Topics regarding layoffs at DIRECTV

Topics regarding layoffs at DIRECTV

What is the line?

What is the line where we drop below the "break even" point in terms of numbers customers and the ability to fund the basic operation of this company? To the best I can discern from industry reports, we have somewhere between 11 million and 14... —  read more 

Expect major layoffs

The layoffs will be directly tied to the continuing decline of satellite. After next year, look for a serious break up to part ways with that side of the business, which means layoffs galore. Keep looking for other jobs. The TOG buy in was to polish... —  read more 

Customer retention

Losing customers is a logical sequence of events, given that the company has long neglected their wishes and needs. I just hope they will know how to effectively improve customer retention?

What's the problem?

Increasingly, I have the impression that leadership has no desire for this company to be strong and grow, on the contrary, that leadership has become destructive. My personal opinion. Conditions are getting worse to for employees here, the... —  read more 


Does anyone have a clear cut picture on any benefits? They stopped taking money out of our checks for ATT savings since we spun away. Not sure on insurance. I want to sign up since I got a divorce. But not sure if that is in the works? Not even... —  read more 

Is Directv separate or not?

All the press reports would lead one to believe that the NEW DIRECTV is it's own entity yet again. But working for them makes me wonder how true this actually is. We still wear AT&T branded apparel, our vans still have their globe, we still use... —  read more 

The divorce is final...

so why are still living in the same house as the ex? According to all of the Bill Morrow Workplace BS and the writings of the business press, you would think that DTV is now a stand-alone company with no operational ties to the Death Star. So can... —  read more 

The new DIRECTV is now live

And I just got my first buttt kicking for spending too much time a very complex install. Was told that if within 30 minutes, I realize that a job will run 6 to 7 hours instead of the 90 minutes allotted - to cancel that pig and move on. Rather... —  read more 

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