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Hiring Contractors

Update from the command center. Initial reports is we can fire all the contractors now, blame them for not following hard hat sticker regulations and continue business as usual. Close call though, I’m down to 37 safety professionals and consultants... read more

Nice Devon exposure on local news

Layoff EHS and Engineering SMEs and less than a month later old wide track and light bulb head get showcased on the local news? Guess somebody misse a hard hat sticker inspection eh clay?

Finally the EC steps up

Finally they are starting to get rid of dead weight. Thank goodness. No need to pay a babysitter millions a year If only they would cut deeper and remove the top tiers

It's all for nothing

I know so many good people who were laid off after decades with Devon just to be replaced with cheap, much younger employees who barely know what they are doing. They all worked hard, gave it their all, and for what? So that the company could use... read more

Devon: Highering several accountant positions.

Several Accountant positions plastered on LinkedInm - Grab them while their hot, but remember, they just laid off everyone with half a brain. That means very little training to do the tasks of 3 formerly seasoned professionals. Remember a few years... read more

Rebuilding the EHS Empire

Wow, wow. Im just astonished. After all the layoffs, now i see an EHS position in Cuero, Artesia, and yes even Gillette! Does management have any clue what it costs to lay off good people, pay severance, throw away thousands in training costs, and... read more

Finally made the decision

I've finally decided to leave Devon. I've been on the fence for a while now, but to be honest the complete lack of job security pushed me to finally bite the bullet and accept the offer that comes with somewhat less pay but also with much less... read more

Strata - report

In reference to another post about looking at the financials of the various fields to see who gets sold next. Go to strata. Search core reports. Think you’ll be surprised to see the STACK. Enjoy

Coffee talk

TL:DR..Coffee talk instills yet more distrust. Mass exodus deemed unworthy of correction. Was recently involved in a coffee talk with someone SVP and above. Not going to say who or exactly when as I’m sure big brother could narrow down who is posting... read more

Next round?

Any rumors of next round, I have heard some fairly unreliable rumors that there will be another round before year end. Anyone else?

Losing good people

As of now we’ve lost 50+ technical staff (eng/geo/land) since the layoffs. They are quitting, going elsewhere. What is HR/mgmt doing to combat this? That’s right....nothing. This place is toxic. The ship is sinking. Majority of my team is... read more


Those of you who own is due June 5th. Non-voting automatically is counted as “for” in regards to executive compensation. I urge all voters to vote against executive compensation and vote against board appointments. Our leader made... read more

Embolization, an Alternative to Severance

Isnt that a wonderful word! I am proposing this to Devon upper management and pray that they read this. Lets say you want to terminate large numbers of support people, like droves of lawyers. I know, i know, that is not a soft target. Here in is the... read more

Are we Out of Eagle Ford?

After selling significant assets in Eagle Ford to Penn Virginia in 2017, what is left? We continue to buy high, then sell low. No wonder wallstreet doesnt reward Devon. The current rise in share price is only thanks to Trump for destabilizing the... read more

Who will hire older workers?

Somebody asked in another thread for a list of companies that will hire older workers (I assume the person was asking about companies in our field) and I realized that there is literally nothing to put down. Every single energy company is getting rid... read more

Anyone Challenging Their Termination?

I want a reason why I was put on the list. I had a good performance review and think it is because of my age. Im feeling emboldened. Get ready HR for some EEOC action.

Round 2?

So when is it? Before end of year? February 2019?

70 Rule

So, I'm about to hit the big seven oh, meaning I'm about to turn fifty and I have been with Devon for more than two decades. How much exactly will my chances of being a part of the next layoff increase due to this? From what I've been reading, I... read more

Perfect 2020 vision! Road to $100!

the layoffs was totally worth it! after the announcement the stock price went up a few dollars-->followed by immediate celebration by DH-->followed by stock price falling a few dollars... based on this logic, we should layoff 10% every Quarter, and... read more

No bonus 2018

I’ve heard from several people that the 2018 bonus payout will not happen. Any truth to this? How could this even be the case when we’re just finishing up Q1, seems a bit premature.

Mixed earnings result

What do we make of this? Are we looking at more layoffs? Strong wells in Oklahoma and New Mexico helped boost first-quarter oil production at Devon Energy Corp. even as accounting charges led the company to post a $197 million net loss in the first... read more

Should you quit?

For those who were considering quitting Devon before the layoffs and are still here, here's a handy article to help you decide. 7 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Because Sometimes It's Better To Walk Away... read more

Wrong people gone, again!

This is becoming really tiresome. Instead of the true dead weight in the company, Devon keeps laying off good people who actually know how to do their jobs and more than pull their weight around here. How exactly do they expect to see any... read more

This was not a WARN Layoff, so...

Will a list ultimately be mailed out to those terminated, (as in 2016) showing age and positions? Read the agreement carefully. I'm sure that HR modified the legalese based on 2016 lessons learned. My prayers go out all of you. I was in your shoes... read more
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Last layoff this year?

So survivors and victims, when the next sh-- covered shoe drop? Bet senior management won't make it to December 31.
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Stay Away From Devon

I was offered a position with Devon. Signing bonus, they pay relocation. If I quit within 4 years all has to be paid back. All within 2 year, half if 3 years. During layoffs I was given a letter that pretty much suggested Devon would prefer I resign... read more

Continental Resources vs Devon

Ok, just look at the 1 year stock chart, comparing CLR vs DVN. That says it all. Continental making steady gains, while Devon has peaks and valleys. Continental is lean and mean. Where Devon was 10 years ago. Continental still has their founding... read more


I heard from two sources that Wellcon is shuddering and BU geologists are going to steer their own wells as in the golden days - any truth? What about the DE's in Wellcon if true? All that data will be lost, or maybe just the geologists are affected.
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Is it finally done?

Have all the 300 jobs that were announced by Devon for elimination cut in the past two days? Has the nightmare of constant anticipation and stress finally ended? Or do we have more of the same to look forward to next week? Please somebody tell me... read more

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