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Time for a Merger or Acquisition?

We have been trying this vision 2020 thing for some time now and don't have much to show. Unfortunately it seems that wall street misinterpreted it to be a vision for a $20.20 share price and so with that in mind we are rapidly reaching our goal... read more

Smell the coffee

I don’t get why people don’t read between the lines... Devon is slashing assets to sell the company, that’s the 2020 vision. Executives and managers are being retained to get a nice golden parachute when it’s all said and done. The best way out of... read more

Your move

You going to layoff or terminate us employees who participate in the medical can--bis program and have their license? Product will be legal according to the State this weekend if we grew it ourselves. We have done everything according to the State... read more

E&P recovers

All E&P companies recover from last week, with the exception of Devon which is down yet again. Sad what has happened here.

More layoffs at Devon

Devon is on the verge of bankruptcy and laying off again the last few days Any more info on Devon layoffs last week? Are we going to see any more this week?

Devon Canada - Gas

Sounds like gas assets being shut in and layoffs shortly. Continue on with picking people off and keeping everyone on edge. When will heavy oil be sold? Not soon enough...feet are getting wet on this aimless, sinking ship

Honest opinions on AP and automation

Anyone have honest thoughts or opinions on the AP automation progress? Is it really a good thing or is it just a way to get the counts down just in time for layoffs?
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How has the axe not fallen on Sandusky yet????

Interesting ruling

I would love to be a fly on the wall when our legal team is discussing the recent federal judge ruling in Connecticut on medical weed. The reality of our future lawsuits are starting reveal themselves if we continue our stance.

Never give up hope

Casting call This will be an immediate casting call for the American Ninja Safety Warrior tryouts to be hosted later this fall inside Wide-track Coliseum. There are some requirements contestants must meet before participating and all contestants will... read more

Devon Really?

Why can our stock not rise above .65% per day after a loss of 3.5% the prior day, wash/rinse/repeat. . All other oil and gas companies are up 6-7%. Continental, Marathon, etc. blowing Devon away. No confidence in the leadership, Wall Street not... read more

HR question

Anybody here had any dealings with the HR? Should I approach them with an issue about my manager or not?


DH and gang are allowing the slow bleed to continue. Strategically removing the need to layoff anymore employees... that G&A number they planned at beginning of the year will be hit soon enough...

Town Hall

‭‭As part of my sovereign duty to you, the workers of Devon. I would like to use my skills for everyone in the meeting to know when DH is fibbing. Yes this will be much like the political fact finding articles that are given say “One Pinocchio, Two... read more

Dave Hager...comedy genius

I sure hope Dave opens his act tomorrow with, "there seems to be a whole open section over here for everyone coming in." I love that joke. It's a good one to get the crowd going. I also hope he introduces his new material on biases and how they... read more

Devon stock moving up again, good news?

I was getting really nervous watching our stock slide down once again for nearly a month, but that trend seems to be over and it is going up once again. I personally thinks this is really good news when it comes to layoffs. Strong stock means fewer... read more

Perfect weekend

I got my medical card in the mail yesterday and I’m headed to Colorado this morning. This weekend could not have turned out better. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. This guy will be much more happy on Tuesday back at the glass house.


Anyone want to take the odds of 5:1 DH will drop another comment of less people in the room or 100:1 DH will attempt to be transparent and fail miserably about G&A plans?

Devon Tower has Creepy Look.

Dread coming to work. The whole tower creates an illusion of wealth and success. But inside...a totally different thing. I feel afraid to even make a personal phone call.

Cannot Wait to Leave Oklahoma

I am hoping the day comes when I am offered a severance package. To think I made the stupid decision to move to this God forsaken state makes me scream. My home is up for sale, so I am getting ready to move home to Alabama.

When JWN passed away.......

This whole company went to sh--. LN only waited one year to go to Executive Chairman, Bring in the Canadian loser, Terminate the Western Division in favor of the Central Division, 5 JV's all busted, Terminate BF, The loser from Canada is replaced... read more

How long do The Ties get?

The DVN BOD seems to be the most patient in the industry. At what point do they find a team that can execute for gosh sakes? How simple must the organization be before it can be managed by those studs in their ties?

Discrimination lawsuits are coming

I got my doctors recomendation today for medical cannabis. I talked to my attorney last Friday and I am set. If they fire me, I’ll be leaving with a big bag of cash when I file my discrimination lawsuit. I just hope that I don’t suffer from some sort... read more


Can’t wait for dis retention to hit this month so I can jump


“So I am not saying there will be layoffs but I am not saying there won’t be layoffs....” classic


Dave hates engineers. Dave is the problem.

Pathetic earnings. Awful.

Earnings. After laying off 100’s and prices at historic unforeseen highs, we miss on revenue????? Vote of no confidence. To all the majors out there, please buy us. We don’t know wtf we are doing. We couldn’t make money if we tried. And once certain... read more


I keep having nightmares that I'm trapped in a town hall where our DH is on the stage yodeling for eternity in the exact same voice as that walmart yodeling kid on youtube. How do I make it stop?

No chatter on layoffs

Should I dare hope we are looking at better days because there's been little if any chatter on more layoffs? Or is that too much to hope for?

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