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Former employee

I just wanted to share with all that former employee and "one of the good guys" Robert Hart - passed away last night at way-to-young an age! He will be missed!
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Canada out!

Hurry up and get it done. Or start the restructure in Canada. Too many people keeping their thumbs warm waiting ever since the divestiture announcement. Make the changes already

Poor middle and upper leadership

Devon management is weak on articulating clear lines of authority and establishing strict accountability, in effect, many times promoting people they like and trusting them to figure out the job and do what what's right. Well, more than a few... read more

Emergency Announcement- For Immediate Release.

Emergency Announcement- For Immediate Release. From under the superintendents desk, Widetrack has an important announcement for your safety. People of the tower, you have probably seen the minor event taking place at the tower. Rest assured my team... read more

BU control

I feel that leadership will continue cutting personnel in OKC and slowly give each BU more autonomy because there won’t be enough OKC staff to perform the job when the cuts are done. I generally agree with a de-centralized command model but not if it... read more

Learn something new

There has never been a better time to focus on learning new skills - it doesn't take a genius to figure out that both this company and this entire industry will continue to shrink. If you don't expand your skill base, you might find yourself in a... read more


Anyone here that the Sushi guy at NEBU was laid off this week. I guess no ones safe around here.

Earnings Release Prediction Thread

Predictions: We have a buyer for Canada. Everyone part of the layoffs associated with Canada divest to be notified by end of this week. More details on layoffs that will occur later this year. No one cares about our company's earnings. Any other... read more

In a galaxy not so far away...

The republic has lost faith in our leader Darth Hager trying to bring us to the dark side of the force. Wade Skywalker is no longer Padawan and will follow the likes of Tony Maul. The Republic is losing hope...


A coworker once told me, “give Devon two years and it will s--- the life out of you.” Truer words have not been spoken here.

Have faith in leadership

I think this leadership has proven in the last several months it has a vision for Devon that is leading us in the right direction. Just look at our stock YTD. I know a lot of people want to leave, but honestly, I think that would be a mistake right... read more

Devon layoffs in May?

I heard that layoffs may happen next week or they will be postponed until May. It’s messed up what ol’ butterfly is doing. Makes a statement about mid April and so far hasn’t followed through. Next week we’ll find out if he sticks to it. Another long... read more

Time to sell

FOR SALE: Formerly great oil company. CEO and COO won't leave until someone buys. Comes with large building that could be used for... could be donated to Oklahoma City as a tax write off.

Accounting Employees

How much longer will accounting folks be left hanging. I think the waiting is worse than the actual event. Get this over with!!

AP Bots! Mega-Thread

Will management ever realize what an utter failure the bots have been and how much money we’ve sunk into them with minimal return? Obviously they know this, but it keeps getting pushed harder and harder. It’s past the point of no return. I have an... read more

Job Market Keeps Slowing Get out now. Run and never come back.

Any word of New Layoffs?

Is it possible that nothing is at least rumored. Kind of strange given that they weren’t shy to announce that layoffs could continue throughout the year. At my office there hasn't been much talk in the las couple of weeks, everything is back to... read more


I’m tired of these know nothing VP’s blaming everyone above them and below them for all the problems. They’ve apparently learned from the guy at the top on how to be Teflon. Maybe they believe they can save the ship but they are just sinking it.

The Facts

Let's get the facts straight. 1) Devon is not a good long-term company to spend your career. What once was, is no longer. Those who still tout Devon as being an incredible company are blind. Don't listen to them and focus on doing what is best for... read more

Entitled Devon Employees

I have to assume most folks on this site are complete trolls or they are bitter from a sense of entitlement. For context, I've worked in several different companies across different industries and I've been at Devon for a little less than a decade... read more

Top 100 company to work for?

Do they still keep the trophies out on the reception desk in the rotunda? I remember laughing about those the day I was laid off in 2016. Thinking Devon wont see any more of those anytime soon.

Were there any more layoffs these days?

I know the official announced part of the layoffs has finished, however, I donćt doubt for a second that they will continue unannounced for a longer period of time. So, were any Devon folks laid of these days and ig they were at what locations?

The job market

I heard a lot of opposing opinions on the topic of how strong or weak is the job market right now in our industry. How hard is to land a job at another company? I see a lot of people complaining how hard it is, but i didn't see many of them that... read more

They keep doing the same thing

I keep wondering why is it that this company keeps believing that laying off experienced employees will solve problems that were created by inadequate upper management? Has this ever worked in the many previous attempts they've tried it? Nope. And... read more

Jobs Jobs Jobs

For the IT folks there are jobs out here. You might have to move to Texas, but you may prefer to so you don't have to look at the "Big Drill" everyday in OKC. USAA has a big data center in Plano and their main office in San Antonio. I'm actually... read more

Who is next to get cut?

I can;t be naive to that point to believe that the layoffs won’t continue and that what they announced is just a fraction of the workforce to get cut. I’m certainly curios what departments and what type of workers will they be targeting next.


Worked with this young man on several occasions. He doesn’t know much and certainly isn’t a “subject matter expert” by and stretch of the imagination. The word “imposter” comes to mind when I think him. Probably spends a good deal of time talking to... read more

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