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I’m tired of these know nothing VP’s blaming everyone above them and below them for all the problems. They’ve apparently learned from the guy at the top on how to be Teflon. Maybe they believe they can save the ship but they are just sinking it.

The Facts

Let's get the facts straight. 1) Devon is not a good long-term company to spend your career. What once was, is no longer. Those who still tout Devon as being an incredible company are blind. Don't listen to them and focus on doing what is best for... read more

Entitled Devon Employees

I have to assume most folks on this site are complete trolls or they are bitter from a sense of entitlement. For context, I've worked in several different companies across different industries and I've been at Devon for a little less than a decade... read more

Top 100 company to work for?

Do they still keep the trophies out on the reception desk in the rotunda? I remember laughing about those the day I was laid off in 2016. Thinking Devon wont see any more of those anytime soon.

Were there any more layoffs these days?

I know the official announced part of the layoffs has finished, however, I donćt doubt for a second that they will continue unannounced for a longer period of time. So, were any Devon folks laid of these days and ig they were at what locations?

The job market

I heard a lot of opposing opinions on the topic of how strong or weak is the job market right now in our industry. How hard is to land a job at another company? I see a lot of people complaining how hard it is, but i didn't see many of them that... read more

They keep doing the same thing

I keep wondering why is it that this company keeps believing that laying off experienced employees will solve problems that were created by inadequate upper management? Has this ever worked in the many previous attempts they've tried it? Nope. And... read more

Jobs Jobs Jobs

For the IT folks there are jobs out here. You might have to move to Texas, but you may prefer to so you don't have to look at the "Big Drill" everyday in OKC. USAA has a big data center in Plano and their main office in San Antonio. I'm actually... read more

Who is next to get cut?

I can;t be naive to that point to believe that the layoffs won’t continue and that what they announced is just a fraction of the workforce to get cut. I’m certainly curios what departments and what type of workers will they be targeting next.


Worked with this young man on several occasions. He doesn’t know much and certainly isn’t a “subject matter expert” by and stretch of the imagination. The word “imposter” comes to mind when I think him. Probably spends a good deal of time talking to... read more

How does getting laid off at Devon look like?

I don’t want to refresh bad memories of the folks that got laid off, or put salt on their wound, but if someone who went through the process could post what do the actual layoffs look like. Is zou manager present or just the person from HR? Do they... read more

How are you surprised by this?

It's been announced for 3 years they will do these cuts years thru 2020. They are selling Canada and the N TX plays. If you're in these areas you are prime target. But also non degree personnel are also prime target. Why you don't have an exit plan... read more

Our G&A is about to look hella good!!!!!

Remember, in order to be beautiful butterflies we have to cut the fat! “A group of scientists from Oregon have discovered that butterflies experience a great loss in body fat during metamorphosis.”... read more
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No more Sunday evening Devon dread!

Best I’ve felt about an upcoming Monday in so long. I didn’t realize how much that place drains your spirit and resolve. I feel bad for the ones not laid off, prepare to be over worked and under appreciated. Deuces Devon. ✌🏼
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It’s the smart thing to look for other jobs

Devon wasn’t the best employer in the industry as it is, and with the manner in which they performed layoffs they have created so much uncertainty that could possibly never end. I get the people that don’t have a choice, but think the smart thing for... read more

Who is next to get the ax?

Well you gotta wonder who will they be targeting in the next phase of layoffs. Will they be cutting a little from all of the departments or selectively , specific work positions?

“Throughout the year” is a long time

There is no question that they will cut the workforce to a degree in which it’s barely possible to operate, but couldn’t have they just got it over with in a shorter amount of time or at least announce a more precise number of cuts that need to be... read more

whats up

who works for Devon - for a lengthy time. does not know if they will be employed in march. needless to say, past upper management made some big mistakes. no reining in of expenditures. no long term planning. no strategic planning and organizing. it's... read more

We're #4! Finally, something we excel at!

Devon is the fourth of seven stocks have done THE WORST in the current 10-year bull market. The article is here: Devon is in 4th, but moving up, It... read more

Who will do the work?

With so many layoffs, huge attrition, very few people being hired to fill the vacant positions - who does Devon thinks will do the actual work if it continues like that? It is already at a point where people are doing the work of two or three people... read more

Catering Orders Tomorrow

Just wanted to check with everybody that usually gets food catered on Thursday mornings by vendors to see if there will still be food along my regular route tomorrow? A comment on this thread is fine—I’ll be watching to know what floors will have... read more
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Why not all at once?

Seriously, why cut 200 people and then say that's it, FOR NOW? Leave the rest of us worrying and wondering when the ax is going to fall once again. What's the point? Just get it over with so we can stop stressing and focus on our work once again!... read more

Layoff Rhapsody

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a layoff No escape from the ax for me Open your eyes Look up at the lies and see I'm just a poor boy, but they have no sympathy Because we're easy come, easy go Nobody high, just us below... read more

How much more than 200?

I imagine that most of you noticed in the company statement regarding the layoffs of 200 employees that the statement has been worded in a rather diplomatic tone, using word like: for now, layoffs would continue throughout the year, layoffs will be... read more

Why would anybody quit?

Somebody said execs want attrition and are encouraging it - okay, I can see why that's a good thing for them, less money to pay out. But why would anybody leave voluntarily amid ongoing layoffs when severance is a realistic option? Even those who... read more

New Devon Number 5!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is New Devon Number 5! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 More people gotta go to keep the dream alive They say, we’ll grow and turn the corner But you know they really just wanna, Sell out like Kerr McGee Oh wait, I think I just spilt the tea... read more

This has become too stressful

Does anybody else feel like it has become too stressful working at Devon lately? There is so much uncertainty every day, so much frustration, not to mention having to deal with internal politics... It feels like they are intentionally making working... read more

Yo, Devonites! Let's kick it!

Give me some money, Davey Give me some money, Davey Alright stop. We got investor friction Put Devon on track with some G&A restriction, Severance, I think about nightly, Just give me the dough or ya might as well fight me Will it ever stop? Yo, like... read more


New week “New Devon.” How’s everyone feeling about “New Devon” after last week?

When will this be over?

I know nobody can say precisely, but is there a rumor or a speculation of any kind when will the layoffs be officially over, at least this wave? I also know that it's highly unlikely that we will ever feel completely safe about our jobs, but how far... read more

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