Topics regarding layoffs at DexCom Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at DexCom Inc.

Poor Interview process

Systems team are interviewing people and if they call from their cell and they are not dress up during the interview are disqualified. hahahaha Idi@ts. Dexcom really need help urgently !!!

Are rumors of layoffs true?

I'm getting worried with people whispering left and right we might be having layoffs next quarter. I haven't been here for long, just under two years, but I really love my job and I like all the people I work with (yes, even my manager) and the idea... — read more 

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Honestly - things will get even worse

I just see things being even worse as the time progresses. The recent events exposed so many bad things and I do not enjoy working at dexcom any more - nobody likes layoffs and they certainly plan to have even more of them... WHY STAY???

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U-T on the layoffs

Here's what the U-T just posted on the layoffs:

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Now I am very confused..

Now I am very confused... Glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management are selling like crazy, the overall market is on fire. Why in the world we would want to start eliminating workers if the business is picking up and there is money to be... — read more 

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