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Financial Analyst Job - Closing Date: Never

How long will Devon Energy have to post the Financial Analyst job reporting to JP, aka Mr. CFA? This job has been repeatedly posted on Devon job board and LinkedIn for over a year now. Answer: Forever. No one wants to work under this person... —  read more 

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Stock price

I guess the BOD is content to just sit back and watch DH destroy this Co. He has sold off everything he can, and yet the stock price still languishes.

Where is Devon headed?

Can someone explain Devon's long-term strategy, please? I don't get it. Dying on the vine doesn't seem like a viable plan, but it sure seems like that's the company's direction. Maybe it will just buy back all its own stock and the board of... —  read more 

The Deal with Dow

This says it all. Devon squanders the big Trump tax cut buy paying off debt. Then they use proceeds from Barnett sale to buy back stock rather than invest in new opportunities. And they wonder why they can’t get funding to drill and the stock price... —  read more 

J.C Anderson would be rolling over.

What has become of such a great company. When JC sold to Devon, just like all of us he envisioned his Co. was in good hands. The Canadian portion sold for pennies on the dollar. I was a Devon loyalist, and if it was what was best for Devon then so be... —  read more 

Devon is an evil Company

200 people let go, while the management sits in the ivory tower and make millons. Devon management do you care about anyone? I wonder! There was no dignity in the way they handled this. You went from the top company to the bottom. Management are you... —  read more 

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AP Rocks!

I’ve been in AP for several years and I LOVE it here!! I have had so many growth opportunities in AP and it really is the greatest, most rewarding group in the company! Every day I walk into work I am exhilarated for the new challenges! When... —  read more 

Next on the auction block...

CNRL got the assets for a song and a dance. Market realizes that and DVN stock flat/punished. Sad, went from a decent company to a POS. Next on the auction block, DVN Energy.

Hedge Funds and Institutions Dumping Devon Stock

Follow the money. Chesapeake here we come. "Heading into the third quarter of 2019, a... —  read more 

Devon deserves exactly what it is getting

having done business with CHK AND DEVON for decades and having been a long time oil producer in 8 states, my view is Devon has followed a similar path in operation style to CHK. Wasting money at every juncture, horrible high cost operations in the... —  read more 

When will AP be outsourced?

This group could easily be outsourced and save the company several million a year. EASILY. I’ve heard everyone in AP wants out so it’s a win-win.


Great googly moogly! If you're still there (and I seriously question why you would be), get out of there asap! Waiting for a severance package (and a Christmas bonus) ain't worth it!

It Has Begun

In every battle, there are those who survive, for no known reason. Today, some lucky few were chosen to have liberty bestowed upon them. For the rest who remain, we salute you. Good luck, you poor b–tards.


Wtf?? Revolving door over there

I Like This Site

I like to upvote every reply to all of the posts. It is just so much fun.

Need to cut more

We are not sure why they only exited a paltry amount of people. Much more is needed and will absolutely happen in the future.

Layoff Postponed for Devon Spooktacular

I know everyone is wondering why the layoff didn't happen yesterday. I have it on good authority that the Board wanted it pushed into October so it could be rolled into the Devon Spooktacular™ festivities. So use this reprieve to get your... —  read more 

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6 Years Ago, I Hit The Lottery

6 days ago, I hit it again. It’s pretty weird to be so glad that I no longer work for a company that I was so happy to have me hire, but there you have it.

Layoffs are happening now!!!

Get excited folks. Anyone who gets a pink sheet today wins the lottery! May the odds be forever in your favor PS: Contractors are also not safe...

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