Topics regarding layoffs at Deutsche Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Deutsche Bank

Firm Titles?

Anyone have insight into firm's titles (AVP, VP, etc.) and if there are sub-levels per these levels? Does the firm do location based comp like other banks?

Updates on Telecommuting?

Anyone have updates on telecommuting and when the firm will start making people go back to the office? This is mostly for Jax office. Or will the firm come to its senses and realize that work can get done while at home.

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Irresponsible Risk Taking

DB is famous for taking risk irresponsibly. One example is central risk book. Aggregating risk is dangerous. Deutsche Bank Said to Lose Money on Risk-Management Trades -U.S. equity central risk book said hurt by algo performance -Book size once... —  read more 

Meanwhile, in London...

The sector is shrinking and leaving for Frankfurt, Dublin, Paris and Lux and Brexit has been charged with much of the offence, just as was predicted. The maximum shake out was estimated to be 25,000 finance jobs leaving the UK.

Minor layoffs only

We've had only minor layoffs so far - please do not exaggerate and it's not all doom and gloom. Yes, we'll try to streamline things but keep in mind that we are hiring quite a bit today and this trend will continue. Deutsche Bank is doing, in my... —  read more 

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June 2018 Layoffs (USA)

I see there is a thread for London below, we may as well start one for The NYC and other USA locations. Frankly, nothing more to add aside from what's been covered in the media all day - there is a ton of post on social media as well so this may be a... —  read more 

More job cuts (target 10,000 positions) in the pipeline at Deutsche Bank, this time it will be massive

Not sure what to say about this - it's getting sad and stupid here at Deutsche Bank - how many people need to lose jobs before someone wakes up and says something - here in the USA people remain to be quiet and accept cuts, this is not applicable to... —  read more 

10% of US operations cut

As proof that not all layoffs, and even mass layoffs, are reported here. This one is huge and yet not a peep. I guess because when you're in complete shock and terror, the last thing you think to do is post it on some forum... —  read more 

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The Bank Layoff / Postbank

Affecting the retail side only (Postbank), 6000 will be leaving before 2022 - nothing surprising here as retail banks are shrinking across the board. I'd say this is a bit late should have reacted quicker.

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Deutsche Bank Layoffs

We at Deutsche Bank keep letting people go and keep hiring people at the same time. That's in our DNA. The downsizing process continues, yet, new positions are being born - that's how we keep afloat. You might think that job cuts are detrimental to... —  read more 

2016 Layoffs At Deutsche Bank

PostBank will be spun off, that's going to offload 15,000 people. In addition, they are still messing and outsourcing folks on the back office side, Deutsche Bank has been doing this for a decade or so now. So, more IT jobs will be lost or transfered... —  read more 

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