Topics regarding layoffs at Devon Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Devon Energy Corp.

The machines are coming

Generative AI doesn’t eliminate the need for high-quality data sets. Curated proprietary data sets are more valuable than ever. We have terabytes of data with near 0 value. we will miss out on the returns that Generative AI can deliver and fall even... —  read more 

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Culture? Who needs culture?

It’s really not worth the time and money to attract top talent if you aren’t considering the work environment they are coming into. Retention only happens when your company culture is worth staying for, and we haven’t done the hard work to remedy our... —  read more 


Exxon? Chevron? Who’s it gonna be that ACQUIRES us? And you can be sure they don’t need any IT help. Time to start refreshing those resumes technology! Such great news!

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Too many reorgs

Worked @ DVN for 14 years. Loved this place and got let go with the WPX merger. Chances are the cycle will continue and the longer you are there the greater the chance you will get let go. It is sad, real sad. In my tenure there my department had 11... —  read more 

No other choice

Now that all of the merger hassle is over we can get back to turning on each other apparently. If you aren’t just giving up and quiet quitting that is. I wonder who will remain once the dust settles at the end of the year?

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Just Remember

When a toxic leader can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will see the truth, just like you did. Unfortunately, we have such an... —  read more 

Oh Look It’s CERA Week

Which means Trey and his pets will be yet again on display trying to sell their snake oil. Is he trying to steal the spotlight or what? We squandered an opportunity with the WPX acquisition to get rid of a lot of these dirty players that aren’t on... —  read more 

Notes on Leadership

Leadership is not about wielding authority or creating an environment of fear; it’s all about empowering people and empowering your team to become the very best version of themselves. Unfortunately, too many dvn leaders make the mistake of thinking... —  read more 

Leadership Qualities

Fear has no place in management or leadership. If anyone, cough cough, uses fear as a strategy to get their way and build their empire, that person has no business managing anyone. Keep that in mind when you apply to all these open positions in the... —  read more 

Reaping What You Sow

Shares of Devon Energy fell sharply Wednesday, one day after delivering disappointing fourth quarter results, reducing its fixed-plus-variable dividend and barely buying back any stock. Forward guidance wasn’t that great either. It’s certainly a... —  read more 

Everything Counts

The handshake seals the contract, from the contract, there’s no turning back. The turning point of a career, being a leader in The Tower and being insincere. The holiday was fun-packed, the contract still intact. The grabbing hands grab all they... —  read more 

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Friendly Reminder

Manually fixing data downstream is only curing “symptoms”, not the “illness” itself. Bad data is usually a structural problem which means it will come back eventually, and nobody wants to fix data over and over again, unless that’s what you feel... —  read more 

How Far We’ve Fallen

So now you don’t even need to go to college to work in the Tower?! Look at all our postings, and just a high school degree is required. Can’t have too many people asking questions, so let’s bring in people that wouldn’t know what to ask! —  read more 

You Don’t Say?

I've noticed that data initiatives bring up all the dirty laundry in an organization. If your processes are sub-optimal, it'll show up as data quality issues. If your organization is siloed, it'll show up as disconnected data. If your organization... —  read more 

I read something tosay

All successful companies get to a point where they’d benefit from fresh eyes. Except Devon. It’s worked for 50 years, why change it? That’s the way we’ve always done it :) Even with the opportunity given the myriad of acquisitions each year just to... —  read more 

Now Then.

Now that the show dogs are back from their talk circuits, will they listen to the thundering roar of negative press and feedback and bring her to the table to answer for her deceit and ineptitudes? Or will they, say it with me…

Warms My Heart

As someone who noped the heck out of there after I saw the writing on the wall, it brings me endless joy to see that I was accurate in my predictions. Predictions that it was not a merger, that it was an acquisition, that anyone from WPX that joined... —  read more 

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It Is Time

Can we PLEASE get rid of this roadblocking, stonewalling, and incompetent detriment to the company? At this point it’s laughable how little accountability she is held to. She would be better served working at Aravellis’ than in charge of so many... —  read more 

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Trouble in Paradise?

What’s the body count up to now? I hear they are dropping anyone who even plays nice with the WPX folks. Only those actively trying to sabotage those that came over in the acquisition are allowed to remain.

About Time

So glad they finally posted a position to handle the pipe data in the BUs. The data has been trash for years. Hopefully whoever they hire in that data role will be better than the current nincompoop. I won’t hold my breath though, no good can come... —  read more 

The News has Me Thinking

All these articles about the Russian military in disarray, being routed by the Ukrainians, the internal power struggles, and squabbling, has me thinking about Devon and how the technological ineptitude and corruption would be exposed if we would just... —  read more 

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