be before we find out which US locations will be hit by these layoffs and how bad will it get? Apparently, the bank is still refusing to give any details on the announced cuts, so we are left to stress over it... —  read more 

10,000 to be laid off Tell me again how the "Economy is booming"..... —  read more 

10% of US operations cut

As proof that not all layoffs, and even mass layoffs, are reported here. This one is huge and yet not a peep. I guess because when you're in complete shock and terror, the last thing you think to do is post it on some forum... —  read more 

The Bank Layoff / Postbank

Affecting the retail side only (Postbank), 6000 will be leaving before 2022 - nothing surprising here as retail banks are shrinking across the board. I'd say this is a bit late should have reacted quicker.

London stuff lay off

London stuff laid off, including junior/mid-level permanent employees as well as contractors.

Layoffs on Track So Far

Deutsche Bank IT Move - Nucleus

Hi all, Just wondering how you guys are doing, after the Global Nucleus transition to Hewlett Packard Enterprise? Considering that the Wintel, UNIX, VHS, DB, Storage, IT Facilities are now contracted over to Hewlett Packard Enterprise and that the DB... —  read more 

2016 Layoffs At Deutsche Bank

PostBank will be spun off, that's going to offload 15,000 people. In addition, they are still messing and outsourcing folks on the back office side, Deutsche Bank has been doing this for a decade or so now. So, more IT jobs will be lost or transfered... —  read more 


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