Topics regarding layoffs at Devon Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Devon Energy Corp.

Big Money

It has to be right? I’m referring to what we spent to buy our way onto the JUST 100 list. It certainly is good for a laugh, but at the end of the day, we certainly approach our public image with intentionality, because no one who works here, or... —  read more 

Random question

At what point does an entire team become irrelevant? Is it after they’ve proven themselves inept at doing what they are tasked to do? Is it after they’ve totally messed up rolling out new processes? Is it after they’ve done a bang up job of... —  read more 

There is no future

Mr. Podcast at fuze talking about the future of the field worker, all the while his organization gatekeeps and stonewalls. Who asked for this? Maybe get your house right before you go talking about stuff you obviously don’t know about or care to... —  read more 

Sound Familiar?

As long as data processes are built fast and cheap, we will always struggle to understand who is accountable for data quality issues. When leadership asks for a dashboard, the complexity that goes into defining the query, understanding the business... —  read more 

Job posting satire

Looking over some of these job postings and I have to wonder if it’s an exercise in satire or just complete obliviousness. “Foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement” Entry level postings, but require years of experience. I guess... —  read more 


I never thought Devon would be this week. Failure after failure and the epa and blm penalties haven’t hit yet. Behind marks on production and ESG. Doomed to fail like Chesapeake did prior to WPX coming and sparing a few more years of production for... —  read more 

Same old tactics

Ah yes the good old workplace abuse playbook. Employee performs well and/or speaks up Abuser creates a false narrative, sabotages, or otherwise demeans the target to reinforce their power. ,Target has nowhere to turn. HR works for... —  read more 

Let me count the ways

Workplace bullying is synonymous with our culture at Devon. Not only during this so called “merger of equals” that was really just a thinly veiled cover for an acquisition, but throughout the last decade. Situations such as: Falsely accusing the... —  read more 

The machines are coming

Generative AI doesn’t eliminate the need for high-quality data sets. Curated proprietary data sets are more valuable than ever. We have terabytes of data with near 0 value. we will miss out on the returns that Generative AI can deliver and fall even... —  read more 

Culture? Who needs culture?

It’s really not worth the time and money to attract top talent if you aren’t considering the work environment they are coming into. Retention only happens when your company culture is worth staying for, and we haven’t done the hard work to remedy our... —  read more 


Exxon? Chevron? Who’s it gonna be that ACQUIRES us? And you can be sure they don’t need any IT help. Time to start refreshing those resumes technology! Such great news!

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Too many reorgs

Worked @ DVN for 14 years. Loved this place and got let go with the WPX merger. Chances are the cycle will continue and the longer you are there the greater the chance you will get let go. It is sad, real sad. In my tenure there my department had 11... —  read more 

No other choice

Now that all of the merger hassle is over we can get back to turning on each other apparently. If you aren’t just giving up and quiet quitting that is. I wonder who will remain once the dust settles at the end of the year?

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