Topics regarding layoffs at Devon Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Devon Energy Corp.

Trouble in Paradise?

What’s the body count up to now? I hear they are dropping anyone who even plays nice with the WPX folks. Only those actively trying to sabotage those that came over in the acquisition are allowed to remain.

About Time

So glad they finally posted a position to handle the pipe data in the BUs. The data has been trash for years. Hopefully whoever they hire in that data role will be better than the current nincompoop. I won’t hold my breath though, no good can come... —  read more 

The News has Me Thinking

All these articles about the Russian military in disarray, being routed by the Ukrainians, the internal power struggles, and squabbling, has me thinking about Devon and how the technological ineptitude and corruption would be exposed if we would just... —  read more 

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Quiet Quitting?!

That’s just how you live a long and healthy life at Devon. It’s worked for me well, banking the stock and dividends for my trips to Mexico all while I do the bare minimum and keep my head down. Now Quiet Firing! That is a well used tactic, especially... —  read more 

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It is almost that time

18 months since the merger is here. Will there be a mass exodus since people no longer have to pay back as much of the relocation package? Or will the recession fears keep them in a toxic workplace with terribly unethical leaders?


With just a three letter word you can progress and climb the ladder at a speed faster than fathomable. Yes. Yes men are rewarded and those who form a rational thought to the contrary are labeled trouble makers and get the mark of the beast. Yes men... —  read more 

Great quarter people!

From the outside it looks like a hint of the old Devon! Fake it till you make it was a great move. Next step is "make it till you break it" which is in Devon's DNA. Good luck with the next step and leave Harold something to buy.

Former Employee

So are you all booking 4000 lines of revenue by hand? Just curious because this company that I’m at now does. What is automation? I’m an expensive data entry clerk!!! 4000 lines?!?

New Technologies?!

That’s laughable. You can write all the flowy articles you want about data and technology, but until you change your leaders in technology from safeguarding their empires to actually innovating, Devon’s trash data and backwards mindset will be the... —  read more 

The End is Near

They have exhausted their efforts, the leadership has no grasp on what the company needs to be, or how to get to a recovery position. The field offices are filled with the trash they left when they purged those who wouldn`t drink the koolaid. They... —  read more 


So now that John Raines has consolidated his power base, any bets on how long until he goes after Clay Gaspars head? The prophecy will then be fulfilled. The heir apparent satisfied.

Building swap

Any one hearing the rumor that CLR is interested in the DVN Tower, and is discussing a swap with DVN returning to the old DVN building, and CLR taking up the Tower? One Company with a bright future, needs expansion space, the other a sinking ship... —  read more 

Deep Greed Runs Rampant

I'm pretty pi---d off. These guys across the industry, at Devon in particular have been ripping off landowners for many year stealing millions and even billions of dollars from the rightful owners. They use every trick they can think of. Anybody else... —  read more 

Safety on the High Seas

Since we are all together here waiting on our 10k morale boosting payout, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect back on a pivotal moment in Devon EHS history. The date was early 2018, and by now most everyone waited for the JHA process... —  read more 

royalty cheats

Got some buddies out in Loving co. who keep saying their check stubs haven't looked right ever since all this news on royalty underpayments came to their attention. I'm sure all these operators try to pull a quick one on the rightful landowner, but... —  read more 

I'm hoping for a layoff

A voluntary round would be ideal. I'm ready to leave but after more than a decade, I'd hate to miss a chance at severance. If it wasn't for that, I'd be long gone. As it is, I've now been here longer than I planned. I keep coming here in hopes of... —  read more 

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