Topics regarding layoffs at DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.

Why did you vote?

I admit, I filled out the Fortune best company questionnaire and fibbed. For some reason, I wanted a good rank. But why? Because we get balloons and cookies for our birthday? It wasn't really that great, even in the good times. Why were we deluding... —  read more 


Apparently the talentless hacks cannot even manage a SEQUEL, to just continue writing a story with BUILT IN CHARACTERS? Maybe the story department can start taking field trips to any coffee house in LA where you literally trip over unemployed writers... —  read more 

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Michael Francis: Branding Genius Only $6 million for Mikey last year? C'mon, those planned Russian themes parks are going to save the company! (Rubles... —  read more 

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It's almost Monday!

Monday is coming up and I'll be busy getting the fresh flowers ordered for the execs and making sure the kitchen is well stocked with cereal and snacks. It is important that the candy jars also be kept filled and that the furniture is correctly... —  read more 

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