Topics regarding layoffs at Devon Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Devon Energy Corp.

Close call

The only reason DVN is still around is because the management after the merger is predominantly WPX. Old Horseface Dave grabbed his golden parachute just like he did at KM. BTW, still Waaaaay overstaffed.

Kn--e hand ninjas

Devon's demise is primarily the result of an influx of car industry six sigma ninjas, continuous hiring based upon family and friend favors rather than competency, and of course,, light-bulb head. Prove Me wrong....

Don't get complacent

Just because there haven't been any big layoffs lately and there hasn't been much talk about anything like that coming our way does not mean we are safe. Devon is always looking to cut costs. The easiest way to do it is to get rid of employees... —  read more 

Merger of equals?

I for one am so happy that all the VPs seem to have kept there jobs and we even picked up a few new ones. This pay WPX to takeover Devon plan was a great idea. DH made out like a bandit. May the odds be ever in your favor....

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Listen Up Guys and Gals

I work in HR and just been prepped to prepare for mass layoffs by end of Jan. WPX guys are thought of as much more efficient workers than us Devon folk and any of you who have been asked to justify your role without being told you are safe are... —  read more 


OSHA has officially come to a position regarding the final recordkeeping requirements for all of widetracks victims. All backstab nicks and graze wounds will be still considered first aid, however anything more significant including final death blows... —  read more 

Accounting positions

So now we have to submit resume for our position. Hmmm. Well AP, hope you built your resume. Doesn’t look good with all that leadership. Some people have been protected by others who are not there anymore. Does anyone know when the next layoff will... —  read more 

Laid off and still looking

It’s gotten to the point where I am this close to start applying at convenience stores and fast food joints just to be able to get by until I find something more lucrative. How is everyone else doing in the job market search? Does anyone have any... —  read more 

Let me get this straight

Based on the SEC disclosure for the merger WPX executives get a 44 million payout DVN executives get a 37 million payout Expected to shed 100 million in G&A in order to make up for these payments. This merger is not beneficial to the shareholders... —  read more 

Who draws first blood?

Are there a set of rules that staff are frozen in place till closure? It would seem reasonable that there would be a monumental m—acre of staff on both sides to improve golden parachutes for senior management? Remember these are tense times for... —  read more 

Do you remember?

Do you remember when we joked that Vision 2020 was going to be the price per share? Well thanks DH you have definitely "exceeded expectations" and went above and beyond. I should just flush my shares down the toilet because that is that is what... —  read more 

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