Topics regarding layoffs at DSW Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at DSW Inc.

65 stores to close

Yup, still have no idea which stores will close but at least 24 of them will be shuttered this year. I know the pandemic can be blamed on this but I honestly think the company is jumping the gun here. How about we wait for this year to end and see... —  read more 

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No coverage of DSW layoffs

Why is this not in the news when hundreds of people laid off, The DSW website states they are adding million hours in payroll to the stores and incentives to all full time associates which there are none now! Where is the media coverage of... —  read more 

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Major layoffs at DSW, May 2018

Half of the managerial staff members and full time associates laid off without warning. During layoffs legal made a point of emphasis on the fact that this wasn't a financial decision and that the company was losing money by graciously doling out... —  read more 

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